Qin Yize, no matter how daring he was, would not dare to refute His Majesty Caesar in person.

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Caesar was the emperor who had experienced the most turbulent period of war in the empire.
He had reorganized the military and government for two terms with his iron and blood tactics and was admired by all the people.

Qin Yize didn’t realize until this moment that His Majesty was not simple.
Perhaps, His Majesty had seen through their tricks long ago, so he decided to play this ruthless hand and force the two to make a choice-either honestly admit their mistake and admit that they are lying, and then listen to the arrangements of their elders to go on a blind date obediently; or they had to get on their knees, get a marriage license, and dig their own grave.

Qin Yize and Luo Ning looked at each other, looking at the other party’s forced smile, the two of them who played with fire too much were a little embarrassed.

Luo Ning had no choice but to bite the bullet and say, “Father, the important matter of marriage cannot be taken lightly.
I think it is better to discuss this matter with Yize’s parents.
I will also go to see his parents and then let’s talk about it after that.”

Caesar nodded: “Okay, you can give me an answer after you have seen them.”

After leaving the conference hall, Luo Ning lowered his head and looked depressed, Qin Yize knew that he was in a bad mood, so he tried to comfort him: “Don’t worry, maybe things can still be turned around, you can meet my parents with me another day, and hold on to my parents’ side.”

Luo Ning had no choice but to nod his head, placing his hope on Qin Yize’s side.
If the Qin family objected to a hasty marriage, his royal father would certainly not force it.


At dinner time the next day, Qin Yize went home early.
His mother Yu Lan was watering the flowers on the balcony.
Seeing him come in, she couldn’t help but wonder: “It’s rare for you to take the initiative to come home.
Is there something you need to discuss while your father is here?”

On the sofa, there was a middle-aged man who had a five-point similarity to Qin Yize.
The middle-aged man was watching the news on a light brain, and his expression was extremely serious.
He seemed to have turned a blind eye to his son’s return and did not take his eyes off the light brain at all.

Qin Yize had been closer to his mother since he was a child, and his relationship with his father had always been relatively weak.
He only said hello when he saw him: “Is my father here?”

Qin Rong didn’t even lift his eyelids and gave a light “um”.

Qin Yize walked up to his mother, took the watering can from her hand, and while helping her water the flowers, he said, “The robot can do these things, why should mother do it herself?”

Yu Lan smiled: “I’ve been idle all day, if I don’t find something to do, I’m going to get sick.
By the way, how is your lover?”

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Hearing this, Qin Rong on the sofa immediately pricked up his ears and said, “Yize has a partner.?”

Qin Yize looked up at him and said, “If I tell you that my lover is actually His Highness the Second Prince, what will father do?”

Qin Rong raised his eyebrows: “It’s just you? Are you crazy?”

Qin Yize: “…”

How confident was he in his son? His mother couldn’t wait to give discounts and promotions every day, and his father said directly, “Can he like you?”

Qin Yize rubbed his temples and said, “He really likes me.
I went to the palace the day before yesterday to visit His Majesty and Her Majesty the Queen, I’ll bring Luo Ning back to see you in a few days and so I came to say hello to you in advance, so don’t be too surprised.”

Yu Lan and Qin Rong looked at each other, obviously they couldn’t believe that their son was actually in love with the second prince.

Qin Yize was helpless: “I really didn’t lie to you.”

Qin Rong said calmly, “Let’s talk about it when you bring him back.”


Both of them thought their son was joking, but Qin Yize returned the next day and really brought someone home.

They saw this young man with a handsome face, a gentle temperament, and a pair of eyes full of shallow smiles.
He politely handed them a lot of gifts and said in a gentle and authentic voice: “Hello, uncle, auntie, my name is Luo Ning.”

The more Yu Lan looked at him, the more she liked him, but she still asked politely, “Are you really His Royal Highness the Second Prince? Shall we salute?”

Luo Ning waved his hand hurriedly: “Auntie no need, I’m just a junior at home.”

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Qin Rong looked serious from beginning to end, and when he heard this, he said, “Your Highness, please take a seat.”

Luo Ning smiled and said, “Yize usually calls me Xiao Luo, uncle can call me Xiao Luo or Luo Ning, you don’t have to be so polite.”

He was quite devoted.
Qin Yize coughed lightly, touched his nose, and took him to the dining room to sit down.

Although the Qin family was not like the royal family, it was also a wealthy family in the business world.
This villa was thus quite imposing.
After sitting down in the dining room, Luo Ning was immediately attracted by the food on the table.
Since Qin Yize said before that he liked sweets, Yu Lan went to the Internet to download sweet recipes in the past two days and made a few special dishes according to them.

Luo Ning was embarrassed to eat too much at someone else’s house, but Qin Yize knew that he was a foodie, so he took the initiative to put a lot of delicious food on his plate and said, “Don’t be cautious, eat more if you like, my mother’s cooking skills are not bad.”

Luo Ning immediately praised: “Auntie is really good, and the dishes she cooks are especially delicious.”

Seeing his smile when he ate, Yu Lan really liked this unassuming second prince from the bottom of her heart, she kept looking at him with gentle eyes as she said: “You really can talk.
You are so good, why did you like our family’s Yize?”

Luo Ning almost choked, he hurriedly drank water to suppress his shock, and explained: “Me and Yize both like to read mystery novels, we could chat together, and after a long time of interacting like this, we developed a good impression of each other.
Yize has a very good temper and takes care of me, so I decided to be with him.

Qin Yize smiled cooperatively, then he placed a piece of sweet and sour fish in his bowl: “Eat more.”

Yu Lan naturally believed in this sweet appearance, and even Qin Rong, who was suspicious at first, believed it a little, so he coughed lightly, and said: “Does your royal father mind Yize’s identity? He is an actor after all.”

Luo Ning said: “My father is open-minded and doesn’t care about these things.
Besides, acting is also a very legitimate profession.
Yize conquers the audience with his acting skills.
Most of the films he has shot are very popular, and he has tens of millions of fans on Weibo.
In the movie he acted in recently, he played five roles by himself, and his acting skills are impeccable, I think he is very amazing.”

The appearance of this “little fan brother” really stunned the two elders.
They thought the second prince was infatuated with Qin Yize.

Qin Yize was a little embarrassed by his praise, so he had to keep serving him food.

Yu Lan asked softly, “Since you both like each other, do you plan to get married?”

Finally, Luo Ning said the lines he had prepared in advance: “Yize is at the peak of his career, getting married now doesn’t do him any good, and I don’t want to get married so early, we plan to get along first and wait for a few years to stabilize.”

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Yu Lan nodded thoughtfully: “You are really thoughtful.”

Luo Ning thought to himself: Yize’s mother is very easy to talk to, it seems that the marriage can drag on for a few years.


After dinner, Qin Yize took the initiative to send Luo Ning out, Yu Lan looked at her son’s back, and asked thoughtfully: “Old Qin, what do you think?”

Qin Rong frowned slightly: “The two of them seem to have a good relationship, but I always find it strange.
Generally, young people, no matter how good their relationship is, will restrain themselves in front of their elders, but they are the opposite, it is as if they want to behave closer in front of us.”

Yu Lan smiled: “Don’t be suspicious! They can’t help it, right? Luo Ning is so good-looking, gentle and polite, and he doesn’t have any arrogance on his body.
Don’t say he is a prince, not even the daughters and young masters of rich families that I usually see are as sensible as him.
Yize likes him, it is normal.”

Qin Rong said, “Then what do you say?”

Yu Lan thought about it, and said, “I think we should go and talk to His Majesty as soon as possible to propose a marriage.”

This was said just as Qin Yize turned around and came back, and he couldn’t help frowning when he heard this sentence: “Mom, what are you saying? Didn’t Luo Ning just say that he wanted to postpone the marriage for a few years? Why do you want to propose marriage as soon as possible?”

Yu Lan caught Qin Yize’s hand, with an expression of hatred for iron not turning into steel: “Son, are you stupid! It’s your blessing that the second prince can see you, but you don’t hurry up to marry someone back home, instead you are dragging things out.
What procrastination! Luo Ning said that he wanted to get married after a few years of stability, but that was just him being polite and reserved, do you understand? He thinks about you everywhere, why don’t you think about him? In my opinion, another day we will go to the palace in person to propose and discuss marriage with His Majesty.”

Qin Yize frowned even more: “But he is the second prince after all, so the wedding will take at least a year or two to prepare?”

Yu Lan smiled: “You don’t have to worry about that.
Do you still remember the eldest prince Luo Fei? He married the son of the Mo family back then, and this is not the first time the royal family and the business world would get married.
The status of our Qin family is similar to that of the Mo family.
Let’s do the wedding similarly, just change the details, I will never treat Luo Ning badly.”

Qin Yize had a bad intuition, so he turned to look at his father.
Qin Rong simply waved his hand and said, “Your mother decides this matter.”

Qin Yize: “…”

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Yu Lan was very happy, and immediately went to the Mo family’s marriage list with the royal family, saying: “Son, since you can find such a good person as the second prince, you should wake up laughing from your dreams! You don’t have to worry about the dowry, I have already prepared it, and your father and I will visit the palace one of these days and officially propose marriage to His Majesty!”

Qin Yize: “………………”

Well, this was even worse, his and Luo Ning’s plans were completely disrupted.

Were the elders now really eager to push their sons into the grave of marriage?


That night, Luo Ning sent a message to Qin Yize after returning to the palace, and asked with a smile: “Yize, what did your parents say? Did they believe that we were in a relationship and agreed to wait a few years before we could meet to discuss our wedding?”

Qin Yize said: “You guessed the beginning, but you didn’t guess the ending.”

Luo Ning: “What do you mean?”

Qin Yize had a headache and held his forehead: “They said that they will go to the palace next week to propose marriage.”

Luo Ning: ” ???????”

Qin Yize finally came to a conclusion: “We should not have been afraid of acting too different, rather we should have been afraid of acting too real.
My mother thought we both loved each other deeply and were infatuated with each other, so she decided to break all obstacles, and send us into the marriage hall as soon as possible ”

Luo Ning looked at Qin Yize’s message:  I really don’t know whether to cry or laugh.

They were really suffering from self-inflicted damage and couldn’t live!

They originally thought they could be each other’s shields, but they stabbed each other’s knees with swords, so now they could only kneel to get married.

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