Chapter 12 – Blocking the Road Ahead

Outside the Immortal Gathering Place.

Wen Lingxue’s friends and classmates hurriedly scampered off, but before they left, most of them couldn’t help but glance at Su Yi.

Who would have guessed that in the face of Huang Qianjun’s aggression, the Nie Teng they placed their hopes on could only endure, while the Su Yi they disdained would bring them such a pleasant surprise? 

After a moment’s hesitation, Nie Teng said “Su Yi, I’ll….
I’ll return this favor!” Then, he turned and left.
He’d always loved to show off, but after today’s incident, he was noticeably more reserved.

“He’s not so bad after all.” Su Yi smiled.
Gratitude and repaying others’ kindnesses were virtues, after all. 

“Brother-in-law, just now….” Wen Lingxue’s lips parted, but she seemed hesitant to continue. 

“Let’s go home first.” Su Yi smiled and cut her off, then began leading the way.

“That’s fine too.” Wen Lingxue forced down her concerns and hurried after him.

As they neared the Wen Family estate, Su Yi pondered briefly, then said in a gentle voice, “Lingxue, after today’s incident, there are only two possible outcomes:

“One, that Huang Qianjun guy goes home in search of reinforcements.

“Two, he decides to swallow his rage and remain silent.”

Wen Lingxue said frantically, “A spoiled silkpants like him? After suffering such a loss, how could he possibly just grin and bear it? He’s sure to come back for revenge!”

Su Yi nodded.
“You’re right, but even if he does, it’s fine.
He’ll only come looking for me.”

This only made Wen Lingxue worry harder.
She took a deep breath, then said solemnly, “Brother-in-law, today’s incident happened because of me.
There’s no way I'll let any harm come to you!”

Fierce determination shone on her petite, beautiful face.

“Relax,” said Su Yi.
He reached out to tousle her hair.
“This incident isn’t as serious as you think.”

“Mm.” Wen Lingxue grunted absentmindedly.
“Brother-in-law, I… I’ll head back first.” 

As she spoke, she turned and scampered into the Wen Family estate.

Su Yi shook his head in mild exasperation.
“Silly girl.
Even if you ask your parents for help, there’s no way they’d concern themselves with me.”

Then, he smiled.
He had someone who cared about and worried over him; that was naturally a good thing. 

For him, today’s incident at the Immortal Gathering House wasn’t the least bit important!


“What? That worthless moocher Su Yi beat Huang Qianjun up?” 

When Wen Lingxue explained everything that had happened, Qin Qing could no longer remain seated.
She jumped to her feet in utter astonishment. 

Wen Changtai almost didn’t dare to believe his ears.

Huang Qianjun. 

He was the heir of the Huang Family Head, Huang Yunchong!

“If Brother-in-law weren’t there today, he would have bullied me terribly.
He even said he’d show up with a marriage proposal, and that once he brought me home, he’d teach me my place!” Wen Lingxue’s bright eyes were wet with tears as she bitterly vented her grievances.
“Mom, no matter what, you have to help my Brother-in-law!”

Qin QIng was seeing red.
She gnashed her teeth and spat, “I’ve long since heard stories of that spoiled hoodlum’s poor conduct.
They say there’s no depths to which he will not sink, but I never would have guessed he’d try and sink his claws into my daughter!

“But…” Qin Qing trailed off, and her brow furrowed.
“I’m afraid I don’t have the ability to resolve this….
It’s all because your father’s useless!”

She turned and glared viciously at Wen Changtai.

Wen Changtai grimaced, then muttered, “Su Yi brought this upon himself.
What does that have to do with me?”

“Mom, if you refuse to get involved, I’ll go write Big Sister a letter for help,” said Wen Lingxue frantically.
“She’s a disciple of Heaven’s Origin Academy now….”

Qin Qing’s eyes lit up, and she slapped her thigh.
“That’s right! Your sister’s status and position are nothing like before!”

Now that she had an idea, she rose to her feet.
“I’ll go talk to the family head right now.
I refuse to believe he’ll ignore our request, if only for Lingzhao’s sake.”

Wen Lingxue instantly lit up with delight.
“Hurry, Mom! Hurry!”

“Silly girl, I’m doing this for you,” said Qin Qing irritably.
“I’m just lending that moocher a hand while I’m at it.”

“It’s the same thing,” said Wen Lingxue, her smile like a flower in bloom.


The Clan Hall.

“Su Yi, that waste….
He actually overpowered Huang Qianjun and his guards?” When he learned why Qin Qing had come, Family Head Wen Changjing found it hard to believe.
It didn’t feel real.

“Uh….” Qin Qing froze. That’s right.
That moocher Su Yi doesn’t have a cultivation anymore!

“Family Head, either way, that Huang Qianjun bullied Lingxue.
If he comes back for revenge, we can’t just stand by.” Qin Qing was visibly fraught with worry.
“When Lingzhao married Su Yi, I already contemplated suicide.
If something happens to Lingxue, I….
I really won’t want to live anymore!”

Qin Qing covered her face and sobbed.

Wen Changjing scrunched up his brow, mulled it over, then said, “Of course I’ll step in.
After all, Lingxue is a member of the Wen Family.
How could we possibly let the Huang Family bully her?”

Qin Qing instantly lit up with gratitude and delight.
“Family Head, your words have put me at ease!”

“Don’t get excited yet.” Wen Changjing shook his head, his expression cold.
“All I said was that I’ll protect Lingxue.
I never said I’d protect Su Yi.
No matter his reasons, he caused his mess, and he has to bear the consequences on his own.”

Qin Qing’s heart sank, and she said tentatively, “Family Head, if he hadn’t stuck out his neck, Lingxue might have suffered terribly.
Do you think—.”

Wen Changtai coldy cut her off.
“Sister-in-law, I seem to recall you loathing that son-in-law of yours more than anything else in this world.
Why are you suddenly speaking up on his behalf?

“And don’t forget; just a few days ago, he deeply offended Young Master Wei Zhengyang right in front of everyone.
I haven’t even taken him to task over this yet!”

As he spoke that final sentence, his tone was imposing, and his words revealed his anger.

Qin Qing froze, embarrassed.
Just as she was about to respond, Wen Changjing cut her off again.
“The day after tomorrow is the family matriarch’s eightieth birthday! I have numerous matters to attend to.
You go back first!”

That was tantamount to showing her the door.
Qin Qing dared not pester him any further, so she hurried off. 

When she returned to their family’s residence, she saw Wen Lingxue waiting expectantly for her.

“Mom, how did it go?” The girl stared at her expectantly.

Qin Qing forced a smile, then said ambiguously, “The family head has already agreed to get involved.
It’ll be fine.
Lingxue, you’re going back to Pinecloud Sword Manor tomorrow.
Be good and stay put; there’s absolutely no way that Huang Qianjun will dare cause trouble for you!”

“Hm! I’m glad to hear it.
Brother-in-law won’t get bullied either!” The girl nodded happily and jumped for joy.

Qin Qing, however, felt a wave of guilt, and she attempted to comfort herself. That Su Yi is ultimately an outsider anyway.
Even if the Huang Family teaches him a lesson, it’s no big deal unless they kill him….

She suddenly seemed to recall something.
“Right, Lingxue, your brother-in-law… Did he recover his cultivation?”

Wen Lingzhao shook her head.
“I don’t know either.
In any event, both Huang Qianjun and his bodyguards were completely helpless against him.”

As she spoke, her eyes lit up, and scenes of Su Yi fighting at the Immortal Gathering House surfaced in her mind.
Just thinking about it made her emotional.

Qin Qing laughed coldly, as if she’d seen through Su Yi down to the slightest details.
“I noticed that kid was hiding something a long time ago.
How many rolled eyes and barbed words has he endured over the past year? Yet I’ve never once seen him lose his temper!

“Like the night your sister came back.
In just a few words, he angered Wei Zhengyang half to death, and he turned the entire situation upside-down! How could a ‘useless waste’ accomplish something like that?

“I’ll have to find a chance to get some answers out of him!” 

Wen Lingxue merely giggled in response, but she kept silent.
She thought to herself, He’s my brother-in-law! Of course he’s awesome!


Guangling City, the Huang Family.

The atmosphere within their resplendent halls was oppressive.

Huang Qianjun knelt on the floor, his voice raspy.
“Father, I know I was wrong.
I’m willing to admit my mistakes, and going forward, I’ll be sure to cultivate assiduously.
Sooner or later, I’ll repay today’s humiliation ten times over—no, one hundred times over!”

Family Head Huang Yunchong sat, silent and expressionless, on the hall’s main seat.
He was tall and imposing in his wide-sleeved dark robes, like a crouching tiger or coiled dragon, his presence as vast and mighty as the ocean. 

The air was so stifled, Huang Qianjun felt as if he could barely breathe.

A long time passed before Huang Yunchong suddenly rose to his feet and burst into laughter.
“With such ambition, you’re sure to accomplish something grand one day! Get up.
Tomorrow, I'll pay that Su Yi a visit to discuss this matter.
The venue will be the Immortal Gathering House!”

Huang Qianjun was dumbfounded.
“Father, why pay a personal visit over such a minor matter?”

Huang Yunchong walked towards him and helped him to his feet.
“You don’t get it.
Before you hit a dog, you have to check and see who owns it! I’m Huang Yunchong, and you’re my son!”

His eyes glinted icy, and his words were cold.
“I’ll use him as an example.
I want everyone in Guangling City to know that you are Huang Yunchong’s reverse scale, and that if anyone dares touch you, they’ll share the same fate as Su Yi!”

Huang Qianjun was both shocked and delighted.
“Father, are you….
Are you going to kill him yourself?”

“Kill him? No, I’ll humiliate him and make him live a life worse than death.
You’ll find out tomorrow.” Huang Yunchong’s tone was casual, as if this matter were as trivial as could be. 


A desk stood by a window.
Su Yi sat with his back straight.
He’d taken up his brush, and was splashing ink across the page.
Timelessly graceful and profound characters leaped onto the parchment.

Only after night fell did Su Yi set aside his brush.
The desk was already piled high with thin sheets of paper, all of them covered in writing.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll give this breathing technique to Lingxue, Su Yi thought to himself. Today was her sixteenth birthday, but due to his oversight, he’d forgotten to buy her a gift.
Thus, he’d decided to give her a Martial Dao cultivation technique instead. 

But to his surprise—

When he went looking for her the next morning, the servants told him that she’d already left the Wen Family estate and returned to Pinecloud Sword Manor to continue her studies. 

Tomorrow is the Wen Family matriarch’s eightieth birthday.
Lingxue will definitely be there.
There’s no reason I can’t just wait and give this to her then. Su Yi shook his head, then left the Wen Family estate.

Lately, he’d been going out every morning to cultivate in the “spiritual ground” along the banks of the Great Azure.
Today was naturally no exception. He continued his cultivation until noon, then headed back towards the city and the Wen Family estate.

Tomorrow morning, I have to go treat Xiao Tianque’s injuries.
That’ll be one less thing I have to do….
Su Yi thought as he walked, but suddenly, he froze mid-step. Hm?

He seemed to have sensed something, and he gazed toward a spot not far away.

“Young Lord Su, our master extends his invitations!” A tall elder in black robes stood a bit further down the street, leading an entire group of people.
They’d completely blocked off the path ahead. 

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