Feud And Love

Feel strange

Not wanting to make his wife disappointed and sad again, Mr. Mario followed him ”Yes mother!! ”

Mrs. Yulia tried to smile happily while looking at her husbands face. A husband who is always there for her in any situation. Mr. Marios loyalty is extraordinary.

PT. Archipelago city center.

Alma arrived in front of PT Nusantara downtown. The man stopped right in front of ”Its here!! ” Said the man.

”Id better get off here. ”

”How about I take you to the front of the house? ” Again the man offered kindness to Alma.

”No need sir! I don want to be too much trouble, because Master has helped me so much ”

”No problem. Because its our duty to help each other ”

”Again no need sir! Besides, my house is near, just a few more steps until ”

”Okay then!! Wait let me open the door for you ” The man came out first. He opened the car door for Alma, he also took Alma his suitcase.

Seeing the kindness of a foreign man she didn know made Alma feel uncomfortable. Since this was too much, she had never found a man this good in her own town.

”Oh yes, this is a token of my gratitude, sir. ” Alma handed the man some bills. Because Alma is confused about how to reply to Budi.

The man refused, he did not want to take money from Almas hands ”Sorry Miss, I can accept it all. Because I help you sincerely ”

”I also sincerely give you sir! I beg you to accept it, sir, if you don want to accept it, I will think about it later ”

The man just kept smiling ”Its okay miss, you should save your money for other needs ”

Alma pulled back his hand and suddenly he remembered the jacket he was wearing ”Wait a minute sir! I almost forgot ” Alma continued as he removed the jacket that was attached to his body.

”Ill return this jacket, ” said Alma, giving it to a man she didn know.

”You should just wear the jacket, because you need it more than me ”

”Eummm… Alright, Ill return it after I wash the jacket, okay? ”

”Okay, if that is the case ”

Alma nodded, he then asked the stranger to go first. After the mans car was far away, only Alma stepped his foot.

Almas meeting with the stranger was accidental. Whats worse, the two of them haven gotten to know each other yet, but Alma recognizes the strangers face.

”Gosh!! I didn even get to ask for his phone number. How am I going to return this shirt? ” Alma mumbled while patting his forehead ”Ill think of a way later. Hopefully I can meet that man ” he continued.

Without realizing it, Alma had arrived right in front of his house. His legs felt heavy, his hands felt stiff. His entire body suddenly felt suffocated. He was really embarrassed to step foot into his mother and fathers house.

Almas face was filled with tears, it had been two years since Alma had left the house and this was the first time she had returned. There is no other way but to apologize for everything that has happened. Alma does not want to regret later, maybe this is a warning from God for him.

Step by step Almas feet arrived right in front of the door of the house. He slowly reached out his hand to knock on the door. But Alma did not dare himself, he doubted himself.

Alma turned his body while heaving a long breath, he also wiped his tears that never stopped flowing, like rushing water in a long river. Seeing the atmosphere of the night that was getting late, his body also needed rest.

He turned his body again and spontaneously knocked on the door ”Knock .. knock … Knock ” The sound of knocking on the door three times, and even then Alma used a pause.

”Did you hear anything? ” Mrs. Yulia asked.

”Maybe its the sound of mother rats. Because its the rainy season, so there are a lot of rats out there looking for shelter, ” replied Mr. Mario.

”No dad!! I don think its the sound of a mouse, mom heard it sounded like a knock on the door ”

Mr. Mario smiled ”Thats no mother! How could a guest come in the middle of the night like this ”

”Im very sure dad, if theres someone outside. If dad doesn believe it, please come with mom to prove it, if moms feeling is right ”

”Thats okay then! Youd better walk beside dad ”

Mrs. Yulia and Mr. Mario went to the front, while Alma was no longer strong enough to stand up. Almas feelings were mixed tonight, her heart was pounding like it was about to burst. Alma hoped that his parents would accept him back.

”Tech!! ” The sound of the door opening. Mr. Mario slowly pulled the door. He then saw a girl standing in front of the house.

”Whos dad? ” asked Mrs. Yulia in a small voice.

”Father also doesn know mother, we should ask carefully. Maybe she needs a place to stay, ” replied Mr. Mario.

Mrs. Yulia and Mr. Mario watched Alma from behind, they both felt very strange seeing a woman wandering around at night.

”Excuse me, Miss, who are you? Why are you in our house? ” asked Mr. Mario Politely.

A voice that often sounded in Almas ears, a voice that Alma had longed for. He then looked at his parents with regret, both of his eyeballs continued to ooze clear beads.

”Mother father!! ” Call Alma.

”Alma!! ” Said Mrs. Yulia full of emotion. He couldn even believe it was his daughter. Mrs. Yulia kissed both of Almas cheeks, then moved to the forehead, then to the nose.

Alma immediately hugged Mrs. Yulia, and vice versa. Mr. Mario wiped his tears, he looked very sad.

”Honey, mom misses you so much! Wed better go inside honey. Dad, please bring Almas suitcase ”

”Okay mom!! ”

Alma then let go of his mothers embrace, he returned to greet his father ”Almas father really misses dad ”

He hugged Mr. Mario tightly. ”We should go in first Alma, the weather outside is too cold. Not good for your health ” said Mr. Mario.

The three of them then went inside. They sat in the living room, Mrs. Yulia went straight to the kitchen to prepare warm water for Alma. He made hot tea and brought some snacks for his daughter. Because he knew that his daughter must not have eaten.

”You should drink this hot tea first, ” said Mrs. Yulia.

”Thank you mom!! ” Alma then took the hot tea, he then drank it slowly. Almas eyes glanced at his father and mother, it was seen that his mother and father were very moved to see his sudden arrival.

After that Alma put down a light purple glass filled with warm tea.

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