you, why don’t you let Yize accompany you for two rounds?” He threw the hot potato to Qin Yize.

Ling Yu raised his eyes and looked at Qin Yize: “You know how to play Go?”

Qin Yize had no choice but to take the hot potato and bite the bullet: “I know a little bit, it’s just average.”

Ling Yu said, “Come and play a few games with me.”

Qin Yize sat in Luo Ning’s seat, picked up the white stones, and Ling Yu held the black ones.

As soon as the game started, Ling Yu pressed hard, leaving Qin Yize no way out.
In a blink of an eye, the white stones on the chessboard were surrounded by black stones.
Watching General Ling Yu calmly eat up a large number of his white stones, Qin Yize was sweating coldly on his forehead, and his fingers holding the pieces could not help stiffening.

Ling Yu looked up at him and said lightly: “You have to be calm when you play Go, you can’t completely calm down.” This sentence meant something, but Qin Yize didn’t know how to answer, so he could only force it.
He continued to play the game with his scalp tightening- the result was that he lost five games in a row and was completely killed.

Ling Yu put down his chess pieces with little interest, and said, “No.”

Marshal Luo Sen, who had always been serious, suddenly said, “I’ll accompany you.”

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Ling Yu raised his eyebrows and looked at him: “Do you think you can beat me? “

“We wouldn’t know until we play.
My Go skills have improved a lot recently.” Luo Sen smiled and turned to sit opposite Ling Yu.

“Really? Then you play two games with me.” Ling Yu picked up the black chess piece, changed it with Luo Sen’s white chess piece, and turned back to Luo Ning and Qin Yize and said, “You should also learn a little bit.”

The two had to obediently stand by and watch the battle.

The marshal held the black chess piece and placed the chess piece in the middle of the chessboard, but his eyes fell on the lover in front of him.
At that moment, the gentle look in the marshal’s eyes was completely different from the seriousness when he faced Qin Yize just now.

General Ling Yu stared at the chessboard seriously.
Obviously, he had to be very focused when playing against the Marshal.

The two made moves on the chessboard at a very fast speed, and Ling Yu pressed hard step by step.
The marshal kept giving in at first, but then he suddenly counterattacked in an all-round way, killing Ling Yu by surprise and making him lose a large area of territory.
But Ling Yu did not admit defeat, and soon found a way out from the side, surrounded by detours.

A simple game of Go had become as fierce as a marching battle, which made Qin Yize and Luo Ning tremble with fear.

Qin Yize thought that the marshal would let his own Omega win.
Unexpectedly, in the end, the marshal actually won against Ling Yu very rudely, and asked with a smile: “How is it? I’m progressing very fast, right?”

Ling Yu refused: “Come again!”

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In the second round, Ling Yu really won back very sharply.
The marshal looked at his proud face, and the corner of his lips couldn’t help but raise a gentle smile.

The dignified imperial marshal had such a gentle gaze when facing his lover.

Qin Yize was completely shocked.

——Don’t need to act here, real love cannot be pretended.

Qin Yize suddenly remembered what the marshal had just said.

It turned out that true love was like this.
The Marshal looked at General Ling Yu with such affectionate eyes that he didn’t need to say, “I like Ling Yu so much”, because his love had long been engraved in his bones.
Just a simple action and a look could make people feel the unparalleled tacit understanding between the two.

And he and Luo Ning obviously didn’t have love, but they pretended to be very affectionate.
No wonder the marshal saw through it at a glance.

General Ling Yu asked them to learn a little bit.
Did this mean that they should learn to play Go, or how to love each other as husband and wife?

T/N: LN’s grandparents really are an amazing couple!!!! Literal couple goals….


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