Feud And Love

It feels like a dream

”I am not sure!! ” Yati went straight into the kitchen without permission. He is looking for food. This Yati does not have manners.

”Hey… where are you going? ” Mrs. Yulia shouted.

But Yati had already entered the kitchen, she had packed some food to take home. It also wraps rice.

”Not bad for today, fortunately there are still a lot of side dishes. So I won bother cooking until this afternoon ” he mumbled happily.

Mrs Yulias expression was very scary, her face was red. Incidentally Mr. Mario was out for a while, when he returned home he saw his wife holding back anger.

”Mom why? ” Mr. Mario asked.

”Its better if Dad scolds Yati. Because Im really annoyed with his attitude. He never respects me as his brother-in-law ”

”Yati? Is he coming again? ”

”We will see!! ” Mrs Yulia then went to the room.

Meanwhile, Yati came out carrying food from the kitchen. He smiled to himself, feeling that he was safe.

Right outside the house, he saw Mr. Mario his older brother. Yati immediately embarrassed, her expression became complicated.

Mr. Marios gaze was terrifying, because he looked firm and dignified. While Yati immediately lowered her face, she also hid the plastic bag in her hand right behind her body.

”What did you bring with you? ” Mr. Mario asked.

”Eummm … Oh yes brother where are you from? ” Yati asked, he immediately changed the subject.

”You haven answered my question ”

”Eummm … I ask for this ” Yati replied while showing the food in her hand.

Mr. Mario took a deep breath, he would not have the heart to be angry with his own brother ”You better go home, next time don ever act like that again ” Mr. Marios message.

”Okay!! Then Ill say goodbye to go home first. Oh yeah, don forget to convey my apologies to Yulia ”

”Okay, Ill tell you later ” Yati then left the house of Mr. Mario and Mrs. Yulia.

A strong wind was blowing to the east. Blow dry leaves. As if there is a meaning behind all of this, nature always looks at peace with its circumstances. The weather was getting more and more erratic, making everyone feel hot.

Day after day passed, time after time continued, because time could not be stopped even if only for a moment. Its been two months since Alma has been in his own house, he hasn even heard from Arfha until now.

Several times Alma tried to contact all of Arfhas contacts, but they were still inactive. Even though Arfha had promised to come pick up Alma, but all of that was just nonsense.

It turned out that the news of Almas return was widespread, making everyone in an uproar. Peoples thoughts are too negative to make them dare to insult Alma to the core, all of Almas neighbors say bad things. Moreover, he found out about Almas pregnancy, they looked down on Alma even more, as if Alma was a bad woman.

Knowing this made Alma embarrassed to leave the house, he continued to shut himself in with the sadness of his heart. Currently Alma can only surrender to the situation, he must be strong to pass the test of his life.


Alma sat pensively in front of the window. Staring at the ceiling decorated by the stars, as well as by the moon. Even though he is alone, he looks special with the light he has. Even though he was alone, he remained strong and remained confident.

Alma smiled bitterly, so far he had never demanded anything from his own husband. Alma could only contemplate, harboring a very deep sadness, his heart was broken and hurt.

Without realizing it, Mrs. Yulia entered Almas room. Seeing Alma sitting while stroking her stomach. Mrs. Yulia couldn hold back her tears, as a mother she knew what Alma was feeling.

”Honey why haven you slept yet? ” Mrs. Yulia asked.

”Mother!! ” Greeted Alma while taking Mrs. Yulias hand ”Im not sleepy yet, the weather tonight is very different huh ” Alma replied.

”Go to sleep honey, tomorrow you have to wake up early. He said he wants to go for a walk with mom ”

Alma smiled sweetly ”Soon mother ”

Mrs. Yulia continues to pay attention to her daughter, she knows that her daughter is fragile, she knows that her daughter needs support at times like this. ”I know you have a lot on your mind, Alma. I hope you are strong enough to accept the reality of life, ” thought Mrs. Yulia.

”Mom why haven you slept yet? ”

”I just finished folding my clothes and coincidentally, I saw that your door to your room was open, so mom came in. ”

”Oh my gosh I forgot to close the door ”

”Come on, mommy will close the door ”

”Thank you mom!! ”

After Mrs. Yulia came out, Alma returned to his bed. He pulled the blanket gently, covering the ends of his feet.

In the deepest part of her heart, Alma misses Arfhas figure. Alma can lie to himself, but Alma is sure that Arfha will definitely come to see him. He was absolutely sure about it.

”I never knew that fate would bring me to enjoy this sadness. I never knew that fate would give me a hard life experience. I really feel burdened, I don feel strong. What exactly happened to Arfha? Now theres no news for Arfha? As a wife, I have doubts about Arfha, shes not like she used to be ” Alma thought.

Almas tears fell again, like heavy rain. Alma cried profusely, this was the only thing he could do to make his heart calm again.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Yulia and Mr. Mario are also confused by Alma ”Father, do you feel something? ” Mrs. Yulia asked.

”You mean mom? ”

”About Alma? ”

”Did something happen to Alma? ”

”I feel that Alma and Arfha have a big problem. The proof is that Alma has been at home for two months, but Arfha hasn come to see Alma at all. Even though Alma will soon give birth, maybe its just a matter of days. ”

”Fathers thoughts are the same, have you tried to contact Arfha? ”

Mrs. Yulia shook her head ”Not yet father!! But a few days ago, mother accidentally saw Alma trying to call Arfha. But Arfhas number was not active, repeatedly Alma called but still couldn ”

Mr. Mario took a deep breath, he was even more devastated when he heard the news from NU Yulia.

”Has Alma ever told you anything to mother? ”

”Never father ”

”Father is also confused, Im so sorry for Alma. Actually, Dad can bear to see Alma continue to be lost in sadness ”

”Mom is also Father, but it can be helped. As parents, we can bear to see our child being hurt ”

”Youd better try asking Alma carefully what really happened. Don let Alma keep the problem alone, don stress Alma ”

”Mother will find the right time to talk to Alma. If tonight is not possible, father ”

Mr. Mario nodded his head, he could only follow what his wife said.

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