”Its better sir!! Once again thank you very much for your help sir.

e welcome!! ” Said the man with a sweet smile.

Suddenly the sound of his cellphone, he picked it up and saw an incoming call, it seemed to be from his girlfriend.

The man didn answer at all, he just ignored the call. Seeing that made Alma wonder, wasn that a very important call.

”Why didn you answer, sir? ” Alma asked softly.

”Not important!! ” The man replied casually.

”Oh I see!! ”

”Where are you going next? Let me take you ”

Hearing the mans question made Alma speechless in a thousand languages. Her gaze was blank, she remembered her husband who had not heard of until now. He looked at his cellphone again, with the same hope.

”Why didn Arfha call me? Is she busy? As far as I know Arfha always makes time for me, she never lets me get into trouble. What exactly happened? ” Alma thought.

It turned out that the man was paying attention to Alma, he knew that Alma was waiting for a call from someone, but the man didn want to ask.

A few minutes later Alma was still silent like a confused person. The man was surprised to see Alma blank, he waved his hand right in front of Almas face ”Hey Miss … what is going on? Why are you silent? ” The man asked curiously.

Alma suddenly realized ”Sorry sir!! ”

”Its okay … Oh yeah where is your husband? Why are you alone, is he busy? Because as far as I know, a husband will not let his wife travel alone especially when she is pregnant like this ” asked the man.

”Sorry sir I can answer your question. Would you mind not asking it? ”

”Okay then!! Sorry if my question offended you Miss ”

”Can you take me to my parents house? ”

”You can!! Didn I offer myself earlier, but you just never responded to my words ”

”Oh yes, I almost forgot, I live right in front of the office of PT. Nusantara downtown, ” Alma replied.

”Okay Miss ” The man started his car again, he continued his journey.

Almas house.

Meanwhile, Almas parents were sitting in the living room. Almas father and mother apparently missed Almas figure, he had not communicated with his daughter for a very long time, let alone never met him at all. Mrs. Yulias feeling was not good, she had been stroking her chest.

”Mom why? ” Mr. Mario asked.

”I suddenly feel bad, did something happen to Alma? ” Mrs. Yulia replied.

”Youd better not think anything wrong. Maybe you miss Alma too much, so that your mind becomes chaotic ”

Mrs. Yulia took a deep breath ”Mom really misses Alma dad. Mom misses Alma so much, for some reason Almas face keeps imagining. Its as if Alma is in front of mom ”

”Patience mother, hopefully Alma will be fine with her husband ”

”This is all because of that man. Even though mother has forbidden Alma not to marry Arfha, but she is still adamant and doesn want to listen to mother. The proof is now she forgets us dad ” said Mrs. Yulia with disappointment.

”Never mind mother!! Its not good to discuss the past. Let it be past, maybe this is all the will of the above. We as parents can blame Alma, because this is already her soul mate ” Mr. Mario always advised his wife.

Mr. Mario is really a very wise man, he never blames circumstances. Because its useless, if you think about it will make him sicker.

But as a husband, seeing his sad wife makes Mr. Mario not have the heart, he approached Mrs. Yulia while wiping his wifes tears. Mr. Mario is trying to calm Mrs. Yulia tonight.

Actually, Mr. Mario is also very disappointed with Alma, because he is more willing to choose Arfha than his own parents. But Mr. Mario tried to be strong and sincere. He never showed sadness in front of his own wife.

”Come on mom, you should rest ”

”Mom isn sleepy yet, Dad. ”

”Do you want daddy to make you hot tea? ”

”No need father, mother no longer wants to drink tea ”

Mr. Mario took a deep breath, his eyes staring at the clock on the wall that kept on turning. He also felt that the weather tonight was very cold because of the rain earlier.

Every time there is lightning and thunder, Mrs. Yulia is reminded of Alma. He knew that his daughter since childhood was very afraid of the sound of thunder.

”Looks like the rain has stopped, ” said Mr. Mario.

Mrs. Yulia asked her husband to rest first, but Mr. Mario didn want to.

”I feel that Alma is here dad! ” said Mrs. Yulia, it was like hallucinating.

”Patience mother, hopefully there will be a miracle and hopefully what you feel really happens ”

”Yes father, I really hope that Alma suddenly comes to the house to meet us. I miss my father, I really miss Alma. ” The more she remembered her daughter, the more sad Mrs Yulia felt. She sobbed again in her husbands arms.

The longing of a mother for her child is very painful. It would be better if a child succumbs for the happiness of their parents. Don be too selfish just to make your heart happy.

A mother and father will not demand more, they just want to see their children happy. He could not bear to see his children suffer, he was willing to sacrifice all kinds of ways to make his childrens wishes come true. He never tire of day and night to work for the children.

But unfortunately, after their children grow up, it is rare for anyone to be able to do good to their parents. Most children are selfish and arrogant, always feel that they are the best and most righteous in doing everything.

How many liters of sweat have they spent in search of a mouthful of rice. They never say tired. All they have in mind is the happiness of children and children.

Mrs. Yulias chest felt tight, it was very difficult to breathe. While his eyes were swollen, his nose was red from crying too long.

”Im sorry mom and dad ” said Mrs. Yulia in a wet hoarse voice.

Mr. Mario smiled sweetly as he stroked his wifes hair. He also kissed his wifes head lovingly.

”Mother is not wrong. Its best if we just rest inside mom. Don let mom get sick because of staying up late ”

”Can we wait five more minutes dad. Because moms feeling says that Alma will be home soon ”

Not wanting to make his wife disappointed and sad again, Mr. Mario followed him ”Yes mother!! ”

Mrs. Yulia tried to smile happily while looking at her husbands face. A husband who is always there for her in any situation. Mr. Marios loyalty is extraordinary.

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