Chapter 4 – One Hand to Overturn Wind and Rain

Wei Zhengyang.

He was an outer-sect disciple of Blueriver Sword Manor, as well as a direct descendent of the Cloudriver Prefectural Capital’s peak-level clan, the Wei Family. 

This status alone was enough to instill terror and awe in the Wen Family.

“Ah, so you’re the one who wanted to see me, Junior Apprentice Brother Wei.” Su Yi nodded slightly.

During the three years he'd spent cultivating in the Blueriver Sword Manor, Wei Zhengyang had always seen him as his competition. However, no matter how hard Wei Zhengyang had worked, Su Yi had always managed to stay one step ahead of him.

In other words, for three years, Wei Zhengyang had lived in his shadow!

Now, Wei Zhengyang’s unbridled gaze evaluated Su Yi.
He suddenly let out a long, lamentful sigh.
“Who would have thought that the glorious Sword Chief of the Blueriver Sword Manor’s outer sect would fall back into the dust in the blink of an eye? Worse, you didn’t just lose your entire cultivation; you even became a live-in son-in-law.
Alas! How regrettable!”

His voice transmitted throughout the great hall, echoing repeatedly.
Everyone’s expressions shifted, but Su Yi just smiled faintly and said, “It seems you’ve forgotten the lessons I taught you.
Do you need me to refresh your memory?”

In just one sentence, he hit Wei Zhengyang right where it hurt.
Wei Zhengyang recalled several unpleasant incidents, and his expression gradually soured.

“Su Yi, you are not to be rude to Young Master Wei!” Family Head Wen Changjing shot to his feet and roared.
His cold, penetrating gaze carried a clear threat. 

Although Su Yi had long since known that the Wen Family looked down on him, he was still a little surprised. 

Wen Changjing was the esteemed head of the Wen Clan!

Yet here he was, right in front of everyone, threatening his own family’s son-in-law in favor of an outsider? 

When he looked at the other high-ranking members of the Wen Family, Su Yi saw nothing but cold disdain.
No one thought Wen Changjing’s admonishment the least bit inappropriate. 

There was no doubt that, the way they saw it, a live-in son-in-law like him was more furniture than person.
They could treat him however they pleased.

That works too. Su Yi’s expression was suddenly even more indifferent, and in his heart, he drew a clear line between himself and the Wen Family. 

“Su Yi, I didn’t come all the way here from the Cloudriver Prefectural Capital just to see you make a fool of yourself!” Wei Zhengyang said coldly.
He’d noticed the Wen Family’s attitude towards Su Yi, and it only made him even more fearless. 

“Oh? Then what did you come for?” asked Su Yi.

The corners of Wei Zhengyang’s lips tugged upward, and his hawk-eyed gaze bore into Su Yi.
He extended two of his fingers and, pausing for emphasis between each word, said, “I’m here for two reasons:

“First, when Lingzhao leaves for Heaven’s Origin Academy tomorrow, I’ll be going with her.
Relax; I’ll take good care of her.
I guarantee I won’t let her suffer the slightest injustice!

“Second, I’m here to remind you of your place.
You’re nothing but a live-in son-in-law who lost his entire cultivation.
You’re in no way worthy of Lingzhao!

“I’ll return to the Wen Family another day, and when I do, I’ll be sure to annul Lingzhao’s marriage contract.
As for you, Su Yi….
you’re certain to get kicked out onto the streets!

“When that day comes, if you have trouble feeding yourself, you can stay by my side as my flunky.
I’m not so short on cash that I can’t feed a piece of refuse!” 

His words were crisp and his voice boomed.
His eyes glowed with malice, confident disdain, and wanton pride. 

The great hall was utterly quiet.
Even the birds fell silent.

Everyone’s expressions turned strange. 

No matter what, Su Yi and Wen Lingzhao were husband and wife.

For Wei Zhengyang to say such words in front of the gathered higher-ups of the Wen Family was the biggest insult to Su Yi imaginable!

Furthermore, his words left Family Head Wen Changjing and the others a bit uncomfortable too.

Still, no one dared say anything. 

The Wei Family was a peak-level clan capable of influencing all nineteen of Cloudriver Prefecture’s cities!

And Wei Zhengyang was the current head of the family’s son.
His status was so lofty, the Wen Family wouldn’t even consider provoking him!

Qin Qing’s eyes actually lit up.
She thoroughly scrutinized Wei Zhengyang, then compared him to Su Yi.
She felt increasingly displeased.

If her daughter had married this Young Master Wei instead….
Who in the Wen Family would be so blind as to look down on her?

But against all expectations….

Even after enduring this level of abuse, Su Yi showed no ripples of surprise.
His composure actually left the onlookers a bit confused. 

This guy….
He really isn’t angry? Not even a little? Wei Zhengyang furrowed his brow.
He was here to flaunt his status and, more than that, to use the threat of “wife-stealing” to humiliate Su Yi. 

Who would have thought his taunts weren’t the least bit effective? He felt as if he’d swung his fist, only to hit cotton.
It was stifling!

Su Yi took in the crowd’s expressions, but he remained calm, like a god gazing down from the heavens at a petty dispute of some corner of the mortal world. 

To him, Wei Zhengyang was like a dancing flea—ridiculous!

At this stage, how can he possibly maintain that detached attitude….? Although no one noticed, the icy Wen Lingzhao had been watching this entire time.
A nigh imperceptible hint of confusion and surprise flickered in the depths of her gaze.

It was then that Su Yi’s gaze swept across the hall, and he said calmly, “No matter what, so long as our marriage contract is in place, I am still Wen Lingzhao’s husband and the Wen Family’s son-in-law.

“Yet now, an outsider stands in our great hall, making grand proclamations about how he’s going to ‘take care’ of my wife for me.

“Everyone, if word of this spreads, how will the people regard the Wen Family?

“And how will they see….
Wen Lingzhao?”

His words were flat, his tone leisurely, yet they went off like a sudden crack of thunder.

Wen Changjing and the other higher-ups’ expressions shifted dramatically, and they could no longer remain seated.

They might not care about Su Yi’s feelings, but they couldn’t disregard the Wen Family’s prestige and reputation!

Qin Qing and Wen Changtai suddenly came to their senses.
Their expressions were unsightly, and they were practically frantic.
If word of this spread, as Wen Lingzhao’s parents, they would unquestionably bear the brunt of the shame. 

Even Wen Lingzhao reacted; there were newfound dark clouds amidst her icy, peerless beauty, and hints of sullen anger in her bright eyes. 

Wei Zhengyang gulped. This is bad!

He would never have guessed that a few short words from Su Yi would change the Wen Family’s attitude so dramatically.
If he didn’t explain himself, this misunderstanding would only get worse!

But Su Yi didn’t give him the chance to speak.
He continued flatly, “Junior Apprentice Brother Wei, if your family found out that you were out openly seizing other men’s wives, what would they think of you?

“If this gets out, I’m afraid it will spread throughout the entire Cloudriver Prefecture.
‘So, the lofty, esteemed heir of the head of the Wei Family likes kidnapping others’ wives!’

When Su Yi next looked at Wei Zhengyang, his gaze carried a hint of pity.
“Once this ill reputation becomes a reality, you’re doomed; it’ll stick with you for the rest of your life.

“You might be the son of the Wei Family Head, but this scandal will inevitably have an enormous impact on your position within the family.
Tell me….
Can you bear the consequences?”

With that, Su Yi reached out and patted Wei Zhengyang on the shoulder.
“That’s all I have to say.
Take your time to think it over.” 

The great hall fell into a voiceless, repressed silence.
Su Yi’s words went off like sudden cracks of thunder, echoing through their hearts.
The blood drained from their faces.

Wei Zhengyang, meanwhile, blushed at first, but soon, he was deathly pale, and the veins bulged in his forehead.
He started quivering from head to toe, and his eyes blazed with violent rage and shame. 

“You….” Wei Zhengyang’s blood surged to his head.
He wanted nothing more than to beat Su Yi to death.

Wen Lingzhao suddenly rose to her feet.
Her bright eyes bore coldly into Wei Zhengyang.
“Senior Apprentice Brother Wei, are you done talking yet?” 

Her peerlessly beautiful features were still as cold as ice and snow, but her voice contained unconcealed fury. 

Just as he was about to lose his temper, Wei Zhengyang felt as if someone had poured a bucket of ice water over his head.
He was instantly frantic.
“Junior Apprentice Sister Lingzhao, don’t misunderstand.
I swear to the heavens that I didn’t mean it that way!”

He hurriedly tried to explain himself to Wen Lingzhao, “I was just thinking that we could look out for each other while we cultivate in Heaven’s Origin Academy.
After all, we first met at Blueriver Sword Manor.
You could say we’re….
It’s only natural that friends would help and support each other!”

“I’m tired,” said Wen Lingzhao, her pretty face icy cold.
“I’m going to get some rest.”

With that, she turned to leave the great hall.

However, as she passed by Su Yi, a hint of barely indiscernible emotion flashed through her bright eyes. 

In the face of that level of humiliation, he managed to stay calm and composed.
He’d even laughed and turned the situation on its head.

It seems he’s not as worthless as I imagined… As soon as the thought occurred to her, Wen Lingzhao inwardly shook her head.

The two of them were ultimately strangers, destined to walk different paths. 

Su Yi was Su Yi.

And she was herself.

Although they were nominally husband and wife, it’d be best if they never met again!

Wei Zhengyang stood there, dazed, his expression incomparably unsightly.

He was worried Wen Lingzhao would misunderstand him completely.
He was inwardly frantic, like an ant on a hot wok.

Su Yi just stood there with his hands behind his back, coldly indifferent as he watched this play out.

He didn’t care what Wen Lingzhao thought of him.

But, if she got together with Wei Zhengyang while still technically his wife, she would unquestionably make a cuckold out of him.

If word of that got out, it would be a black mark on his entire life. 

Detached and transcendent as Su Yi was, he couldn’t bear for something like that to happen. 

That was why he’d spoken up earlier: he had to turn this situation around!

Wei Zhengyang, that scoundrel, clearly has ill intentions for Wen Lingzhao.
Later on, I’ll have to find an opportunity to get rid of him.
It’ll save me from unknowingly wearing a green hat….

Su Yi inwardly made up his mind.
He had no interest in sticking around to watch the rest of the show, so he turned and addressed the crowd.
“Everyone, please feel free to keep chatting.
I’m getting tired, so I’ll head out first.” 

After a breezy farewell, he turned to leave. 

Wei Zhengyang still had a bellyful of fire, and he snapped, “Su Yi, stop right there!” 

“Junior Apprentice Brother Wei, honest words hurt the ears, but I said that for your own good.
I advise you to conduct yourself accordingly.
Otherwise, well, ‘loose lips lead to an early grave.’” Su Yi waved him away without so much as turning to look at him.
His steps were leisurely, and before long, he faded into the night.

Candles illuminated the great hall’s interior.
Every last person wore an unsightly expression on their face. 

Outside, the moon lit up the night sky, and the late-night breeze rustled the leaves.
The tranquility was a perfect match for Su Yi’s relaxed, calm mood. 

A petty farce like that? He could overturn it with a single hand!

Seth's Thoughts

If you’re familiar with Chinese novels, odds are you’re familiar with the term “green hat.” For those seeing the phrase for the first time, “to wear a green hat” means your wife or girlfriend is cheating on you.

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