No.” Luo Ning took the pen and signed his name simply.

Qin Yize followed and signed his name, and every word was written in a very correct manner – he didn’t regret it, since he had made this decision, he should have the courage to bear the consequences.
It was not his style to be timid.

Kelly, who was in charge of registration, checked the signatures, then entered the information of the two into the system, printed out two marriage certificates with photos and sent them to them, smiling as she said, “Congratulations to the two of you for becoming legal partners from today.
This is your marriage certificate, please keep it well, I wish you two a happy life and that you grow old together.”

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The two thanked her in unison, took the marriage certificate and left side by side.

Luo Ning’s mecha, Cang Luan, had already changed into an ordinary hover car, waiting on the platform near the registration office.
The two walked into the cockpit and set the navigation route.
Cang Luan immediately spread his wings and flew to the high-altitude suspension lane.

The sun was shining outside the window, Luo Ning sat on the sofa in the car and opened the marriage certificate as if he was playing with a fresh toy.
“The certificate photo is very beautiful.”

“…” Is your focus not quite right? Qin Yize also opened the marriage certificate and looked at the photo of the two of them, suddenly feeling a little awkward.

In the photo, Luo Ning smiled very gently, while Qin Yize was showing a rare smile.
The two had deliberately put on formal clothes today for taking the photo at the marriage registration office.
Of course, their smiles were fake, they were just to be seen by others.
But even if it was pretend, the two people in the photo looked very well matched.

Qin Yize never thought that he would get married so early, and he never dreamed that the object of his marriage would be the noble second prince.
The second prince was famous.
It was said that there were many Alphas from prominent families who offered to marry Luo Ning to His Majesty, but Luo Ning refused.
Therefore, according to folklore, His Royal Highness Second Prince’s eyes were very high, and ordinary Alphas couldn’t be liked at all.

It turned out that he, Qin Yize, a big star in the entertainment industry, just inexplicably became the Alpha of His Royal Highness the Second Prince? If this news spread, in the entire empire, don’t know how many Alphas would envy and hate him.
But God knows, he hadn’t even touched Luo Ning’s hand, the two of them just acted too much, so they had to go to get the certificate – he was also very helpless!

Thinking of this, Qin Yize rubbed his eyebrows with a headache, looked at Luo Ning and said, “The wedding will be officially held in a few days.
After marriage, we should live separately according to the agreement.”

Luo Ning certainly thought so too, so he immediately said, “No problem.
You continue to live with your agent, I’ll live alone, and we’ll try to disturb each other as little as possible, just like before marriage.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Qin Yize suddenly received a video call request from Yu Lan.
Qin Yize then connected the call, and his mother on the screen looked extremely happy, then with a gentle smile on her face, she asked: “Yize, I heard that you went to collect the certificate today? Is it going well?”

Qin Yize nodded: “Well, we already got it.”

He showed his mother the brand-new marriage certificate, Yu Lan’s eyes immediately lit up, and she said excitedly, “That’s great! Come home to have dinner tonight, just to celebrate, my mother still has some good news for you!”

Qin Yize had a strange intuition – this “good news” might not be very “good” for the two of them.

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Since Yu Lan personally invited Luo Ning, the two went directly to Qin’s house for dinner.
Qin Yize’s father, Qin Rong, was busy today.
There were only his mother Yu Lan and a few servants at home.
Luo Ning felt a lot more relaxed.
After all, Yize’s mother Yu Lan was gentle and easy to get along with.

Yu Lan made a table of sweets according to Luo Ning’s preferences, Luo Ning liked the desserts she made very much, and his mouth became even sweeter after eating: “Auntie, since Yize and I have obtained the certificate, we will be a family from now on.
Don’t be too polite, every time I come to dinner, you make so many desserts with your own hands, they are enough for me to eat for a week!”

Yu Lan looked at him tenderly: “Since we’re a family, why do you still call me aunt? You should call me mother instead.

Luo Ning almost spit out his sip of tea.
Although the two acted realistically, the word “mother” was really indescribable.

Qin Yize coughed lightly and helped Luo Ning out of the siege: “Mom, Luo Ning is thin-skinned, and is not quite used to changing how he calls you now.
It will be the same if he changes it in the future.”

Yu Lan nodded hurriedly: “Yes, yes, don’t worry.”

Qin Yize changed the subject and asked, “What is the good news you were talking about?”

“Wait a minute.” Yu Lan turned around and took out a large, delicate red envelope and handed it to Luo Ning.
Luo Ning thought she was giving him a red envelope, so he politely took it, but when he opened it, it turned out to be a real estate certificate with his name written on it?

Yu Lan smiled and said, “Since you have all obtained the certificate, mother should also express something.
This is a surprise for you from mother – a single honeymoon villa located near the sea area of the West Tower, it has a beach within a radius of a few kilometers.
I bought all the land nearby, and the scenery is amazing.
Don’t worry, there won’t be anyone around, it’s very quiet.
After you get married, you can live there for a while and enjoy your sweet two-person world!”

Luo Ning: ” “…”

Qin Yize: “…”

The sweet two-person world isolated from the world?!

They couldn’t wait to be 800 meters away from each other after marriage and keep a distance, okay?

Qin Yize couldn’t help laughing when he looked at the property certificate of the villa.
He really couldn’t bear the care from his own mother.

Could he avoid the honeymoon after marriage?

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