Feud And Love

Exactly one month of Aletta\'s birth

Only a mothers prayer can save her child from bad things. Because mothers prayer is very sincere and holy. Nothing can match the sincerity of a mothers prayer.

Now Alma just realized everything. That whatever his parents said was true. Too bad, it was meaningless for Alma to blame himself for this matter. Theres no point in lamenting fate either.

A month later.

Right in the morning, Alma went out for a walk with Aletta. He used a stroller, Alma and Aletta to get some fresh air. Because he never came out.

Alma just kept smiling while inviting Aletta to joke, he arrived at the side of the main road.

Since there was a seat, Alma paused for a moment. He tidied Alettas hat. ”Unfortunately, your hat is a mess, right? Wait, mom, Ill fix it first ” Alma said, she just kept teaching Aletta to talk.

His name is also a child, he can understand Almas words. Aeltta could only squirm and stick her tongue out. Looks like hes still sleepy. Her small lips, sharp nose and round face like a basketball.

”Oh dear, its still sleepy, its better if we go home, ” said Alma.

He invited Alma back to the house, while he was walking. Alma accidentally met a strange man who had helped him that night. Alma was silent as if confused, he had not realized that this man had been his savior god.

Coincidentally, the man was running in the morning, he was wearing training pants and a t-shirt, he was also wearing a headband and had gloves on his palms. Looks like he deliberately uses a lot of accessories.

The man smiled while pointing at Alma. He also saw that Almas stomach was no longer bloated. ”You!! ” Who is that man?

”Wait a minute!! Looks like Im familiar with your face? ” Show Alma.

”Obviously familiar, because I once helped you that night, ” the man continued as he jogged in front of Alma.

”Oh my gosh, I almost forgot, Im sorry because I didn see your face clearly that night, ” said Alma, smiling cheerfully.

”Its okay!! Oh yeah you gave birth? ”

Alma smiled while looking at Aletta ”Yes!! I gave birth a month ago ”

”Wow… Congratulations!! ” The man stretched out his hand.

Actually, Alma feels uncomfortable, especially when he has to shake hands with strangers. But as a sign of respect Alma shook the mans hand ”Thank you ”

e welcome… What a coincidence that we met at this place ”

”Everything is not a coincidence, because this is Gods plan ”

e absolutely right Miss … Eummm you two? ” asked the man.

”Yes, the two of you!! Who else are you? Because its been a long time since Ive had a breath of fresh air in the morning ”

”Sorry, I thought you were with your husband. Exactly then, because the air in the morning has many benefits for the body. By the way… We haven met yet. If you don mind, may we get to know each other? ”

Almas expression looked awkward ”Because you are a good person and I was once indebted so there is no reason for me to refuse to meet you ”

”My name is Zack ”

”Im Alma, also introduce my daughter named Aletta ”

”Nice to meet you Alma. If I may be honest, your daughters name is very beautiful ”

”Thanks Zack. Then Ill excuse myself first ”

”Why so early? Isn it still too early to go home? ”

”Because its time for Aletta to take a bath ”

”Well then!! Hopefully we can meet again Alma ”

Alma nodded with a smile, he then pushed Alettas carriage. While Zack continued to look at Alma. After a long time, Zack continued his morning run.

Along the way, Alma meets neighbors next to his house. Almas neighbor named Queen Mother, he saw Alma with a different view.

Coincidentally, the queen mother was with another neighbor named Megas mother. They are both known to love to talk about other peoples bad things. The Queen Mother and Megas mother were kind while glancing at Alma.

”Its a pity, giving birth without being accompanied by a husband. Luckily I have a husband who is kind and understanding, ” said the queen mother in a loud voice.

”Wow…wow…wow!! Thats right, even though if you give birth to your first child, you must be accompanied by your husband. But this is not, its very sad. His heart must be crying, ” said Megas mother.

Alma took a deep breath, he closed his eyes to keep himself from being provoked by emotion.

Alma knows that he is being sarcastic. But Alma didn want to waste his energy on responding to the queen mother and Mega mother. He pretended not to hear. Alma then pushed back Alettas carriage, with a straight face.

”O God, give me the strength to face these mothers. I hope what they talk about me comes back to them ” Alma thought, he really felt wronged.

”Its so hot! Even though its still morning, it looks like theres a fire, ” said Suris mother.

”You don know, just look at the sky. It looks like a thunderstorm will soon come… Hahaha ” Megas mother continued.

They kept on talking about Alma, they wouldn be satisfied even if their lips were foaming. They burst out laughing when they saw Alma walking fast.

Indeed, netizens are very good and true. They always bring up peoples problems, they can never live in peace without discussing the theme of other peoples ugliness.

Its really sad the lives of Suris mother and Megas mother. They both have not received a rebuke from God.

Mr Marios house.

”Grandsons granddaughter has come home for a morning walk, ” said Mrs. Yulia.

Alma smiled ”Yes Grandma, Aletta just came home from sightseeing with mother ” Alma continued.

”Here, let mother bathe Aletta. You should take a shower first and don forget to have breakfast. Mother has cooked for you ”

”Okay mom! Alma will leave Aletta, okay? ”

”Yes dear ”

Almas room.

In the room, Alma sat in front of the mirror. He still resonates with the words of Suris mother and Megas mother. He rubbed his chest as he advised himself.

”You are patient Alma, remember you are a chosen woman, a very strong woman. You can be sad and you can be weak just because of what the mothers said earlier ” Alma thought while stroking his chest.

Because the most important motivation is from ourselves. After feeling better, Alma then went to the bathroom. A few minutes later Alma had finished bathing, she looked fresh and fit and smelled great.

Even though Alma has given birth, her body still looks normal. Her face also still looks fresh. Although she is not as beautiful as other women out there. But Alma has its own charm.

He has thin lips, a sharp nose and large eyes. Almas face has a characteristic, she will be easy to recognize and easy to remember because her smile is too sweet.

Alma wore a black dress mixed with pink, she also tied her hair in a ponytail. So that he can easily move everywhere.

Suddenly Almas cell phone rang, she saw a new contact ”Whos calling? ” Alma thought, he just kept staring at his cellphone which was on. Alma hesitated to answer the call.

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