ly arrogant too.

When they saw this, Chen Jinlong and his companions’ hearts shook.
They were beside themselves.
Su Yi obviously wasn’t the Purple Jade Token’s real owner, yet due to its prestige, even Madam Cuiyun had no choice but to endure!

“Fine! Then I’ll let that ignorant kid off the hook this time,” snorted Elder Li.

“Young Lord Su, how do you propose we resolve this?” Madam Cuiyun glanced at Su Yi once more. She was curious.
This youth looked so calm and so composed now, but how would he react upon hearing that the House of Prosperity was determined to stay out of this?

Did he think he could use the Purple Jade Token to suppress the Nian and Yan Family’s revenge?

She feared it wouldn’t be enough.

Even if those clans dreaded the authority the Purple Jade Token represented, they could, and almost certainly would, just eliminate Su Yi under the cover of darkness.
No one would know what had happened to him.

Besides, Su Yi’s status as the cast-off disciple of Blueriver Sword Manor made him unfit for the public eye, and in the Cloudriver Prefectural Capital, his status was no secret, either. 

It was even possible that if he handled this badly, this incident would implicate his friends!

Su Yi drained his cup, then said flatly, “Do you really think I want to use this command token to order you to clean up my mess, like a fox borrowing a tiger’s prestige? You’re mistaken.
All I wanted was to wait for you to arrive so I could give you a clear answer and tell you that I, Su Yi, am responsible for this.
That’s all.

He paused, then continued, “Of course, at the same time, I wanted to see your attitude and if you’d choose to get involved or not.
I thought you might oppose me, but it seems you’re actually rather clever.”

Madam Cuiyun was stunned, but Elder Li couldn’t help but sneer.
“Hah? You’ve got quite the mouth on you.
This old man would actually quite like to see just how you plan to resolve this.”

Su Yi smiled faintly.
“Old man, you’ve provoked me repeatedly already.
Do you really think I won’t dare cut out your tongue?”

“You….” Elder Li’s expression was incomparably unsightly.
He was just about to say something when—

A surprised voice rang out from beyond the room.
“Cutting out tongues? How interesting!”

Immediately afterward, a youth in purple robes and a feather headdress strode inside.

His gaze swept across the room, and he vaguely understood something.
“Young Lord Su, allow me to guess: some blind fools have offended you.
Although I don’t know what exactly happened, I can say one thing for sure: you were right to kill them!”

As he praised Su Yi, he even applauded.

Chen Jinlong and the others were baffled. Who the hell is this guy? Is something wrong with his brain?

Only Huang Qianjun’s expression went a bit strange. 

Madam Cuiyun and Elder Li turned, and when their gazes landed on the purple-robed youth, their expressions changed dramatically.

One look at his outfit and they could pick up some clues.
Although they didn’t know who specifically he was, they could be certain that his status was incomparably lofty. 

Added to the fact that he was currently dining in the ninth floor’s Vast Desert Palace, and he’d left an extremely deep influence on them both.

“Distinguished guest, you recognize Young Lord Su?” asked Madam Cuiyun gently. 

“Of course I do,” said the purple-robed youth with a straightforward grin.
He walked right up to Su Yi and clasped his fist.
“Young Lord Su, we meet again.”

This was none other than the sixth crown prince of the Great Zhou, Zhou Zhili.

Nevertheless, Su Yi didn’t even get up.
He just arched his brow and asked in surprise, “What are you doing here?”

Zhou Zhili smiled.
“We were dining in the Vast Desert Palace when we heard a commotion coming from your room.
We couldn’t help but come take a look.
Who’d have thought we’d bump into you again? Perhaps this is what they call fate!”

Su Yi smiled drily.
“If anyone else encountered an incident of this nature, their only fear would be failing to escape in time.
Yet you? It seems your only fear is missing the show.”

“How could I just sit back and do nothing now that I know you’ve run into trouble?” said Zhou Zhili solemnly.
Then, he turned to look at Madam Cuiyun.
His expression had already frosted over, and he emanated a proud, authoritative air.
“Are you the proprietor of this establishment?”

She had already sensed that something strange was going on, so she bowed slightly at the waist.
“Young Lord, what are your orders?”

“Cut his tongue out first.
Then we can discuss the rest.” Zhou Zhili pointed at Elder Li, then said coldly.

This wasn’t a discussion.
It was an order!

It was just one sentence, but Chen Jinlong and the others barely dared believe their ears!

Even Elder Li himself was dumbfounded.
He was so angry, he laughed.
“Young man, do you plan to get Su Yi out of this predicament?” 

Zhou Zhili’s expression only turned colder.
“No, this is at most helping Young Lord Su resolve a minor inconvenience.”

The entire venue fell silent.

This declaration unquestionably raised Su Yi’s status, but at the same time, it revealed the youth’s immense disdain for Elder Li; he saw him as nothing more than “a minor inconvenience”…..

Madam Cuiyun’s expression shifted, and she said hurriedly, “Young Lord, please calm your fury.
If you have complaints….”

Zhou Zhili cut her off before she could finish.
“I’ll give you a choice.
Either he cuts out his tongue, or I’ll have your House of Prosperity torn down.”

“Brazen!” Elder Li couldn’t take it any longer.
He roared in fury.

“Who are you calling brazen?” 

Suddenly, a group entered the room.
Their leader was none other than Zhang Duo.

The three others at his side were all Zhou Zhili’s guards.
Without exception, they were late-stage Qi Accumulation experts.

Them aside, there was a gaunt, withered elder.
His face was covered in dense wrinkles, and his presence seemed as deep and impenetrable as an oceanic abyss.

The moment they entered the room, his vast, imposing aura spread out.
It was so oppressive that they could barely breathe.

A Martial Dao Grandmaster!

Madam Cuiyun’s heart went cold.
She had a sudden sense of foreboding.

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