Luo Ning didn’t think much about it.
In his opinion, since “kissing each other” was a traditional ceremony at weddings, it was okay to kiss – it was just acting anyway, and Qin Yize was a very popular person in the entertainment industry.
Wouldn’t he have even done a kiss scene?

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Looking at Luo Ning’s smiling eyes, Qin Yize’s heart skipped a beat.
Fortunately, his psychological quality was good enough.
He quickly took a deep breath to stabilize his emotions, turned around with Luo Ning, and walked towards the guests and bowed deeply.

At the end of the wedding ceremony, the two walked side by side on the red carpet to receive applause and blessings from the guests.

At twelve o’clock, the luncheon started on time, and the two newlyweds also toasted the guests.

This luncheon was actually to recognize the families of both parties.
After all, marriage was not just a matter of two people.
Qin Yize must at least be familiar with the royal family behind Luo Ning.
And about Qin Yize’s grandfather and uncles, Luo Ning couldn’t be completely ignorant.

Not many members of the royal family were present today, only the royal uncle, His Royal Highness Xi Wei, and the royal aunt, Princess Xi Ya, were present.

Princess Xi Ya was His Majesty’s own sister and married to Princess Omega of Lyra.
Qin Yize had heard of her before.
The first time they met today, she was as gentle and beautiful as in the legend.
However, Uncle Xi Wei, why did he look so familiar?

The moment he saw him, Qin Yize couldn’t help being stunned – wasn’t this the director of “The Replicant Project”?

The well-known “Director Xi Fang” in the entertainment industry turned out to be just his stage name.

Director Xi Fang had always been low-key in the entertainment industry, and Qin Yize had collaborated with him in the movie.
Apart from being a bit grumpy and scolding the actors directly when they were disobedient, he was usually very easy to get along with, and he was very cheerful.

He didn’t expect that he was actually the emperor brother of His Majesty.

Seeing Qin Yize’s embarrassed expression, Xi Wei patted him on the shoulder cheerfully, and said, “Yize, don’t tell anyone my true identity, and I won’t tell anyone that you are secretly married.
To cooperate, let’s keep each other’s secrets.”

Qin Yize nodded immediately and said respectfully, “I see, Uncle Huang.”

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Xi Wei looked at Luo Ning with a pleasant tone: “Strictly speaking, I’m still a matchmaker for the two of you, right? If it weren’t for me, Luo Ning won’t go to the premiere and won’t have gotten to know Qin Yize, so you should give me a good toast!”

Luo Ning raised his red wine glass consciously and smiled, “Thank you, Uncle Huang.”

Qin Yize followed closely and raised his glass of wine.

Xi Wei took the wine glass and drank it: “Yize is very good, Luo Ning, you are really insightful.
I wish you both a long life and happiness!”

The two of them thanked him in unison.

After paying respects to the royal uncle, they immediately came to the Marshal and General Ling Yu.

The pair of deep eyes belonging to Marshal Luo Sen made Qin Yi’s scalp tingle.
After all, Marshal was the one who told him to “keep the marriage certificate and use it for divorce”.
Fortunately, Marshal Luo Sen didn’t intend to embarrass them at today’s wedding banquet.
He took the red wine calmly and said, “Congratulations.”

——Only saying congratulations without sending any blessings.
Obviously, he was too lazy to pay attention to these two actors.

General Ling Yu also said the same thing as the marshal very tacitly: “Congratulations.”

Qin Yize always felt that these two “congratulations” made his spine chill.
Maybe one day in the future, once he and Luo Ning received the divorce certificate, the marshal and the general would still say “Congratulations” this lightly?

After finally recognizing the royal relatives, Qin Yize breathed a sigh of relief and took Luo Ning to the Qin family.

Although Mr.
Qin was famous for being ruthless in the shopping mall, he usually smiled and looked very kind.
The one he loved most was Qin Yize, his little grandson.
Now that he finally saw the little grandson getting married and that too marrying a prince, the old man Qin was so happy that he directly put a black card in Luo Ning’s hand: “Luo Ning, this is a gift from your grandfather, you can buy whatever you want in the future, use it as you like!”

Luo Ning politely took it over: “Thank you grandpa.”

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It felt really good to be taken care of by a local tyrant grandpa!

Because the old man Qin was strict in his family management, his four sons did not have any infighting because of the seizure of power but got along well.
Qin Yize’s eldest uncle loved art and opened his own music school.
The second uncle studied medicine and was currently the vice president of Capital Star Central Hospital.
The third uncle Qin Yang and his father Qin Rong managed two large enterprises, Zhongxing Real Estate and Zhongxing Entertainment Media respectively.

Luo Ning met Qin Yize’s relatives for the first time today.
The Qin family was not inferior to the royal family, especially Qin Yize’s three uncles, all of whom were powerful characters.
As for Qin Yize’s cousins, there were too many people and he couldn’t remember them all, so Luo Ning didn’t bother to remember them.
It was enough to remember the three uncles.

After greeting all the guests politely, Qin Yize and Luo Ning finally got time to relax.
His Majesty Caesar called them over and said, “Come and have something to eat, you have been busy for a long time, I think you must be hungry too.”

The two sat down on the empty seats, while Qin Yize thoughtfully brought Luo Ning’s favorite dessert to him, and Luo Ning ate it rudely.

Ling Yuan looked at the two of them and said with a smile, “I’m relieved that your relationship is so good.
When are you going on your honeymoon?”

Before Luo Ning and Qin Yize could answer, His Majesty Caesar took the initiative to interject: “Mrs.
Qin bought them a holiday villa by the sea.
I have already arranged it.
After the wedding banquet, let the royal guards escort them there.”

Yu Lan immediately echoed: “I have also taken care of the villa.
Now, all the servants have withdrawn, and they have prepared a lot of ingredients for you in the refrigerator.
Don’t worry, no one will disturb you, you can spend a few days in the sweet world of two people.”

Ling Yuan nodded: “Madam is really thoughtful.
By the way, Luo Ning loves desserts, and I also asked the baker in the palace to make a few boxes of desserts for him, all of them vacuum-packed, which can be stored for a long time and can be brought over by the way later.”

Qin Rong asked seriously: “How many days are you planning to spend on the honeymoon?”

His Majesty Caesar suggested, “At least half a month? I remember that Yize’s new drama won’t start filming until the end of February.
Tell your director that you will join the group at the end.
You just got married, you should accompany Luo Ning more.”

Qin Rong agreed: “Well, you are newly married, the two of you should get along for a while, and it’s good to spend time together.”

Qin Yize: “…”

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Luo Ning: “…”

Parents, this was struggling to push your son into the fire pit?

The house is ready, even the food is ready, you are so sweet!

After the elders discussed it, Caesar remembered that he should ask the two protagonists for their opinions: “What do you think about this, Yize? If half a month is not enough, let your uncle find a way to delay the shoot time.”

Qin Yi could only shake his head and say: “Father is right, I just got married, I really should accompany Luo Ning more.
However, the start time of the new drama has been set a long time ago, and I cannot be absent as the lead actor.
The half-month honeymoon… I have indeed wronged Luo Ning a little, I will take more time to come back to see him in the future.”

Luo Ning immediately agreed: “Yes, it cannot affect the work.
I am very satisfied with the half-month honeymoon period.”

How about not going?


The wedding banquet finally came to an end under the expectation of the two of them where “seconds are like years”.
Qin Yize and Luo Ning were both tired, but they still had to work hard to send the guests away with a smile.
Fortunately, the Glory Legion escorted them during the sending off, and Uncle Ling An had arranged everything very well.

The guests left the venue one by one, and Ling An was responsible for the security work and was the last to leave.
Seeing that there were no outsiders around, Ling An walked over with a smile, patted Luo Ning on the shoulder, and whispered in his ear: “I heard that Your Majesty asked you to go on a honeymoon with Qin Yize?”

Luo Ning knew that he was watching a good show and couldn’t help rolling his eyes and said, “Don’t worry, uncle, we will abide by the pre-nuptial agreement!”

Ling An smiled meaningfully: “I hope you can stick to the bottom line.”

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Luo Ning ignored him, and Qin Yize and him left the wedding spaceship together.

Major General Carroll, the captain of the Royal Guard, personally led the escort to send the two to the holiday villa on the seaside of Planet Theta.
After delivering the people, Major General Carroll bowed politely and said wisely: “Your Highness, Mr.
Qin, I wish you two a happy honeymoon, we will not disturb you.”

A group of people quickly disappeared without a trace.

Lyra was still having noon time, while the planet Theta was already having its evening.

Under the light of artificial stars, the white sand beach seemed to be coated with a soft golden light.
The waves beat against the beach, making a rhythmic “rushing” sound, and the scenery of the sea and the sky was even more spectacular than Luo Ning imagined.
More importantly, this beach was a private sea area purchased by Mrs.
Qin, and there was not a single person in the area for several kilometers, it was as if there were only the two of them left in the world.

Luo Ning and Qin Yize looked at each other with embarrassed expressions.

A three-storey villa stood not far away with a unique shape.
It was the honeymoon villa that Mrs.
Qin had arranged for them.

Qin Yize glanced back at the villa and comforted in a low voice: “Since you are here, then you can stay for two weeks and then go back to hide.
Anyway, there is no surveillance installed here.
You live on the third floor for half a month, and I’ll live on the second.
Let’s sleep separately.”

Luo Ning agreed immediately: “No problem, we just won’t disturb each other!”

The two smiled at each other, turned happily and walked into the villa.

The interior of the villa was very warmly decorated, all the daily necessities were in pairs, even the slippers were in pairs – these were still small things.
The key was that the layout of this villa was very strange: on the first floor was the dining room, the kitchen and a large sea-facing swimming pool; on the second floor was a gym and a private cinema; on the third floor, the entire floor was open, and there was only one thing in the super large room.
A King-Size deluxe double bed with only one quilt.

Qin Yize: “…………”

Luo Ning: “…………”

The three-storey villa, with an area of nearly 400 square meters, had only one bed.
Was this reasonable???

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