After leaving the palace, Qin Yize took Luo Ning back to Qin’s house.

President Qin had gone to another galaxy to discuss business and was not at home.
Yu Lan made a sumptuous dinner for the “little couple”.

At noon, they didn’t actually eat much in the palace.
After all, under the gaze of the marshal and generals, Qin Yize was really in no mood to eat, but he was less stressed at his own home.
With his serious father not at home, Qin Yize also relaxed, as he feasted, and filled his stomach well.

Yu Lan said with a smile: “By the way, the wedding home for the two of you in Capital Star is ready.
You can move in another day.”

Luo Ning and Qin Yize looked at each other, and suddenly felt that something was wrong – This shouldn’t be? Can we get only one bed in the wedding home too?

Qin Yize immediately said: “Mom, you also know that I am an actor, and it is easy to encounter paparazzi when I go out.
I should choose the wedding home myself.
The community I lived in before was pretty good, with strict security and a relatively hidden location.
My villa is very large, so I can just change it into the wedding home.”

Yu Lan said, “That’s what I mean, the wedding home is your villa only, I just redecorated it and added some new furniture, after all you are now married, and cannot be as casual as you were when you were single.
The toiletries and daily necessities that Luo Ning will use should be prepared.”

Qin Yize wondered: “Is it mine?”

Yu Lan nodded: “Well, I asked Li Xin to get the key.
Your agent is also very responsible and helped a lot during the renovation process.”

Qin Yize was relieved, after all, Li Xin was one of the few who knew that their marriage was “fake”, and since Li Xin was watching the decoration process, there would definitely not be the embarrassment of having only on bedroom in the villa.

Yu Lan looked back at Luo Ning and said softly, “Yize has to avoid the paparazzi because of his status as a star.
The place where he lives is very secluded and the location is relatively remote.
I wonder if you can get used to it?”

Luo Ning said hurriedly: “Of course no problem, I like quiet places.”

Yu Lan said softly: “Just stay here to sleep tonight.
It’s not convenient to move in the middle of the night.
I’ll ask Yize to accompany you back to the palace tomorrow and move everything you need to your new home.”

Luo Ning nodded with a smile: “Okay mom.”

After eating, Yu Lan took Luo Ning upstairs and asked him to take a bath and rest in Qin Yize’s room.
She called Qin Yize over alone, and asked in a soft voice, “Did you and Luo Ning mark each other during the honeymoon?”

Qin Yize gave a perfunctory “um”.

Yu Lan smiled happily: “Will I be able to hold my grandson soon?”

Qin Yize frowned: “Mom, we used contraceptives afterwards, and we don’t want children for the time being.”

Yu Lan wondered: “Why? Just getting married is a sweet time, it is better to strike while the iron is hot and have a cute baby.”

Qin Yize coughed lightly and said, “I have been too busy for the past two years, if I have a child at this time, I will definitely not be able to devote my energy to it.
Moreover, I would have to take care of Luo Ning, Omega’s pregnancies are very hard, I don’t want him to bear it alone.
Let’s talk about it when the time is right, then I can stay by his side and wait for our child to be born.”

Yu Lan nodded understandingly: “It makes sense.
Son, you have really grown up, and you are so considerate to Luo Ning.”

Qin Yize: “…”

Seeing his mother’s admiring eyes, Qin Yize turned his head with a guilty conscience: “Mom, I’ll go to bed first.
Now, you should rest early too.”

Yu Lan turned around and left with a smile.

When Qin Yize returned to the bedroom, Luo Ning was using his light brain to revise the script.
Although the first draft of the script had already been revised, Luo Ning still went through it seriously.
Qin Yize didn’t bother him and went to take a bath on his own.

The two were in the same room, but they did not each other, and both of them went to sleep with the lights turned off at twelve o’clock.

This was the old house of the Qin family.
Qin Yize had lived here for more than 20 years.
This bed accompanied Qin Yize through his childhood and adolescence.
Luo Ning was the first to walk into Qin Yize’s house and sleep on this bed.

Qin Yize’s mood was a bit complicated.
Looking back, he wanted to see if Luo Ning would be uncomfortable on the bed and not be able to fall asleep.
As a result, the guy slept soundly, and rubbed into his arms again and hugged him very intimately.

Qin Yize: “…”

Well, it seems that Luo Ning’s stinky sleeping problem couldn’t be corrected.

Qin Yize reluctantly hugged Luo Ning back and gradually fell asleep.

This night, he had a very strange dream, just like the dream he had when he was a teenager when he first reached an Alpha’s puberty.
At that time, he was also lying on this bed, and the dream was hazy and ambiguous, and at that time, he couldn’t remember the content of the dream after waking up at all, but his body’s reaction was very clear.

He had returned to the place where he grew up and slept in this bed that had accompanied him for more than 20 years, probably because of that had that kind of dream again.
In the dream, he seemed to see Luo Ning vaguely, it must be because Luo Ning was sleeping in his arms, right?

Qin Yize frowned and took a cold shower to calm himself down completely.

When he opened the door, he saw that Luo Ning was still sleeping.
Since Qin Yize had left, he had no pillow, so his face was wrinkled, and he seemed very dissatisfied.
Qin Yize walked over to the bed and tucked his pillow into his arms, but Luo Ning actually reached out and hugged it.

Qin Yize: “…”

What kind of strange sleeping habit was this?

Qin Yize rubbed his temples hard and went downstairs to make breakfast for Luo Ning.
As a result, when he saw his busy mother in the kitchen, he suddenly remembered that the two had left the honeymoon villa, and he did not need to prepare breakfast for the two of them.

Seeing her son coming downstairs, Yu Lan glanced at him and couldn’t help but smile.

Qin Yize frowned: “Mom, what are you laughing at?”

Yu Lan pointed to his neck and said softly, “Mom is open-minded, knowing that you young people just got married, it must be sweet and gluey.
However, you should cover the hickey on your neck and change to a high-necked shirt.
It’s not good to be seen by His Majesty and the others like this.”

Qin Yize: “????”

What hickey?

When he was taking a shower just now, he only paid attention to putting out the fire, but he didn’t look in the mirror.
Qin Yize felt bad.
Looking in the small mirror in the kitchen, he saw very clear and distinct… tooth marks on his neck.

One left and one right, the bite was quite symmetrical.

This was Luo Ning’s masterpiece again!!!

Qin Yize wanted to go back to the bedroom and beat him up.

When Yu Lan saw Qin Yize’s face blushing and then turning pale, she thought that her son was angry, and immediately comforted: “Don’t be shy.
You are both adults.
You and Luo Ning have such a good relationship.
Mom is really happy.”

Qin Yize frowned and explained, “Mom, it’s not what you think.”

Yu Lan smiled and said, “Okay, no need to explain, I understand.”

Qin Yize: “…”

It’s really not what you think! Your son was bitten twice by Luo Ning! Your son is very honest, so he didn’t tell Luo Ning…

Qin Yize was too lazy to explain, so he turned around and went back to his room to change into a high-necked shirt to cover the marks on his neck, so as not to be misunderstood about what he did with Luo Ning!

When Luo Ning woke up, he saw that Qin Yize was changing clothes.
Qin Yize had a perfect body with an inverted triangle figure.
He looked very handsome while looking in the mirror and tidying up his shirt collar.
Luo Ning boasted casually: “You look better when wearing this shirt.”

Qin Yize was still depressed about the marks on his neck, but when he praised him like this, most of his anger disappeared, and he asked calmly, “Really? Do you think I look good in a shirt?”

Luo Ning said, while nodding sincerely: “Yes, very handsome.”

Qin Yize: “…”

What’s the matter with being a little happy after being praised?

Qin Yize coughed lightly, straightened his collar with a serious expression, looked back at Luo Ning and said, “You bit me two more times last night, so you should put it on the account first.”

Luo Ning: “Are there any marks?”

Qin Yize raised his eyebrows: “Otherwise, why would I wear a high collar shirt?” He unbuttoned the neckline and showed Luo Ning the evidence.

Luo Ning saw the bright red marks, and immediately smiled apologetically: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

Qin Yize thought to himself, “I’m sorry” for you, a guy who “only apologizes but never corrects” did not have any effect.
I will forgive you temporarily today, but I will never sleep with you in the future, so as not to be misunderstood.

Qin Yize made up his mind, then he turned around and said, “Come downstairs for breakfast after washing your face, and I’ll accompany you back to the palace to get your luggage.”


Luo Ning returned to the palace to move his things, he quickly sorted out a few boxes of clothes, and some books that he liked to read.
His Majesty and the Queen didn’t embarrass them, only saying a few words like “when two people live together, they should be considerate of each other, get along well” and so on, and let them leave.

Qin Yize brought Luo Ning to his residence.
The interior of the villa had really been redecorated.
The wallpaper and curtains which were originally of a cool color had been replaced with beige colors, and the sofa, dining table and carpet in the living room had also changed color.
Now, the living room seemed to radiate the warmth of “home”.

When Li Xin saw Luo Ning, his expression was a little embarrassed, and he was hesitating about whether he should bow or salute.

On the other hand, Luo Ning smiled in a good-natured manner and took the initiative to extend his hand: “Hello, are you Li Xin, Yize’s manager?”

Li Xin did not expect His Highness the Second Prince to be so gentle and kind, and that he would even the initiative to shake hands with him.
Li Xin, who was feeling flattered, immediately stretched out his hand tremblingly to shake Luo Ning’s hand, and stammered, “Hello, Your Highness.”

Qin Yize rolled his eyes at his hopeless agent – he usually yelled at him fiercely? But in front of Luo Ning, he was like a sick cat.

After Luo Ning shook hands with him, he said bluntly: “You should also know the situation of Yize and I.
If you see me in the future, you don’t have to be so restrained, just treat us as friends who live under the same roof, and I will try not to disturb your work.”

Li Xin hurriedly nodded: “Yes, yes, we will also try not to disturb Your Highness.”

Luo Ning looked around and asked, “Which room do I sleep in?”

Li Xin just wanted to say, there are two rooms on the second floor.
He could choose between the two of them.
As a result, Qin Yize suddenly said: “You should sleep in the master bedroom on the third floor.”

Li Xin: “????”

Didn’t Qin Yize like the master bedroom on the third floor the most? Said to be the master bedroom, it was actually a suite that occupied one entire floor.
It not only had a separate bathroom, but also a separate cloakroom, study, open-air swimming pool, and a small balcony with a large area.
When the balcony was first decorated, Qin Yize spent a lot of thought on it, planting a lot of green plants and vines, and placing comfortable reclining chairs there.
In the afternoon, basking in the sun, lying on a chair and reading the script there, there was no need to mention how pleasant it was.

Qin Yize bought this villa because he liked the design of the suite on the third floor.

As a result, he actually gave the third floor to Luo Ning?

Li Xin couldn’t understand the situation.

Luo Ning was also surprised.
He looked back at Qin Yize and said, “Shouldn’t you sleep in the master bedroom? I’m a guest, so just give me a guest room.”

Qin Yize said calmly, “It’s fine, I go out to film most of the time, there is no need to occupy such a large space, I will leave it to you.
There is a separate study and bathroom on the third floor, so it is more convenient for you to live in.”

Luo Ning smiled: “Thank you, you are still thoughtful.”

Qin Yize, when facing his smile, his eyes softened involuntarily: “You’re welcome.”

Li Xin stared at Qin Yize blankly.

After coming back from his honeymoon, he didn’t seem to know his artist anymore.

Why was Qin Yize’s eyes so gentle? Didn’t they get married by agreement?

Could it be that something “indescribable” happened during the honeymoon?

After all, both of them were young and energetic, and they had been alone for so long, maybe they had gone wrong.
Moreover, today’s weather was obviously very hot, but Qin Yize’s shirt buttons are buttoned so tightly, covering his neck completely… Was he hiding a hickey?

Li Xin stroked his chin thoughtfully, feeling that he seemed to have understood something.

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