After the dinner, Luo Ning quietly returned to the palace.
He thought he would enter secretly, but he was stopped by the royal guards as soon as he entered the door.
The person standing at the front had a serious face and a very displeased tone: “Where did you run away alone in the middle of the night?”

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This person was his eldest brother Luo Fei.
The two were fraternal twins, and they had had a good relationship since childhood.
However, after he got married, he became busy with government affairs and spent less and less time with Luo Ning.
Luo Ning didn’t mind, anyway, he had a lot of great novels to read, it was never boring at all.

Seeing his eldest brother being angry, Luo Ning immediately walked up to him and explained, “I went to the premiere of a movie.”

Luo Fei looked at his brother suspiciously: “Movies? When did you become interested in movies?”

Luo Ning said: “It’s a movie directed by Uncle Xiwei.
It’s called “The Replicant Project”.
I’m a fan of this book, so I asked uncle for a ticket to the premiere.
I wanted to go and see it first.”

His explanation was very reasonable, Luo Fei also knew that his younger brother never lied in front of him, so he believed his explanation, then he turned around and dragged him into the palace, sat down on the sofa, and said warmly, “I’m looking for you today, it’s actually on behalf of royal father.
You have graduated for so many years, but you have been staying in the palace, and are addicted to reading novels all day long.
If you go on like this, we are really worried about you…”

Luo Ning interrupted him directly: “You’re worried about my marriage.

After being exposed in one sentence, Luo Fei touched his nose awkwardly, then he coughed lightly, and said, “You are the only Omega son of father, and since you graduated from college, there have been many talented and beautiful Alphas who have shown their intention to marry you.
I have helped you push them away many times and found various reasons, but it is not easy to push them like this anymore.
You are already 25 years old, and you stay in the palace every day to read books.
Can our father not be impatient? I’m really afraid.
You read too much and will get sick.”

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Luo Ning smiled lightly, poured a cup of tea for Luo Fei, and said calmly: “No one stipulated that an Omega must get married, anyway now society advocates the freedom of marriage for Omegas, as a prince, I should set an example.
For example…being single for a lifetime or something.”

“Single for a lifetime?” Luo Fei rubbed his forehead with a headache, “You hate Alphas so much?”

Luo Ning shook his head: “It’s not that I hate Alphas, it’s just that I’m used to being free and I really don’t want another person to take care of me.”

Luo Fei stared at him for a long time, and found that he didn’t seem to be joking, so finally he could only sigh helplessly, then he said: “I don’t want to force you, but I still recommend you to go out for a walk and make more friends.”

Go out for a walk and make more friends? Hearing this, a face suddenly flashed in Luo Ning’s mind – a man with deep facial features, handsome eyebrows, calm and sharp eyes, especially his handsome appearance at the end of the movie, as he stood amidst the fire ready to die calmly, it really made him memorable.

Qin Yize was really an interesting person.
He could play five distinct roles without any obstacles, and his acting skills were admirable.

Seeing that his brother was distracted, Luo Fei lightly patted his shoulder: “What are you thinking about?”

Luo Ning came back to his senses and smiled: “It’s nothing, Brother, go back to rest first, I will consider your suggestion.

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Luo Fei urged: “I will drag on for you for a while, but you can’t continue to stay in the palace all day reading novels, do you want to become the number one otaku Omega in the entire empire?”

Luo Ning nodded seriously: “Don’t worry, I know what I have to do.”

Looking at the back of his brother leaving, Luo Ning put down the teacup thoughtfully and asked, “Cang Luan, is my inhibitor time limit approaching?”

“Cang Luan” was his portable intelligent mecha, manufactured at the same time as his brother’s mecha “Chong Ming”, he had been by his side since he was a child, and was connected with him spiritually.
It was just that “Chong Ming” had super combat effectiveness, “Cang Luan” only had the highest level of intelligent system and extremely fast flight speed, but its combat ability was very general.
After all, Omegas did not need to go to dangerous battlefields, nor did they have to deal with military generals, so such a configuration was enough for him to use.

Hearing the master’s question, Cang Luan immediately replied in a cute childish voice: “It expires on December 1st, I will remind the master to inject it in time.”

The inhibitor would be expiring in half a month, no wonder seeing Qin Yize today, he became flustered, it seemed that it was indeed the influence of pheromones.

Luo Ning quickly found a reasonable explanation for himself.
But he ignored the fact that there were so many Alphas at the premiere, why did he only have a heart-pounding reaction to Qin Yize alone?


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At the same time, Capital Star Suburban Villa.

The man in home clothes leaned comfortably on the sofa, holding a thin smart light brain in his hand, watching the news online with a calm expression.
Next to him stood his excited manager Li Xin: “Today’s premiere was very successful.
Many media reporters have given high praise to your acting skills.
This time the box office of the movie will definitely explode.
You must also have your share in the selection of the best actor, we can finally get a good turnaround!”

Before him, on the home page of the Empire Gossip Forum, a popular post with more than one billion views had appeared, “Does Qin Yize have acting skills?” All the roles that Yize has played had faced all kinds of ridicule, where people said that he had no face and his acting skills were embarrassing.
He could be so popular because of his face, which he used to attract fans, and perhaps he also relied on unspoken rules.
Li Xin had always brooded about this.
Even in his dreams, he wanted his artist to win a weighty award to prove his acting skills, so there were rumors in the circle that after Director Xi took over the copy of “The Replicant Project”, he immediately brought Qin Yize to audition and did everything possible to get this opportunity.

Now it seemed that his approach was very wise, and Qin Yize’s acting skills had exploded in this movie, and he also looked amazingly handsome.
He could already predict that after the movie was officially released, there would definitely be countless fans and younger brothers and sisters bowing down under the suit pants of Emperor Qin…

As he was imagining this spectacular scene, a man’s low voice suddenly sounded in his ears: “What’s the arrangements for tomorrow?”

Li Xin was stunned, and looked at his own artist angrily: “I’m saying that at the film festival, you are likely to win the most important Best actor award this year, why are you not excited at all?”

Qin Yize put down his light brain and said lightly: “Just let it be, I didn’t act for the trophy in this movie.”

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Li Xin rolled his eyes: “I know you are a super-braindead fan of this book, and couldn’t wait to play it for free, okay!”

No matter how high the price the other party offered or how generous the conditions were, as long as he didn’t like it, then nothing would be discussed.
On the contrary, the stories he liked could even be acted in without pay, it was rare to see an actor like him in the entertainment industry.

Qin Yize ignored his manager and asked in a low voice, “What’s the plan for tomorrow?”

Li Xin pulled out the schedule and said, “Tomorrow you have to go back to Qin’s house, madam has already said hello to me.”

Qin Yize didn’t hesitate before saying: “Push it for me.”

“That’s not good.
Madam told me specifically that you must go back for dinner.” Li Xin looked at him embarrassedly.

Qin Yize rubbed his brows with a headache: “She must have found another noble family’s daughter or young master to introduce to me, that’s enough.”

Li Xin shrugged: “Madam is also thinking about you, anyway, there are no other arrangements for you for the next three days.
You can take a good rest, and go back tomorrow to deal with it, otherwise my phone will be blasted by her.”

Qin Yize said helplessly: “Okay, I will go back at night.”

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