fan of this book.”

Unexpectedly, Qin Yize was actually a book friend.
Luo Ning suddenly felt the excitement of “meeting a bosom friend” and hurriedly asked: “Which character do you like best?”

Qin Yize said: “Of course it’s Little Five, his experience is the most complicated, and the character is the most fully developed.”

Luo Ning’s eyes lit up: “No wonder you can play Little Five so vividly, I also like him the most.”

Qin Yize asked: “From the reader’s point of view, how do you think I acted in this movie?”

Luo Ning thought for a moment before he said seriously: “If the full score is 100 points, I can give you 95 points.
The deducted 5 points is because a thousand people have thousand hamlets in their heart, and you and the hero I originally imagined don’t look the same.”

Qin Yize asked curiously, “What does the hero in your imagination look like?”

Luo Ning said, “The skin is pale and a little morbidly beautiful.
That kind of thing.”

Qin Yize touched his tough side face and said solemnly, “That’s really different.”

The two looked at each other and smiled.

At this moment, Uncle Wu knocked on the door with the ready-made pastries.
Luo Ning finally remembered the matter of eating, and said apologetically, “We talked too much, and I almost forgot to let you taste the specialties here.
Let’s eat first.”

The table was quickly filled with delicacies, in addition to pastries, there were also some light dishes.
Qin Yize didn’t usually like sweets, but the pastries made here were as delicate as handicrafts, with various beautiful patterns engraved on them, each pattern was different, obviously someone specially designed them.

Looking at these delicate pastries, Qin Yize also had some appetite, so he picked up a piece of white pastry and put it in his mouth.
What surprised him was that the pastry was sweet but not greasy, it melted in the mouth, and the fragrance of flowers could be tasted on the tip of the tongue, which was countless times better than the sweets in his memory.

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Luo Ning smiled and asked him: “How is it? Does it taste okay?”

Qin Yize nodded honestly: “It’s delicious.”

Luo Ning also picked up a piece of pastry and tasted it.
His mouth was not idle for a moment, and he swept away the large plate of pastries in a blink of an eye.

Qin Yize couldn’t help thinking: This Omega seems to be a foodie.

Previously, he had been busy on the set for three consecutive months for filming.
Today, he came to this elegant place to eat sweets with him.
Qin Yize was in a rare relaxed mood, and even the sunlight outside the window made people feel more comfortable.

After lunch, the two chatted about some recent new books.
Qin Yize liked detective suspense novels, and Luo Ning had read a wide range of books, so he recommended two books to him: “Lost” and “Digital Code” were both newly released suspense stories.
“The plots are good, you can read them when you have time.”

Qin Yize nodded: “I’ll buy them another day.”

Luo Ning glanced at the time, it was already three o’clock in the afternoon.
He thought that this meal might be embarrassing and cold, but he didn’t expect the two to have so many common topics.
Luo Ning, who had chatted with an Alpha for nearly three hours for the first time, was a little excited, and proposed: “I’ll just buy it for you and treat it as a gift.”

Qin Yize was also idle anyway, so he agreed to the proposal.

The two drove to a secluded bookstore, Qin Yize stayed outside to avoid being recognized by passers-by, and Luo Ning went into the store to find the hardcover paper versions of these two books, bought them personally and gave them to Qin Yize.

Qin Yize took the books and said, “Thank you, I will keep it well.”

The two were about to turn around and leave, but they saw a familiar person blocking their way.
Qin Yize wanted to hide but it was too late because the other party was staring at him.
Then she excitedly said, “What a coincidence?”

Qin Yize’s mouth twitched, and he called out reluctantly, “Mom.”

Yu Lan smiled and looked at Luo Ning who was walking beside him: “This is your partner.
What I said…”

Qin Yize hurriedly interrupted her: “Cough, Mom, I’ll take him back first.
Although there are few people in this street, I have a special status and am afraid of encountering paparazzi.”

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Yu Lan waved her hand considerately: “Go!” Then she looked at Luo Ning tenderly, with a motherly smile on her face, “Another day, let Yize bring you home for dinner, and Auntie will cook you something delicious!”

Luo Ning nodded politely: “Thank you, auntie, goodbye.”

After Yu Lan walked into the bookstore, Luo Ning asked, “Did your mother have any misunderstanding?”

Qin Yize had a splitting headache.
He just used the excuse of “I have a lover and I have an appointment to eat tomorrow” to get away from his mother last night, but he was caught by his own mother today – it was really self-inflicted harm and he couldn’t live anymore!

Seeing Luo Ning’s doubtful gaze, Qin Yize could only touch his nose and say, “Sorry, my mother kept urging me to get married.
When she saw me with you, she thought we were in… that kind of relationship.”

Luo Ning was stunned.
But, he quickly reacted and said with a smile, “It’s okay.
Your popularity is booming and getting married at this time will definitely affect your career.
But auntie also cares about you, don’t mind.
Being seen by her is better than being caught by the paparazzi.”

Qin Yize: “…”

You are wrong, since you met her, it would be a disaster!

Qin Yize could already imagine the scene where his mother couldn’t wait to prepare the dowry and prepare to propose marriage.

He was not afraid of anyone, just his mother.

However, “misfortunes do not come singly.” When he said goodbye to Luo Ning and returned to the villa, he didn’t even have time to change his shoes, when he heard the roar of his manager Li Xin: “Qin Yize, will you only be reconciled if I go mad! Who did you go to dinner with? How could it be photographed by the paparazzi!”

The light brain as thin as a cicada flew directly from the air, and Qin Yize immediately reached out to catch it –

Today’s headline: Popular actor Qin Yize secretly dating his lover?

Qin Yize’s lips twitched suddenly, and when he opened the news, he saw a photo of him and Xiao Luo.
However, the angle of the paparazzi was wrong.
At that time, Xiao Luo was standing beside him and was blocked by him, so only a blurred profile of his face could be seen.
On the other hand, his own face could be seen quite clearly, even the strands of his hair were very distinct.
Moreover, he happened to be taking the books from Xiao Luo at that time, so his face was full of joy, and his eyes were very gentle.

Qin Yize: “……”

What bad luck happened today? This time, even jumping into the river wouldn’t be able to wash it!

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