Feud And Love

Come back with wounds

Right at night around 10:00, Alma had arrived in the city center. With a heavy heart, he set foot in the city center of his own birthplace.

Feelings of sadness and disappointment are mixed like a hodgepodge. Remembering her husband Arfha, the cellphone that was given to her by Arfha she held tightly. Waiting for a call from Arfha.

It turns out that Arfha didn call Alma, Almas feelings were getting crushed. His mind was in chaos again, he really couldn hold back his sadness. The tears dripped out of his eyes, drop by drop, running down his soft cheeks.

Alma looked left and right, hoping he could meet someone he knew.

Alma took a deep breath while looking at her distended stomach. It was clear that Alma was tired. His face was sweating hot and cold, he also looked a little pale. Maybe the result of a long journey.

Alma feels really bad, because she feels ashamed herself if she has to go home without her husband Arfha.

His parents also did not know about his return, because since he married Arfha he had never told his parents. He was completely lost as if swallowed by the earth.

Alma saw a chair made of iron right on the side of the road. Looks like the chair was deliberately put there for people to rest while waiting for the vehicle.

Feeling tired from standing for too long, Alma pulled her suitcase and sat on the chair. Alma was silent in thought. What should he say to his father and mother when he gets home? Will his father and mother accept him back?

Almas mind was in complete chaos. She was ashamed of herself, because she came home heavily pregnant. Alma hasn even thought about the rest of his familys talk. Not even the neighbors talk.

”I shouldn go home. I don want to make mom and dad difficult. Ive made them suffer enough. But if I don go home, where should I go? While my fathers family is very sensitive people, so are my mothers family ” Alma thought.

Seeing the unfriendly weather, the sky turned dark gray. The sound of thunder was very loud. The stars that used to be there were now beautifully covered by the darkness of the clouds.

Raindrops began to fall one by one, making Alma worry about where to take shelter. He accidentally saw a husband and wife who were walking right in front of him romantically.

Alma smiled bitterly, while he was alone. It is impossible for Arfha to come to bring him an umbrella in this place. While they were far apart.

The rain was falling harder and harder, making Almas body soaked. ”Excuse me Miss, you should use this umbrella. Because the rain is getting heavier!! ” Greet someone while protecting Alma from the heavy rain. A clean white man, 180 cm tall. It seemed that the man looked very kind and gentle too.

Alma was surprised, he didn even think that a good person would help him. Alma smiled faintly ”Its okay sir, Im used to the rain ” Alma replied while stroking his body.

”Im sorry for your baby, miss. Don get sick, because now the weather is bad. Especially when you are pregnant like this ”

Alma smiled again ”Thank you!! Really Im okay ”

”May I know where you are going? Let me take you, I also happen to want to go home ”

”No sir, because I can go h

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