Chapter 19 – When Heaven and Earth Are on Your Side

When Wen Lingxue returned to Su Yi’s side, her cold demeanor disappeared, like an icy lake melting and revealing the warm waters below.
Her beautiful eyes shone. 

“Brother-in-law, this feels great!” The young woman’s gaze revealed a thread of excitement.

Su Yi laughed, then offered her another pointer.
“When conducting yourself in society, knowing how to use your position is a type of knowledge, like sailing with the wind or swimming with the current.
Some incredible cultivators can even call upon the power of heaven and earth to prove their dao.

“But at the same time, borrowed power never lasts.
An ancient poem states ‘when your situation is advantageous, it seems as though heaven and earth themselves are on your side, but when fortune departs, even a hero struggles to retain their freedom.’ If you rely on external power, external power will eventually cast you away.”

When she heard this, Wen Lingxue sank into thought.
“Brother-in-law, you‘re saying that when you take advantage of your situation, you have to know the proper limits, and that at the end of the day, what matters most is becoming strong in your own right.
Is that it?”

Su Yi smiled and nodded.
She was clever.
Some things, he merely needed to touch on for her to understand. 

Not far away, a pair of hateful eyes bore into Su Yi.

This gaze belonged to Wen Shaobei.

He dared not offend Wen Lingxue, so he planned to vent his rage on Su Yi instead.

Furthermore, he was confident that there was nothing she could do about it.
This was because, throughout the entire Wen Family, no one else cared if Su Yi got bullied.

Su Yi naturally noticed his gaze, but he paid it no heed. If that kid dares try anything, I’ll naturally teach him how to behave himself. 

He and Wen Lingxue sat at one of the drinking tables.
However, Wen Lingxue gradually realized that something was amiss.
All the other tables were packed, the guests chatting and laughing amongst themselves.
They looked vibrant and bustling.

Their table, however, only had the two of them.
They were strikingly, unusually alone, the sight impossible to miss. 

“Brother-in-law…..” Wen Lingxue glanced at Su Yi.
She was a bit angry, but also a bit concerned.

There was no way she’d miss that both the Wen clansmen and the banquet guests looked at Su Yi as if he were some god of plague, or as if they feared nothing more than failing to avoid him!

Su Yi, however, seemed perfectly at ease.
He lifted his cup of wine, refilled it, then laughed, “None in attendance are worthy of drinking with us, that’s all.” 

Wen Lingxue couldn’t help but cover her mouth and laugh.
She finally relaxed.

A cute little boy was headed in their direction.
He looked about six or seven, and it was obvious that he was looking for a place to sit.

“Little Mingrong, come sit with me!” Wen Lingxue gleefully waved him over.

The boy agreed excitedly, but when he saw Su Yi, he immediately stopped in his tracks and let out a crisp shout, “I, Wen Mingrong, might be young, but even I disdain to consort with a live-in son-in-law like Su Yi!”

Throughout the surrounding area, the lively atmosphere came to sudden standstill.
Everyone’s expressions went strange.
Then, they burst into laughter.
The air filled with the sound of revelry.

Wen Shaobei and his companions clutched their bellies and guffawed, unable to control themselves.

Children spoke without scruples, but that meant that they were the most honest of all.

His single sentence was enough to reveal just how low Su Yi’s status in the Wen Family really was!

Wen Lingxue’s beautiful face frosted over, and she shot the little boy a vicious glare.
Even so, she naturally wouldn’t argue with a child.

When she turned to Su Yi, it seemed he hadn’t even noticed.
He was happily drinking away, perfectly content.


Within the clan hall.

Qin Qing was decidedly displeased. 

The seats were packed, prominent figures as numerous as the clouds, but practically all of them were clustered around Family Head Wen Changjing and Second Elder Wen Changqing. 

Almost no one so much as inquired at Wen Changtai’s table.
She and her husband just sat there, alone and ignored.
It couldn’t have been any more awkward.

The feeling of being so blatantly ignored left Qin Qing with a bellyful of resentment.
“Look at your older brothers! Now, look at yourself! It seems I can’t count on you ever making something of yourself!” 

Qin Qing glared viciously at Wen Changtai.
Inwardly, she was overcome with regret.
Had she known things would turn out this way, she would have sent her elder daughter a letter and called her back.
As a disciple of Heaven’s Origin Academy, she could have at least helped them maintain appearances. 

“Hahhh… We’re family, so why say something like that?” Wen Changtai sighed. 

This only made Qin Qing’s temper flare up.
She whispered, “Look at the branch family members! Even they’re making fun of us! Even your eldest brother’s son, Jueyuan, has outshined our entire family!”

It seemed as if she were venting all her complaints at once.
“If you were even the least bit competent, we wouldn’t be in such an awkward position, now would we?”

Wen Changtai grimaced, but he didn’t dare argue.

As they spoke, influential figures offered their congratulations, one after another.
Every last one of them came bearing lavish gifts, making the matriarch beam with delight. 

Throughout this process, Family Head Wen Changjing and Second Elder Wen Changqing exchanged pleasantries with their distinguished guests.
They both seemed high-spirited and energetic.

Qin Qing watched his play out.
She felt like she were sitting on a bed of needles.

It was then of all times that a certain childish voice boomed throughout the hall, “I, Wen Mingrong, might be young, but even I disdain to consort with a live-in son-in-law like Su Yi!”

This voice had come out of nowhere, but everyone in the great hall heard it.
The lively atmosphere instantly came to a standstill. 

Immediately afterward, the sound of uproarious laughter emanated from outside.
Those inside the clan hall couldn’t help but laugh along.

Su Yi!

Who in Guangling City didn’t know of the Wen Family’s live-in son-in-law?

“Whose kid was that? He’s got such spirit at such a young age.
His future is limitless!” A silver-whiskered elder laughed.

This only invited yet another round of laughter.

Qin Qing felt her cheeks redden.
She looked at her mediocre husband, then recalled Su Yi, her son-in-law.
Despite herself, she felt utterly dismal.

It’s bad enough that I found myself a useless man, but even my daughter’s husband is a good-for-nothing! Why are the heavens so unfair? 

But then, before the boisterous laughter died down, hey heard another voice from afar:

“Family Head Huang Yunchong has come to offer congratulations on behalf of the Huang Family!”

Throughout the great hall, everyone instantly grew serious.

In Guangling City, the Huang Family occupied a rock-solid position as the second of the Three Great Clans.

Huang Yunchong, moreover, had shaken the entire city.
He wielded true power and authority.

Although there were numerous influential figures gathered within the clan hall, in terms of status, practically none of them were remotely comparable to Huang Yunchong. 

“Please, come right this way,” said the family matriarch from the seat of honor.
She was smiling.

Regardless of any prior grudges between the Huang and Wen Families, that the head of the Huang Family would come here in person was an enormous honor.
It reflected well on the entire Wen Family.

Wen Changjing and Wen Changqing immediately rose and prepared to welcome him.

Outside the clan hall, the various Wen clansmen and guests all glanced over.

Before long, they saw the valiant, purple-robed Huang Yunchong walk inside.
His son, Huang Qianjun, was right behind him, followed by two elderly retainers.

In this formation, they were like stars clustered around the radiant moon.

“The head of the Huang Family!”

“Uncle Huang is here too?”

“Brother Huang, what a pleasant surprise! We’re flattered that you’d visit us in person.”

As Huang Yunchong strode along the path, the guests called out their greetings, their expressions humble and even toadyish.

Even the Wen clansmen wore respectul, fervent looks on their faces.

The young Huang Qianjun walked behind his father, looking proud and aloof.
He’d long since grown accustomed to scenes like this.

Suddenly, Huang Yunchong paused mid-step, his gaze drawn to a certain location.

The crowd followed his gaze.
Throughout the surrounding area, practically everyone had risen to greet Family Head Huang.
The one exception was a certain table occupied by just two people, one man and one woman.
Neither of them had moved in the slightest, and the sight was jarring.

They were none other than Su Yi and Wen Lingxue. 

No manners! Many of the guests inwardly shook their heads.

The Wen clansmen, meanwhile, furrowed their brows. The esteemed head of the Huang Family paid us a personal visit.
How can they remain seated so ostentatiously?

One of the elders cleared his throat, but just as he was about to rebuke Su Yi and Wen Lingxue, his eyes widened.

He’d just watched as Huang Yunchong hurried up to their table, bowed slightly at the waist, and clasped his fist.
“Young Lord Su.” 

The entire venue fell silent.
Everyone looked utterly baffled.

Su Yi seemed to have only just reacted.
He glanced up at Huang Yunchong.
“Here to offer birthday greetings?”

Huang Yunchong nodded.

“Oh,” said Su Yi.
With that, he looked away and poured himself another cup of wine, paying Huang Yunchong no further heed.

But Huang Yunchong wasn’t the least bit upset.
He seemed to think it perfectly natural that Su Yi wouldn’t rise or bow in greeting. 

Many of those present were stunned; they almost didn’t dare believe their eyes.

It was then that Family Head Wen Changjing hurried over.
He smiled broadly and clasped his fist.
“Brother Huang, what an honor to have you here! Please excuse me for not going out to meet you by the gate.
Please, come with me.
Let’s talk further in the clan’s great hall.”

When he saw that Su Yi had no objections, Huang Yunchong straightened his back.
His presence seemed to change; he now looked utterly dignified and arrogant.

“I’ll have to trouble you, then.” Huang Yunchong nodded to Wen Changjing, then followed him into the clan hall.

Those remaining outside watched in a daze.
The entire venue fell briefly silent.

“Why was Family Head Huang so polite to that live-in son-in-law?”

Waves rose in many of the onlookers’ hearts.
They were simply shocked.

“What’s going on?” Wen Shaobei and the other Wen clansmen were at a loss.
How lofty was Huang Yunchong’s status? Why would he take the initiative to greet someone as lowly as Su Yi?

The nearby guests’ expressions went strange as well.
They sensed that something wasn’t quite right about this.

“Brother-in-law, this….” Wen Lingxue was rather confused as well.
Her bright eyes flicked towards Su Yi.

“I beat up Huang Qianjun just a few days ago, right? Well, around noon yesterday, Huang Yunchong took the initiative to apologize to me at the Immortal Gathering House.” Su Yi smiled.
“Going forward, you needn’t worry about the Huang Family making trouble for you.”

“Ah?” Wen Lingxue was so stunned, she couldn’t even speak.

Su Yi’s tone was too casual; she didn’t know if she ought to take his words seriously or not. 

At that moment, within the clan hall, many of the VIP guests sensed something was amiss as well.
Huang Yunchong became the center of attention as soon as he arrived.

Huang Yunchong ignored the crowd’s stares and walked right up to the matriarch.
He ordered, “Someone, present our birthday gift.”

An elderly servant immediately stepped forth of proferred a jade box.
“Matriarch, this is the gift the master of our house has prepared for you.
With this pair of carved hundred-year agate scepters, we wish you all the longevity of the southern mountains and success in all your endeavors.”

The matriarch was instantly tickled pink, and she smiled.
“Your presence alone is an incomparable delight.
What need is there for presents? Changjing, hurry and guide Family Head Huang to his seat.” 

Wen Changjing smiled and called out to him.
“Brother Huang, this way please.”

However, to his surprise, Huang Yunchong merely waved.
“Just a moment.” 

Then, as the onlookers watched in disbelief, he stepped up to Wen Changtai and Qin Qing’s table, smiled, and clasped his fist.
“Brother Changtai, Sister Qin Qing, I heard that your daughter has entered Heaven’s Origin Academy to continue her cultivation.
This is rare, wonderful news! I’ve come bearing a humble congratulatory gift.
Please, take it as a token of my good intentions.
Whatever you do, you mustn’t refuse it.”

Seth's Thoughts

The line “when your situation is advantageous, it seems as though heaven and earth themselves are on your side, but when fortune departs, even a hero struggles to retain their freedom” comes from Tang Dynasty poet Luo Yin’s poem, “At Choubi Station”.

I couldn’t find an official/professional translation for this one either, so just like the other poems we’ve seen thus far, I translated it myself.
I did, however, find a reference to it in an article about Chinese credit traders of all things. 

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