Feud And Love

Stay in silence

Moreover, every time he looks at his stomach, he is reminded of Arfhas harmony. He remembered Arfhas promise, he remembered all Arfhas sacrifices for him.

For the sake of her baby, Alma tries to contact Arfha first. When Alma made a call, her heart immediately skipped a beat, even though she was calling her own husband.

”Sorry, the number you have dialed cannot be reached. ” Only the operators voice could be heard, Alma suddenly became weak.

His chest was getting tighter, he wanted to confide but with who? Alma could not possibly tell the truth. Almas tears fell again, he patted his chest.

”Hopefully nothing happens ” Alma thought. Alma just kept thinking of her sweet smile.

He tried to calm his own heart, he tried to stay positive. Arfha is a very good man, he can possibly hurt Alma.


Usually in the morning, Alma is always woken up by Arfha. Arfhas habit, she would hug Alma who was still sleeping, after that she kissed Almas forehead with great affection.

But now that will never happen again, because they are too far apart. Alma couldn sleep all night. He sat in front of his bedroom window looking up at the ceiling. He also saw the sunlight that penetrated through the gaps in the leaves.

His eyes swelled up, because he couldn stop crying. Again, he remembered Arfha, usually he made breakfast, usually Arfha also prepares Alma warm water for bathing.

”Knock… Knock… Knock!! ” The sound of knocking on the door could be heard clearly.

”Alma are you awake dear? ” Mrs. Yulia asked from outside.

Alma immediately looked at the door, he immediately wiped his tears ”Its mom!! ” Alma answered from within. He didn want to make his mother and father worried, so Alma would never show his sadness in front of his parents.

”Mom and dad are waiting in the dining room. Incidentally, mom has cooked your favorite food ”

”Yes mother!! Soon Alma will be out ”

”Mom wait!! ”

”Okay mom ”

Alma went to the bathroom to wash her face. In the mirror he saw that his eyes were still swollen. Alma is confused about how to get rid of the swelling.

”Why can it be lost? ” Alma muttered as he rubbed his face with facial soap.

He took a small towel and wiped the water on his face ”Hopefully mom and dad don suspect that I didn sleep all night ”

Dining room.

Mrs. Yulia and Mr. Mario have been waiting for Alma. The two of them hadn started eating yet.

Mrs. Yulia is happy to serve breakfast for Alma ”Hopefully Alma likes daddy ”

”Yes, mom!! ” Mister Mario replied with a cold expression.

”Daddy why? The feeling from last night mom noticed that dad didn look happy ”

”Dad its okay mom ”

”Father can lie to mom ”

Suddenly Alma came ”Sorry for making mom and dad wait a long time ” said Alma.

”Its okay dear!! Oh yes, this mother has cooked a lot for you ”

”Wow, this is Almas favorite food. Its so nice, Alma can eat with mom and dad ”

Mr. Mario and Mrs. Yulia glanced at each other, they saw Almas eyes swell. But they didn want to ask at all.

”Im also very happy, being able to cook your favorite. We should just eat, because mother was very hungry ” Mrs. Yulia tried to make the atmosphere warm.

The three of them ended up having breakfast together, but Alma was still stiff. Its not like it used to be, usually when its made delicious food, its eaten. Now its much different.

It turned out that Mrs. Yulia noticed her daughters changes ”Honey, why do you eat so little? ”

”Alma is full mom ”

”You should rest okay. Let mother clean this all up ”

”No mom!! Let Alma take care of all this ”

”No need dear. Poor baby, remember that pregnant women should not be tired, let alone have a lot of thoughts ”

”Yes, then Alma enters the room first ”

Mrs. Yulia let Alma into her room. Mrs. Yulia pinched Mr. Marios waist ”Father, why have you been silent all this time? ”

”Oh my mom and dad are ticklish!! ”

”After all, it seems like father is not happy to see Alma come home. Do you still hate Alma? ”

”Father is full, we should not discuss this matter first ”

”Okay if thats what you want dad ”

Mrs Yulia let master Mario go. He shook his head as he cleaned up some dirty dishes.

”Why do I feel that Alma and Arfha are in trouble? Are they fighting? ” Mrs. Yulia thought to herself.

Exactly around 10.00 am, Mrs. Yulia has a guest. It turned out to be Mr. Marios sister, Mrs. Yulias sister-in-law, whose name is jeng Yati.

Jeng Yati loves to take care of other peoples lives. He likes to spread rumors everywhere. Thats why Mrs. Yulia was so lazy to see Jeng Yati visit her house.

Especially now that Alma is home, surely jeng Yati will find out from the roots about Alma. However, Mrs. Yulia tries to keep Almas return a secret. Because this can be very dangerous.

Mrs. Yulia doesn want her daughter to get into big trouble. Maybe Alma is not as strong as Mrs. Yulia who hears gossip from her neighbors every day. Mrs. Yulia is used to making the neighbors talk as her daily food.

”Good morning before lunch!! ” Who is jeng Yati with a friendly smile.

”Morning too!! Since when did you come? ” asked Mrs Yulia in a displeased voice.

Jeng Yati glanced at Mrs. Yulia while raising her lips, she was also not too happy with Mrs. Yulia. Because every time he spoke, Mrs. Yulia would be the mediator. Jeng Yati is tired of the good advice from Mrs. Yulia.

”It seems that my arrival today has made the atmosphere uncomfortable. Is there something wrong with me all this time? ” Asked jeng Yati.

Mrs. Yulia gave a bad look, without being explained. Everyone would know that Mrs. Yulia was not happy to see Yatis arrival.

”Youd better just talk straight, whats the purpose of you coming here? ”

But whatever my Yulia said, Yati didn feel anything at all. He was relaxed and looked normal. Such a shameless person. Yatis attitude made those around her furious.

”I like to play fast, give me a drink first or offer to eat. Incidentally I haven had breakfast yet, because I haven had time to cook ”

”Im not cooking today ”

”I am not sure!! ” Yati went straight into the kitchen without permission. He is looking for food. This Yati does not have manners.

”Hey… where are you going? ” Mrs. Yulia shouted.

But Yati had already entered the kitchen, she had packed some food to take home. It also wraps rice.

”Not bad for today, fortunately there are still a lot of side dishes. So I don bother cooking today ” he mumbled happily.

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