-in-law treat patients? They’ve gone mad!”

…..The crowd broke into discussion, and one person left after another. 

This is no good! It’s Brother Su’s first day on the job.
How can he just sit around kicking his heels? As his subordinate, if I let this go on, won’t it make me look inept? Huang Qianjun’s expression turned ruthless.
He walked down the stone steps, and his gaze swept across the patients who’d yet to leave.

“Hey! Stay in line, people! If anyone dares leave without authorization, don’t blame me for my bad manners!” he said coldly.

The patients were practically all ordinary folk.
The sight of a delinquent silkpants like Huang Qianjun struck terror in their hearts, and none of them dared leave.

“You! Go on in!” Huang Qianjun pointed to a thin, sallow-faced old man.

“I….” The man seemed frantic, and inwardly, he cried out in duress.

“Old-timer, having my Brother Su treat you is a blessing from your ancestors,” said Huang Qianjun viciously.
“Don’t be ungrateful!” 

The old man grimaced, then hung his head and walked inside, as if he’d lost his soul.

When Hu Quan and the others saw this, they couldn’t help but shake their heads. This delinquent young master is being deliberately provocative for no good reason.
Since when do you have to threaten patients to see a doctor? 

When he walked in, the old man smiled bitterly.
“Doctor Su, I’m perfectly fine.
I don’t need medical care at all, so….
Might you just let me go?”

Su Yi shook his head.
“You’re sick.”

“I’m not!” The old-man straightened his back and denied it.

“Yes, you are.”

“I’m really not!” The old man was practically in tears.

Hu Quan almost burst into laughter. Look at this! How absurd!

Su Yi rose, walked up to the old man, and said, “Recently, you’ve been having violent coughing fits at night.
You’re fatigued, and you regularly have chills and severe pain.
Am I right?”

“How did you know?” The man was stunned, too stunned to be anxious.”

Hu Quan and the others looked at Su Yi in mild surprise.

Diagnosing patients came down to sight, sound, taking a medical history, and direct examination.

Even Wu Guangbin, who’d spent his whole life immersed in the art of medicine, had to at least ask a patient their symptoms and take their pulse to understand their illness.

Yet now, without doing anything at all, Su Yi had seen through the old man’s symptoms almost instantaneously!

“There’s a problem with your lungs.
That combined with old age has resulted in your current symptoms.”

With the memories of his past life, treating the common maladies of ordinary folk was simple as could be.

After a brief daze, the old man suddenly grew agitated, and his voice shook.
“Then how should I treat my illness, Young Lord Su?”

His gaze carried a thread of burning hope.

Su Yi returned to his desk, took out a pen and paper, and wrote a simple prescription.
He passed it to the nearest servant.
“Go fetch his medicine.”

The servant accepted the paper, only to hesitate. 

“Let me see.” Hu Quan stepped forward, and after a brief inspection, he sunk into thought.
A long time passed before he calmed back down.

He wasn’t a doctor, but he’d worked at the Apricot Clinic for years.
He knew at a glance that this prescription was the work of an experienced physician.
It was similar to how ministers, despite lacking kingdoms of their own, understood the ways of kings.

A moment later, Hu Quan passed the prescription to the servant.
“Go fetch this gentleman his medicine.”

Then, he turned to Su Yi, took a deep breath, and said solemnly, “Sir, I apologize for underestimating your abilities earlier and hope you can forgive me.” 

When the others saw this, they were stunned. 

Hu Quan was the steward, and his status was high, second only to the manager.

Yet shockingly, Su Yi’s casually written prescription managed to convince him! 

Su Yi said flatly, “It’s just a prescription, not much at all.

Huang Qianjun was still standing in the doorway, and he reacted immediately.
“You! Get in here!”

This time, a pale-faced man walked in, his expression wracked with agony.

Su Yi took one look at him, then took a silver needle from a nearby drawer.
Before the man could even react, he’d pricked several acupoints all over his arm. 

An instant later, the man’s agonized expression faded, replaced with surprise and delight.
“It doesn’t hurt anymore! I’ve visited more than ten clinics already, but none of them were of any use.
I would never have guessed that Young Lord Su could fix the problem with just a few needle pricks!” The man waved his arm repeatedly in excitement and delight.

Despite themselves, Hu Quan and the others were impressed, and their expressions filled with shock.
The way they looked at Su Yi changed dramatically.

Treating wounds with acupuncture?

Who would have thought that the family’s low-status live-in son-in-law had such a trick up his sleeves?

“Acupuncture fixed the symptoms, but not the root cause.
You’ll need a few doses of medicine as well.” Su Yi wrote out a prescription and passed it over.

This time, the servant was incomparably quick.
He rushed straight off to fetch the designated medicines. 




…..the following interval completely turned into Su Yi’s solo performance.

When a patient walked in, he saw through both their symptoms and the root cause of the problem at a glance, without so much as a single question.
Without exception, the patients were stunned and fully convinced of his abilities.

Then, it was just a matter of writing a prescription, fetching medicine, and accepting payment…

From beginning to end, Su Yi was expressionless, as if he were an emotionless medical puppet.

Hu Quan and the rest of the clinic’s staff were simply dumbfounded.

In all their years of life, they’d never seen anyone treat patients like this before!

This resulted in an enormous commotion outside the Apricot Clinic too.

As one patient after another left the clinic, word spread.
In the end, there was no longer any need for Huang Qianjun’s threats.
The patients outside clustered together, fighting for a chance to have Su Yi treat them.

Seeing this lively, bustling crowd, Huang Qianjun couldn’t help but cluck his tongue. Brother Su doesn’t disappoint! Even his life-saving medical skills are so impressive!

Seth's Thoughts

To the best of my knowledge, we're planning a mass release….
probably later this month, when the novel launches for real.
This is the last chapter I'm uploading until I get the official go-ahead.
Expect an official launch soon! I can't give you a specific timeline yet, though.
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