Chapter 2 – Live-in Son-in-Law, Su Yi

“Look, you guys! That’s Su Yi!”

“A year ago, he was the ‘Sword Chief' of the Blueriver Sword Manor’s outer sect, a rising celebrity.
But then, due to some unexpected misfortune, he lost his entire cultivation and became the Wen Family’s live-in son-in-law.
What a pity!”

“What a pity about Wen Lingzhao! With that peerless elegance, she’s Guangling City’s uncontested number-one beauty! Yet she had to marry a waste like him.


Class had just ended. 

When those exiting Pinecloud Sword Manor saw Su Yi off in the distance, their expressions changed, regardless of whether they were male or female.
The sound of conversation soon filled the air.

A hint of resignation flashed across Su Yi’s face, but at the same time, he found it a bit funny.

It had been a long time since he’d “enjoyed” such treatment.

He recalled his past life.
Starting from antiquity and continuing to the modern day, countless distinguished figures strove and competed for power.

The Six Great Daoist Sects towered proudly, looking down on the mortal world.

The Three Great Demonic Sects brought about war and turmoil.

Buddhas and gods commanded the wind and clouds, raising the curtain on a new world and dyeing the landscape red with blood. 

Yet one man reigned supreme as the sole sovereign of the Wilds, and his sword kept the Nine Provinces at bay for one hundred and eight thousand years.
Only he, Su Xuanjun, had accomplished such a feat!

Those known as “imperial experts” stood at the pinnacle of destiny, but no matter how lofty and proud they were, even they had to avert their gazes and call him “venerate.” 

Su Yi inwardly shook his head. If those old fogies from my past life saw this, I’m afraid they’d laugh so hard, their bellies would burst…

The current him was tall and thin with handsome features.
He wore blue cloth robes, and stood with his hands behind his back, emanating an air of aloof, leisurely indifference. 

But they’re not entirely wrong, either.
It’s true; right now, I am indeed rather pathetic… Su Yi retracted his gaze and sunk into silent contemplation.

His current body hailed from the Great Zhou’s Yujing City, “the Jade Capital”.
He was a member of the Su Family, but he was just the snubbed son of a concubine. 

When he was five, his mother, Ye Yufei, left this mortal coil.

At fourteen, he entered Cloudriver Prefecture’s “Blueriver Sword Manor” to cultivate.

In just two short years, he rose to prominence in a single bound, becoming the number one disciple of the outer court, the “Outer Sect’s Sword Chief.” 

But then, a sudden incident robbed him of his entire cultivation.

Shortly after, under the Jade Capital’s Su Clan’s forceful arrangements, he became the live-in son-in-law of the Wen Family, one of Cloudriver Prefecture’s Guangling City’s Three Great Clans. 

But then, the past is the past, and the present is the present.
It’d be obvious to anyone that I’m no longer my former self…. A peculiar emotion surged through Su Yi’s heart, and an obscure, indescribable light coursed through the depths of his eyes. 


As if sensing Su Yi’s mood, the cold, clear hum of a sword resounded within his mind, then immediately fell silent. 

It was a mysterious immortal sword, its title, “Nine Hells”!

It had nine layers of “Divine Chains” shackling it.

A year ago, the night before Blueriver Sword Manor’s “Trial of the Sword”, just as Su Yi’s cultivation broke into the “Qi Accumulation” realm, the illusory figure of the Sword of the Nine Hells silently surfaced within his sea of consciousness. 

The price he paid for this was his entire lifetime of cultivation.

This was the true reason behind his sudden fall from grace.

In the year following his marriage into the Wen Family, Su Yi spent day and night sensing the Sword of the Nine Hells within his sea of consciousness in an attempt to unlock its secrets. 

Just three days ago, during another attempt to connect with the Sword of the Nine Hells, he surprisingly managed to release its first seal. 

In doing so, he simultaneously reawakened the memories of his past incarnation as “Su Xuanjun.”

He thought to himself, It’s as if I dreamed those seventeen years, and only now do I realize who I truly am.
There are stories of men waking after dreams of grandeur; they must have felt much the same way!

His current self was only seventeen years old, in the prime of his youth, with all the will and spirit of a young man.
He perfectly resembled the sun at the beginning of its ascent, full of hope.

Despite my current embarrassing predicament, with the methods and experience of my past life, changing all this will be no problem at all. 

Su Yi stood with his hands behind his back, and as his gaze shifted, he occasionally gave off a feeling that didn’t quite match his age, as if he’d experienced all the profundities and vicissitudes of life already.
It was the kind of calm indifference left behind after experiencing all the ups and downs of worldly affairs. 

There’s no rush.
I reincarnated because I wanted to break through the barriers I encountered in my past life’s cultivation and prove the supremacy of my sword.

Today, all is well in the world, and I am still young.
Sooner or later, I’ll naturally return to the Nine Provinces of the Wilds, find those devil spawn, and settle the debts of my past life!

Scene after scene of his past life silently floated up into Su Yi’s mind. 

There was War Emperor Pi Mo, Empress Qing Tang, the Golden-Winged Great Peng, the Levitating Sword Hall, the Six Great Daoist Sects….

Hm? Su Yi suddenly seemed to sense something.
He glanced over at the Pinecloud Sword Manor’s main gate.

Classes had only just ended, so young men and women streamed through the gates.
The atmosphere was bustling, and the students emanated the characteristic air of youth. 

But it was then that the vibrant atmosphere sunk into utter silence.

The crowd gathered by the gates of the Pinecloud Sword Manor parted, clearing a path.

Beneath countless gazes, a young woman stepped through the gate.

She looked around fourteen or fifteen.
Her lustrous black hair flowed behind her, and her movingly beautiful eyes shone with intelligence.
Her skin was as snowy-white as cream.
She was a full-on beauty-in-the-making. 

Her flowy blue dress was seemly and appropriate.
Beneath the sunset, her delicate and well-proportioned figure glowed with hazy luster. 

It was as if she were an immortal descending to earth!

Many of the nearby youths were transfixed. 

Most of them were around fifteen years old, just the right age to be fascinated with the opposite sex, yet too young to have learned to conceal the longing and fire in their gazes. 

Some of the more easily embarrassed young men lowered their heads.

The girls’ expressions were different.
Some were jealous or envious, while others were dejected.
There was no shortage of beauties among them, but compared to the girl in the blue dress, they were obviously lacking. 

They were like fireflies before the light of the moon; they simply couldn’t compete.

Amidst the quiet, the girl in the blue dress’s gait was neither leisurely nor hurried.
Her complexion was fair, and her features were exquisitely crafted.
Her big eyes were clear, and her gaze was penetrating.

However, her expression was frigid, like an aloof iceberg standing apart from the rest of the world, so cold that others dared not approach her. 

Wen Lingxue.

It had only been a year since she entered the Pinecloud Sword Manor, but every last instructor already saw her as a stunning genius.
She was well-known as an icy beauty.

Xie Jiuwei, the head of the Pinecloud Sword Manor, had once sighed that she was bright and pretty, as pure as the ice and snow.
She was like the pearl of the Pinecloud Sword Manor.

But in Su Yi’s eyes, this girl who attracted attention wherever she went w

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