Feud And Love

It feels like a dream

r Rita smiled while giving strength to Mrs. Yulia ”I will try mom. Don forget to pray ”

Mrs. Yulia then let go of her hand, she hugged her husband while crying ”Alma father ”

”Quiet mother! ” Mr. Mario said as he returned his wifes hug.

”Arfha should be beside Alma in this condition ”

”Mom never mind!! Don talk about people who don exist ”

”But dad… ”

”Shhh… Don make matters more complicated ”

Mrs. Yulia was silent, she did not mention Arfhas name again. While Alma is still in the room. He was given an injection of vitamins to make Alma strong.

Alma lay weak and helpless, he looked up at the ceiling, but Almas eyes looked blank. Tears flowed from the corners of his eyes. Doctor Rita witnessed this, but he did not stop Alma from crying. Doctor Rita actually feels sorry for Alma.

Coincidentally, Ritas doctor is Almas best friend since childhood, they often have small discussions about marriage problems. Hearing about Almas news in a state like this, made Ritas doctor concerned. He didn even think that Arfha had the heart to hurt Alma.

”Alma you must be strong ” whispered doctor Rita.

Alma remained silent, he did not respond to anything. Doctor Rita has prepared some tools, he asked Alma to get ready.

At the time of giving birth, Alma felt that his life was on the brink. The pain was excruciating, Alma tried to put out his best strength. The more he shouted Arfhas image became clearer.

Alma is like dreaming of giving birth without Arfha. He couldn even believe it was real. He was reminded of Arfhas sweet promise, he was ringing with Arfhas words all this time.

And finally Alma is able to give birth alone, she has proven to the whole world that she is a strong woman.

There was the sound of Almas baby crying, her voice was very distinctive. Mrs. Yulia and Mr. Mario prostrate themselves in gratitude, because their grandson and daughter are safe. He was really very happy, a feeling of sadness mixed with joy made Almas parents proud of Alma.

After the baby was clean, Alma was asked to hug her baby ”Alma, lets see, she is very beautiful. Her face is the same as yours ” said doctor Rita.

Alma smiled while shedding tears, he hugged his daughter. He gave a warm hug, now Alma just realized that love doesn always exist. Now Alma realized, its not good to trust someone too much even if its her own husband.

”Now I understand everything. You are indeed great Arfha, you are truly extraordinary. You have proven who you really are. Losers will forever remain losers. This pain will never be healed, the wound you inflicted is too deep, The disappointment that you have planted is really very painful. I will never ask again about you Arfha. From today on I already consider you dead ” Alma thought while stroking her little daughters back.

Alma tried to bury everything deep. He promised himself never to remember Arfha again. He would never bring up Arfhas name again. Alma will never tell about Arfha to her daughter ever. A mother will do what is best for her daughter.

Doctor Rita sat beside Alma, he tried to give positive energy to Alma ”you are great Al, I am very proud of you ” Praise doctor Rita.

”Thank you doctor ”

”You never change huh, I told you not to call me that ”

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