Chapter 108 – No Scenery Can Outshine a Blushing Beauty

The voice was piercing to the ear.

Everyone was stunned. Is someone here to make trouble?

“I’ll go take a look,” said Huang Qianjun.
He was already walking up to the gates.

When he opened them, he saw a dense cluster of hoodlums standing outside, their weapons at the ready. Their leader was a middle-aged man in white with a handlebar mustache.

“Who are you?” said Huang Qianjun coldly. 

“They’re from the Black Tiger Gang!” cried the nearby A-Fei.

The white-robed middle-aged man looked around, and when he saw Feng Xiaofeng in his wheelchair, he laughed coldly.
“I’m here on Esteemed Elder Wu Tianhao’s orders.
He said that the culprit who massacred the Black Tiger Gang base a few days ago is to come quietly and apologize.
So long as he offers the Black Tiger Gang satisfactory compensation, the elder will let this end peacefully and not pursue the matter any further.”

But then, the white-robed man’s eyes glinted viciously.
“If you refuse, weigh the consequences for yourself!” 

“Who is Wu Tianhao?” asked Huang Qianjun in confusion.

It wasn’t just him.
Yuan Luoxi and Yuan Luoyu were wondering the same thing. Is he tough?

Cheng Wuyong explained, “He’s somewhat famous among the denizens of the city’s underworld.
He’s situated in the southwestern district, and many gangs revere him as their supreme leader.”

The white-robed middle-aged man said triumphantly, “If you already know who he is, that makes things simple.
Hurry up and give up the killer! He’ll be coming with us to visit Esteemed Elder Wu’s manor.
If you refuse, we won’t force the matter.
No, we’ll be right on our way.
But I’m afraid Esteemed Elder Wu won’t let you off so easily!”

“Given Wu Tianhao’s cautious, crafty nature, how could he get involved in such a trivial matter?” Cheng Wuyong furrowed his brow and asked.
“You say this is on his orders, but do you have any proof?” 

The man in white let out a cold snort, then said proudly, “All of you, open your eyes and take a good look!”

He then removed a folding fan from his sleeves, as gingerly as if it were a divine treasure, and cautiously unfolded it, revealing Wu Tianhao’s ostentatious signature.

“This is the Esteemed Elder’s calligraphy.
It represents his enormous prestige and authority.
Who in the southwestern distinct would refuse to lower their heads upon seeing it?” The white-robed middle-aged man’s eyes filled with awe and reverence. 

He then swept his proud gaze across Su Yi and company.
“Surely you know what you ought to do now?” That arrogant, provocative demeanor made even Huang Qianjun want to smack him around. 

“I offended you earlier, Young Lord Su.
This time, please allow me to make it up to you.” As he spoke, Yuan Luoyu was already walking toward the man in white.

He was tall and stalwart, and although he was still young, his presence was extremely imposing.

The white-robed middle-aged man barked, “Are you the culprit? Hey…! Don’t come any closer, we…..”


Before he could even finish, Yuan Luoyu slapped him viciously across the face, so hard that he shrieked in agony and crouched on the ground.
The force of the blow left him seeing stars, and his whole left cheek caved in.

The other Black Tiger Gang members were startled.
All of them drew their weapons, but they were inwardly apprehensive. All of them had heard about the massacre of their base that night.
They knew the culprit was ruthless and terrifying. 

Facing someone as imposing as Yuan Luoyu, it was only natural that they’d be scared!

Huang Qianjun couldn’t help but exclaim, Miss Yuan’s big brother is fierce! That temper of his is no less domineering than mine was back in the day!

Feng Xiaofeng, Feng Xiaoran, and A-Fei were stunned despite themselves.

Yuan Luoxi, meanwhile, blushed bright red and whispered to Su Yi, “Master Su, my brother….”

Su Yi waved her concerns away.
“He’s realized his mistake and is taking steps to correct it.
That’s a rare and precious thing.”

Yuan Luoxi instantly sighed in relief.
She really had been worried her brother would leave a bad impression on Master Su.

After learning this lesson, Second Bro won’t dare push me around anymore! The corner of her pink lips rose into a smirk.
She was inwardly quite pleased with herself. 

Crunch! Crunch!

Yuan Luoyu stomped on the fan with Wu Tianhao’s signature, leaving it a bent, broken pile of garbage. 

When they saw this, the Black Tiger Gang members couldn’t help but gasp.
They were flabbergasted.

Where did this guy get the gall? Has he been eating bear hearts and leopard gallbladders?

That’s Esteemed Elder Wu’s folding fan!

The white-robed man, who’d been crouching and grimacing in agony, was so scared he forgot his pain.
He shot to his feet, then shouted, “If Esteemed Elder Wu finds out about this, you’re done for!”


Yuan Luoyu delivered another backhanded slap.
This time, the right side of the man’s face collapsed in on itself too, and the force of the blow sent him flying straight into the wall.
Blood poured down his face.

Yuan Luoyu said expressionlessly, “Take that broken fan and go back.
Tell Wu Whatshisname that if he doesn’t kneel here within fifteen minutes, I, Yuan Luoyu, will personally lead my forces to his estate and wipe out his entire family!”

The Black Tiger Gang members scattered like startled beasts, so terrified that they practically wet their pants. 

Unfortunately for the man in white, no one remained behind to help him up.
In the end, he could only rely on pure willpower to rise shakily to his feet and stagger away.
He looked utterly wretched. 

“Brother Yuan, you’re fierce!” Huang Qianjun gave him a thumbs up and praised him straight from the heart.

Threatening to wipe out an underworld boss’s family? How tyrannical! This is how a real silkpants carries himself!

Yuan Luoyu waved modestly, “Compared to Young Lord Su, this isn’t even worth mentioning.”

When the others heard this, they couldn’t help but smile. 

Su Yi, meanwhile, returned to the gazebo and sprawled out lazily in his wicker chair. Sometimes, even just standing was tiring…

Feng Xiaoran hurriedly picked up the jar of wine on the side table and filled a cup.
She held it in her jade-like hands and offered it to Su Yi.
“Big Brother Su Yi, drink up!”

Su Yi accepted the wine, then drained his cup. Feng Xiaoran then deftly refilled it.

Whenever the glass emptied, it was promptly refilled.
Neither of them stood on ceremony; it was all perfectly natural. 

Yuan Luoyu seized this chance to approach his sister and whisper, “After all that’s happened, don’t you think it’s about time you told me about this Young Lord Su?” 

Yuan Luoxi hesitated; she felt reluctant to share the secret.

But when she considered how good her brother had been to her over the years, her heart softened.
In the end, she told him the entire story in hushed tones, starting from their first meeting in Guangling City. 

Throughout her tale, Yuan Luoyu’s expression shifted erratically.
He was finding it increasingly difficult to remain calm. 

Killing a Six-Severings Yin Corpse during a downpour?

Slaying a Martial Dao Grandmaster aboard the tower ship?

Even the sixth imperial prince was convinced of his excellence?

When he heard all of this, Yuan Luoyu was so stunned, he couldn’t help but gasp.
His heart shook.

Yuan Luoxi said with great pride, “Second Bro, I told you, right? There’s no shame in losing to Master Su! You lost, but you still have your honor!”

But then, she felt someone whap her on the head.
She grimaced, and when she looked up, she saw Yuan Luoyu glaring at her.
“I finally understand.
Just now, you wanted to see me make a fool of myself!”

Yuan Luoxi sheepishly lowered her head. 

Cheng Wuyong watched the siblings argue from not far away.
He couldn’t help but smile.

From beginning to end, no one paid the Black Tiger Gang’s provocation any heed….


Spring Jade Alley.

When he saw Lu Quan waiting for him, the middle-aged man in white practically burst into tears.
He wailed, “Boss, they’ve crossed the line! They didn’t even blink when I mentioned Esteemed Elder Wu.
They even stomped all over his folding fan and ruined it….”

But as he told his tale, he was flabbergasted to discover that Lu Quan was actually smiling!

The more he spoke, the broader Lu Quan’s smile.
By the end, Lu Quan couldn’t help but burst into laughter, as if he were mad with delight. 

“Boss, you…?” The white-robed man was bewildered. Do you see what they did to me? Is this funny to you?

“Hahaha, do you know I had you lead a group to Bottlegourd Alley?”

Lu Quan smiled, his eyes narrowing into slits.

“Isn’t it because I’m the most reliable of your subordinates?” the white-robed man asked instinctively.

Lu Quan spat hatefully.
“Reliable? Feh! You’re nothing but a bootlicker, someone who lets every paltry little success go to his head.
Just looking at people like you makes others want to hit you!” 

When he said this, he couldn’t help but laugh again.
“But that’s also your best feature, and it’s the reason I had you lead this expedition to Bottlegourd Alley.
This is the best result I could have hoped for; there’s no way Wu Tianhao can just smooth things over now!”

The white-robed middle-aged man was dumbstruck. He chose me because… I look like I need a beating?

He couldn’t help but ask, “Boss, have you taken Esteemed Elder Wu into account? If he finds out about this…”

“Why should I take that old fart into account? I don’t care about that geezer’s reputation.
What does that have to do with me?” Lu Quan’s expression was dark and imposing.
“Besides, he took my offering and still decided to try and end this peacefully.
He’s pretending to be some kind of saint, dammit… Is that fair?” 

The middle-aged man in white hurriedly shook his head.

But in his heart, he was full of resentment. And here I thought you saw me as your confidant.
It turns out you were just using me as a bludgeon.
Yet even after all that, you’re still going on about fairness?



“You’ve done well this time, so I naturally won’t mistreat you.
Come visit me sometime, and bring your sister.
Let’s all have a nice celebratory drink,” said Lu Quan with a burst of hearty laughter.

The man in white was briefly stunned.
Then, he was so angry he shook from head to toe.
He felt a chill in his hands and feet, and he broke out into cold sweats. It’s because of you that I wound up like this, yet you still have the gall to ‘worry’ about my little sister!?

“Go on, go get your wounds treated.
I’m going to Bottlegourd Alley to watch the show.” With that, Lu Quan got up and left.


In a picturesque manor, water flowed beneath a miniature bridge.

Wu Tianhao sat beneath the covered bridge, looking off into the distance and silently admiring the blooming lotuses.

His hair was silvery white, his bearing leisurely, and he wore Confucian robes.

A young concubine stood to his side, carefully peeling a lotus root.
From time to time, she met Wu Tianhao’s gaze and shyly lowered her head.

The sight made Wu Tianhao sigh.
“None of the world’s scenery can outshine the moment a bashful beauty’s cheeks blush red.”

The concubine froze, and her eyes filled with tender sweetness.
She was now even more bashful than before. 

Wu Tianhao stared, and he felt heat course through him.

But suddenly, the sound of approaching footsteps ruined the enchanting mood—

Wu Tianhao’s eyes narrowed, and the heat coursing through him instantly transformed into nigh-irrepressible rage.

“Sir, this is bad! Someone stomped on the fan you entrusted to the Black Tiger Gang.
It’s ruined!”

When he heard this, Wu Tianhao’s expression mellowed, and he said calmly, “Was it that young fellow of mysterious origins?”

The chamberlain, the one who’d come to deliver the message, was covered in sweat.
He shook his head.

“It wasn’t?” Wu Tianhao furrowed his brow.
Then, his gaze instantly landed on the crushed, crumpled folding fan in the chamberlain’s hands. 

He suddenly felt as if he’d suffered an unprecedented affront to his dignity.
His face instantly went ashen, and when he spoke, he paused for emphasis between each word.
“I don’t care who did it.
I want his skin and flesh torn open, just like he tore open my fan! I want his ashes scattered to the wind!”

The chamberlain was stunned, but setting aside his panic and unease, he said in a trembling voice, “Boss, they say….
They say it was the second young master of the Yuan Family, Yuan Luoyu who did it….”

“Why should I care about some Yuan Luoyu….
Wait, did you say Yuan Luoyu!?”

Moments ago, Wu Tianhao had been furious, but now, he reacted as if he’d been struck by lightning.
His eyes widened, and he was rooted to the spot. 

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