Feud And Love

Promise wound dressing

Alma tried to bury everything deep. He promised himself never to remember Arfha again. He would never bring up Arfhas name again. Alma will never tell about Arfha to her daughter ever. A mother will do what is best for her daughter.

Doctor Rita sat beside Alma, he tried to give positive energy to Alma ”you are great Al, I am very proud of you ” Praise doctor Rita.

”Thank you doctor ”

”You never change huh, I told you not to call me that ”

”You know yourself, how could I call you by the name Rita. What about your title? ”

”Yes, its up to you, the important thing is that your heart is happy ” Doctor Rita took a deep breath, he looked at his best friends face ”I never imagined that you would become a mother. Even though you used to be the most afraid of seeing pregnant people. I remember your expression very well. ”

Alma smiled faintly, as if he was getting entertainment from Ritas doctor about his past ”We never know how our lives will be in the future. I also never thought that you would become a doctor. Even though you used to hate seeing people wearing white uniforms the most ” Alma continued , he replied to doctor Ritas words.

”Yes, you are absolutely right, who would have thought that Rita who used to be a tomboy and super skinny could turn out to be better like this ”

”Hmmm… Start admiring yourself again. Remember its not good, don let you forget the land ”

Doctor Rita stroked her chest ”Gosh I almost forgot. Thank you, Alma, because you reminded me ”

e welcome ”

”Oh yeah, well continue the conversation later. I happen to want to check on another patient ”

”Mother Doctor Spirit ”

Doctor Rita then went out, she accidentally met Mrs. Yulia and Mr. Mario who were still standing in their original position ”Doctor, can I go inside? ” Mrs. Yulia asked.

”You can mom, please just come in. Incidentally, Alma has been able to be visited, Alma and the baby are fine, this is all thanks to the prayers of mother and father ”

”Thank God doctor. Im very happy to hear that. Once again, thank you very much because Dr. Rita is willing to treat Alma ”

”You don need to thank me like that, because this is my obligation. You know for yourself how close Alma and I used to be. I am also very grateful to be able to handle Alma directly ”

Suddenly a nurse came to doctor Rita. The nurse looked very panicked ”Excuse me doctor, the mother named Amalia is bleeding profusely ” The nurse said tensely.

”Ill be there soon ” continued doctor Rita ”My mother wants to see the patient first, sorry if I can accompany you ”

”Its okay doctor, go, hopefully the doctors patient can be saved ”

”Thank you for your prayers mom ”

Doctor Rita and the nurse ran into the room. Meanwhile, Mrs. Yulia and Mr. Mario entered Almas room.

”Tech!! ” The sound of the door opening. Mrs. Yulia saw Alma joking with her grandson. He smiled happily, an extraordinary sense of emotion.

Hearing the door flare open, made Alma know that it was his mother and father, because there was no one but the two of them. He greeted gently ”Mom and dad why are you standing there? ” Ask Alma.

Mrs. Yulia could only answer with a happy smile, she pulled Mr. Marios hand to approach Alma ”I want to see my favorite grandson ”

Mrs. Yulia then carried her granddaughter ”Oh my goodness, you are so cute. Grandma is so excited to see you ” said Mrs. Yulia with great emotion.

Meanwhile Mr. Mario approached Alma ”Congratulations Alma, you are a mother now ” Mr. Mario whispered.

”Thank you dad ” Alma replied with teary eyes.

”Oh yeah have you prepared a name for mothers grandson? ” Mrs. Yulia asked.

”Not yet mom!! But I want dad to come up with a name ”

”Why father? ”

”Because Alma wants dad ”

”You should just give your child a name. Because dad knows that you have prepared a good name for your grandson, ” said Mr. Mario.

”Why won dad? ”

”Because you are the mother, you are more entitled ”

”Your father is right Alma. You better give the name ”

”Okay if mom and dad ask like that ”

Reminded again of Arfha, when she had already prepared a name for her baby. Almas male will give the name, but Arfhas female will give the name.

Alma has promised to use the name that has been prepared by Arfha, as a kind mother Alma uses that name. She doesn want to be like Arfha who broke her promise, she doesn want to be a hypocrite. Because promises must be kept.

”Hopefully mom and dad agree with the name I will give, ” said Alma.

”Mom and Dad will agree ”

”Starting today I will give my first daughter a name Aletta which means truth with small wings ”

”What a beautiful name mom and dad agree dear ”

”Eummm… Aletta!! Hope she becomes a strong child ”

”Yes dear, Im sure Aletta is the same as her mother ” Mrs. Yulia hugged Alma with Aletta. Really contain onions, Mrs. Yulia never stop shedding tears.

Day after day passed, it was time for Alma to go home. Because he had been in the hospital for a long time. When they arrived in front of the house, Mrs. Yulia saw Yati and her daughter, Rania, sitting on the terrace of the house. Incidentally, Rania is the same age as Alma, but Rania is not married.

Mrs. Yulia looked at Yati with a sour face. Mrs. Yulia got out of the car while carrying Aletta. Meanwhile Mr. Mario helps Alma to get out ”Be careful Alma ” Mr. Marios message.

”Okay dad ” replied Alma.

Yati and Rania immediately smiled friendly ”Oh my goodness, Almas sister has given birth, congratulations, ” said Rania.

”Thank you Rani ”

”Alma you should rest first inside ” said Mrs. Yulia.

”Okay mom ”

”Rania Please help Alma enter ” said Mr. Mario.

”Okay ” Rania then helped Alma inside.

”Why didn sister-in-law tell me that Alma gave birth? ” Yati asked.

”Thats not important, ” answered Mrs. Yulia.

”This sister-in-law is stubborn, even though my intentions are good to take care of Alma while she is in the hospital ”

”But now Alma is back and hes better. You don have to bother looking for face ”

Yati pinched her eyebrows ”Aish… Just watch out later, Ill make my sister-in-law regret it ” she thought.

”Why are you silent? Asked Mrs. Yulia with a grumpy face ”Do you want to keep standing outside like a coconut tree ” he continued.

”Wait for my brother-in-law to come in, ” continued Yati.

Sitting room.

Mrs. Yulia asked Yati and Rania to sit in the living room, while she put Aletta to bed in Almas room. Fortunately, Mrs. Yulia has prepared a baby basket, it turns out that Mrs. Yulia still has Almas ex.

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