Feud And Love

Remember about you

”Thank you mom!! ” Alma then took the hot tea in front of him, he then drank it slowly. Almas eyes glanced at his father and mother, it was seen that his mother and father were very moved to see his sudden arrival.

After that Alma put the light purple glass into its container.

After seeing her daughter sitting quietly, Mrs. Yulia smiled while stroking Almas long hair. ”Madam, may I ask you something, Alma? ” asked Mrs. Yulia gently.

”Please mother!! ”

”What happened exactly? Why did you go home alone? Where is your husband? Why didn he come with you? ” Alma was attacked by a thousand kinds of questions that made him confused which one to answer first.

Alma was silent for a moment, thinking of the right words to answer Mrs. Yulias question. As a wife, Alma must be good at hiding the good and bad qualities of her husband.

”Alma why are you silent dear? Mom and dad just want to know how your little family is doing. Because youve been missing for a long time, ” said Mrs. Yulia while stroking the back of her daughters hand.

He also saw Almas stomach, which was about to give birth to her baby. Mrs. Yulia has a bad feeling, she feels that Alma has a problem with Arfha.

Alma tried to smile, as if nothing had happened. Because there is no problem between her and her husband. Its just a question mark, Arfha suddenly asked Alma to return to his parents house.

”Im sorry mom because Ive made you both worried. Alma was wrong at that time. Alma hopes that mom and dad will forgive all of Almas mistakes both intentionally and unintentionally. Moreover, Alma has disobeyed mom and dad ”

”No dear!! Actually mom and dad have forgiven you from a long time ago. So you should never say that you are a disobedient child. You are a very good child ”

Alma held tightly to Mrs. Yulias hand. ”Is it true that mom and dad have forgiven Alma? ”

”Yes dear!! ”

”Alma is very grateful to have parents as good as father and mother. Alma is very sorry for disappointing father and mother ”

”Never mind honey!! You should focus on your future now. Remember one thing, no mother will hate her child. Later you will definitely feel what its like to be a parent ”

”Yes mother Alma understand ”

”Are you having problems with your husband? ” Mrs. Yulia asked again.

”No mom!! Arfha and I are fine, we both never fight. Its just that Arfha is busy there, so I decided to go home first. Because I want to give birth accompanied by mom and dad ” replied Alma .

Hearing the answer from her daughter made Mrs. Yulia feel relieved ”Thank God, my mother is very happy to hear that. So when will Arfha come to see you? ”

”Two months, mother. You know that recently Arfha has been too busy taking care of her projects. Oh yeah… Alma forgot to say hello to Arfha for mom and dad ”

Mrs. Yulia nodded with a smile, while Mr. Mario was cold ”Mom and dad accept Arfhas greetings. Well then, the most important thing is that you and your baby are fine ”

”Yes, mom!! ”

”Dad, why are you silent? See, our daughter is home and she will give birth soon. Don you miss Alma too? Soon you will have grandchildren, ” whispered Mrs. Yulia.

”Yes, mom and dad are very happy to see Alma coming home. Youd better take Alma inside, she seems very tired ”

”Okay dad!! Alma lets go with mom to the room ”

Alma nodded, but his gaze was fixed on Mr. Mario ”Almas father come in first, okay? ”

”Yes, please!! ” Mister Mario replied while holding out his hand.

Almas room.

A mothers longing for her child exceeds that of a lover. Nothing can separate the closeness of mother and child. Even though they have been separated for a long time, the bond is very strong.

Alma and Mrs. Yulia are now in the room, she cleans the bed for Alma. Seeing her room, there was absolutely no change, Alma was touched to see the integrity of the room. It was still neat and clean as before.

”Mom, why does Almas room still look like it used to? ” Alma asked in surprise, he looked around all corners of the room.

”I purposely didn want to change your room, because Im sure that one day you will come back and sleep in this room. You are still Alma, Mothers little daughter, ” answered Mrs. Yulia while folding Almas blanket.

Alma also saw the same blanket, because Alma had always loved Doraemon, Alma was even more moved.

”Mother!! ” Alma hugged Mrs. Yulia.

”Yes, you should take a bath first, mother has prepared warm water ”

”Alma loves mommy!! ”

”I also really love Alma. If thats the case, Ill stay here first. ” Mrs. Yulia then left Almas room. He met Mr. Mario who was still sitting in the living room.

”Why did you come out so early? ”

”You better take a shower and get some rest. Poor baby inside ”

”Umm!! ”

But Alma still thinks about Mr. Mario, he looks very cold, not like usual. Alma thought that his father did not like to see him at home.

”I know father must still be angry with me. This is all my own fault ” Alma muttered. He took several deep breaths.

While the cellphone he was holding from earlier, didn turn on at all. Could it be that Arfha deliberately did not want to contact Alma. But why did Arfha do all that? Yet they really love each other. The two of them had made a sacred bond. Especially now that Alma is heavily pregnant, it is very unnatural for Arfha to be selfish like this.

What exactly is Arfhas plan? Or could this be Arfhas reason for separating from Alma. If he is really busy with work problems, there will definitely be time to communicate with Alma.

Finally Alma had finished bathing, she put the warm clothes given by the foreign man in the laundry basket. Because I didn have time to educate tonight.

After everything was clean, Alma pulled the blanket. But he couldn sleep, Alma sat thinking. This is the first time Alma has slept without Arfha. Feelings of restlessness and worry made Alma uneasy. Alma is actually afraid if something happens to Arfha.

Moreover, every time he looks at his stomach, he is reminded of Arfhas harmony. He remembered Arfhas promise, he remembered all Arfhas sacrifices for him.

For the sake of her baby, Alma tries to contact Arfha first. When Alma made the call, her heart immediately skipped a beat, even though she was calling her own husband.

”Sorry, the number you have dialed cannot be reached. ” Only the operators voice could be heard, Alma suddenly became weak.

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