Feud And Love

Exactly one month of Aletta\'s birth

”Why are you silent? Asked Mrs. Yulia with a grumpy face ”Do you want to keep standing outside like a coconut tree ” he continued.

”Wait for my brother-in-law to come in, ” continued Yati.

Sitting room.

Mrs. Yulia asked Yati and Rania to sit in the living room, while she put Aletta to bed in Almas room. Fortunately, Mrs. Yulia has prepared a baby basket, it turns out that Mrs. Yulia still has the former Alma. So it can still be used.

”Cup…cup…cup!! Its a shame you sleep first. ” After putting Aletta to sleep, Mrs. Yulia approached Alma. He stroked Almas hair.

”Honey how are you feeling? ” Mrs. Yulia asked.

”Alma is very happy mom ”

”Thank God!! You are patient, right? ” Mrs. Yulias words made Alma feel sad, she lowered her face.

”Honey, whats wrong with you? Did your mother say something that made you sad? ”

Alma shook his head ”No mom!! ”

”Then what makes you sad? ”

Even though Mrs. Yulia knows how her daughter feels. Giving birth without being accompanied by a husband is very painful.

”Are you thinking about Arfha? ”

Hearing Arfhas name, made Almas tears flow profusely. He immediately hugged Mrs. Yulia tightly. Alma wanted to tell him what he had been hiding all this time. But Alma was powerless.

Mrs. Yulia calmed Almas heart by giving her the warmest and most sincere hug. A mother will embrace her child, she will always be there when her child is in need.

”Cry honey, mom won forbid you to cry. Let it all out dear, let it out until you feel relieved. Don keep the problem alone, there is still a mother where you share stories ”

”Im sorry mother, ” Alma said with a wet hoarse voice.

”Yes dear, I have forgiven you ”

”Honestly, Alma is very disappointed with Arfha. Alma doesn want to hear Arfhas name anymore, mother. She has broken her promise to Alma, so I don trust her anymore, mother. ”

”Actually, what happened between you and Arfha? Tell Almas mother. ”

Almas face was red, her eyes were swollen again. His nose was leaking clear fluid from crying. Her voice became slightly different due to the effect of crying, Alma sobbed. He let go of Mrs. Yulias arms while wiping her tears. But the more Alma wanted to stop crying, the more her tears flowed freely.

Alma was silent for a moment, he caught his breath. After feeling better he just spoke again ”Arfha did not come when Alma gave birth, even though he had promised to meet Alma ”

”Have you tried to contact Arfha? ”

”Yes mother, but the number is not active ”

Mrs. Yulia took a deep breath, hearing the story from Alma made Mrs. Yulia confused. His chest felt tight, as if something was wrong.

”Or maybe Arfha is busy? ” Mrs. Yulia continued.

”I don know mom!! If hes really busy, why didn he tell you? Why did he have to disappear like this? ”

”I hope you don think anything wrong first. I hope Arfha is okay ”

”Alma doesn want to talk about Arfha anymore, mother. ”

”Honey, its not good for you to talk like that, you can be selfish. You can hate Arfha, but remember you have children. Think about what will happen to your children in the future ”

”It hurts mother!! It feels more powerful than the stab of a thousand swords ”

”I understand how you feel dear. You have to be strong, don because of this problem you become a weak Alma ”

”Thank you very much mother for listening to Almas complaints ”

”Its natural for mother to be a good listener to you ”

It turned out that from earlier, Yati had been eavesdropping on Alma and Mrs Yulias conversation. He knew what had happened to Alma. ”Mother is actually here, ” Rania scolded in a loud voice.

Yati was surprised, she immediately put her index finger in the middle of Ranias lips ”Ssssssssssttttt… don make a lot of noise, mother will find out ” Yati said.

Rania didn understand what her mother meant. ”You know what you mean? What have you done? ” Rania asked innocently.

Yati is very upset with Rania. He patted his forehead ”This kid is really stupid ” Yati muttered.

”Tech!! ” Mrs. Yulia immediately opened the door to Almas room. Yati almost fell because he put his ear right on the door. Yatis heart was about to burst, because she almost became a rolling pig.

Yati immediately lowered her face, she did not dare to look at Mrs. Yulia. Because of the frequency when Yati was reprimanded, Mrs. Yulias words would be spicy, like pieces of chili being put in her mouth.

Mrs. Yulias gaze was very sharp. ”What are you guys doing here? ” asked Mrs. Yulia firmly.

”There is no brother-in-law, Rania and I should just go home ” Yati replied with a trembling voice.

”I know, you must have overheard my conversation with Alma ”

”No brother-in-law, please don misunderstand. I just want to see Almas child, thats all ”

Because there was Rania, Mrs. Yulia filtered the conversation. He didn want Rania to hear bad words from his mouth.

”Rania you should go inside, please accompany Alma ” said Mrs. Yulia.

”Okay Auntie ” Rania then entered Almas room.

After seeing Rania enter, Mrs. Yulia immediately closed the door to Almas room. He then pulled Yatis hand ”I never believed what you said at all. Just be careful if there is news that spreads about Alma, I will not hesitate to make calculations with you ” Threatened Mrs. Yulia.

”I swear I didn hear anything. This brother-in-law always accuses me of carelessly ”

”Because you deserve to be accused ”

”Arghhh… Just annoying, I won be coming here again. The most important thing is that Ive got updated information about Alma. Just remember, the more Im threatened, the more courageous I am ” Yati thought while playing with her eyes. Yati is really cunning, she is not at all afraid of Mrs. Yulias threats.

Yati then left in front of Mrs. Yulia with an annoying face, she called Rania and immediately left the house. Yati doesn want to say goodbye, she doesn have any manners at all.

However, Mrs. Yulia tries not to take it to heart, but she is very worried if Yatis mouth leaks about Almas household. Mrs. Yulia is afraid that Alma will fall ill because of getting Bulian.

He had already taken on too many problems, he was afraid that Alma would fall ill because he thought about what the neighbors were saying.

”Oh God, give strength to my daughter. Protect her from something that is not good ” Mrs. Yulia thought while stroking her chest.

Only a mothers prayer can save her child from bad things. Because mothers prayer is very sincere and holy. Nothing can match the sincerity of a mothers prayer.

Now Alma just realized everything. That whatever his parents said was true. Too bad, it was meaningless for Alma to blame himself for this matter.

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