Chapter 4: To Do What Is Necessary [2]

Slow jazz music, the odour of tobacco, the slight gossips of women, laughs of man and the classic beverage clerk behind the counter set the scene in tune. In the scenery was a table that sat at the corner of the establishment remaining inconspicuous and independent from it, yet there occupied a young male with his head turned downwards sipping on some alcohol in silence. He held a map of what seemed to be the geographical terrain of the city he currently was in. The young male was none other than Neil Axiom contemplating on how he will go about entering the CloudEye Monarchy. His knowledge currently on the location was almost nil if he didn include the brief information obtained from the teenage female. Neil knew he needed to find something that would help in his infiltration, execution then escape and if things go south then a whole abortion of the plan had to be considered. Either way, power was still the only thing he could rely as it could save his life in critical times or maybe even help grasp an opportunity.

Ill take it step by step and plan each step as I move on, after all I don know who Im going to encounter at this Auction. Anything can happen so firstly ill need to gain information about who will be attending this occasion and every single threat that may or may not encounter. Theres still time until the auction begins, so there is no need to rush though this and its never wrong to be careful when facing the unknown., Neil thought.

As he sat thinking about this, the front door burst open and Guards of Rein attired in greyish garments with images of a swirling cloud imprinted on their clothing sprung forth and in front of them were two figures. One female and one male each with blonde colored hair left the audience in silence, they wore purple garments lined with golden strips and glyphs of a flying sparrow engraved on the shoulders and back of the attire. The male had ocean blue eyes and female, striking violet eyes. They were both pleasing to the eye exuding a carefree aura which made them easily approachable. The guards behind them were menacing giving every single person in the building a stink eye, very appropriate indeed. The question on everyones mind right now is why nobility would even enter such a shabby, ordinary looking establishment. It was indeed very unusual.

The females irises slightly gave off a violet luminescence as she scanned the whole area, she seemingly was looking for something yet was unable to locate it due to the time she spent gazing around. She finally came to a halt when she looked in a particular direction. The male next to her followed her line of sight and laid his eyes in that particular direction as well. The direction they both looked in was currently where the young Neil was situated, contemplating heavily on how to enter the auction. They both walked to Neil with the guards following in suit. Neil was able sense the pair walking in his direction and lifted his gaze to stare into their direction as they approached.

”OH, who might you two fine people be? ”, Neil asked with a straight face

When the pair finally made it to Neils desk, they both looked at him and the female was the first to respond.

”My name is Louis Evergreen ”, she responded in a firm tone which was neither imposing or prideful.

”You can call me Ernest ”, the male named Ernest said as he held up his hand for a handshake.

Neil did not have a cooking clue about what was going on. He remained ignorant of nobility but that didn imply he grew stupid over time; he immediately knew by their attire and how the pair carried themselves that they weren ordinary and were of a different societal standing than those other people in the building. Neil decided to return the handshake and gestured for the pair to take a seat adjacent from him. Ernest and Louis sat down and the guards behind them followed suit as they stood behind the pair and stared down at Neil. Neil took note of this but didn care, he looked at each of the guards then returned his gaze to the pair. At this moment some relieved sighs echoed in the surroundings hence the scene resumed once more.

”You approaching me means that you both require something from me or Im connected to thing you are looking for ”, Neil said

Ernest and Louis smiled and Louis responded, ”Its not that we need something from you but we need some help to accomplish something and based on what Ive observed, you are [CINTH] correct? ”

Neil squinted his eyes; it should be reminded that a [CINTH] was not something common and only a few could even identify one. The female who had given Neil the map wasn able to identify if Neil was a [CINTH] or not but she could deduce that even if he was mortal Neil had to have backing for him to display such confidence into attending the Auction thus even though she ridiculed him she had to give him the map because her own uncertainty led her to believe in the latter to prevent problems that ought to come but never would because Neil was indeed a [CINTH] and had no backing whatsoever. So, for Louis to immediately determine Neils status led him to wonder what type of concept she possessed simultaneously this also indirectly gave her status as a [CINTH] straight to Neil on a silver platter which he understood indeed.

Neil thought for a moment then responded, ” What do you want with me? ”. The question was ignored yet confirmed. Louis and Ernest looked at each momentarily then gazed at Neil.

”We need you to help us find someone ”, Louis spoke up

”Hm, I could help you but of course you should know that everything has price, no? Neil calmly replied

”Indeed, but first lets talk about specifics. The reason why we came here was because we are looking for a person codenamed Outlet. This figure was able to infiltrate the Evergreen Mansion just southwest of Shea and took an item that belonged to the family. ” , Louis said

”Outlet huh…, for a person capable of such a feat how could I even compare to it. I could assume that the Evergreen Mansion has many guards at the Ethereal Aspect perhaps you even have people at the Corporal Aspect so how was a nobody even able to steal an item from your noble residence? ”, Neil said

”Thats something we don know or will ever know but what we do know is that Outlet possess a [Composite] concept. Im sure you understand the severity of such a thing ”, Louis emphasized clearly. Silence ensued….

Neil chuckled which led to Louis and Ernest frowning slightly.

”Is death what you seek of me? ”, Neil rhetorically yet coldly asked.

Louis remained quiet and thought before giving an answer, ” I understand what you might be thinking but there will others like you on this quest. If you do accept then anything you ask, we will deliver provided it doesn overstep our boundaries or go against our beliefs. ”

Neil thought for a moment and proceeded to ask a question, ” Is your Evergreen family attending the CloudEye Auction? ”

”Indeed, we are and from my guess you want a spot in, right? ”, Louiss lustrously pink lips arced into a smile.

”Sharp woman indeed. Since you already know, then this is the price you will need to pay and the only price worthy of my cooperation. ” Neil firmly planted his stance in this matter.

”Hmm…, well the spot is possible but the other 4 you are going with to take down Outlet also requested the same thing and only a single spot remains so you get what I mean, right N.E.I.L? ”, Louis smiled mysteriously

”What a cunning woman you are ”, Neil was reveling in this conversation. A cold yet indifferent smiled bloomed on his face and his azure eyes began to glow ever so slightly. Obviously, he understood what Louis meant by that, what she wanted after Outlets defeat and retrieval of the item was a battle to the death between him and the other clients. This will not only prevent anyone from obtaining the spot but all evidence of such an endeavor to vanish into smoke. The true definition of one winner and no second place.

So, she wants all of us to die huh, but if one of us does successful retrieve the item and kill the rest how would she go about taking the item from the possessor? No, I almost forgot the most important piece in this plot and that is she is NOBILITY. She could easily summon several Ethereal or Corporal [CINTHs] to just outright bombard the remaining person and successfully take the item. There are just too many methods she could employ here and considering that ability she examined earlier I can safely assume she is in possession of an ocular type concept, [Perception], [Inverse Observation] maybe [ Ayond Vision]? She is in the dark while Im exposed and then theres that guy Ernest. As expected of the natives of Burial Leaf Continent, unfortunately there is no other solution to enter the Auction except taking many risks with very high chances of failure, something I can agree with. I just have to accept this mission but I need to be extremely careful as I proceed, Neil thought.

”So do we have an agreement? ”, Louis said calmly.

”Very well, I wholeheartedly agree ”, Neil said with a mysterious smile.

”Good very good ”, The one to speak up was Ernest as he gave Neil an octagonal shaped object.

”That contains all data on Outlet and the names of your colleagues, including a 1000 Nu Matrixes to express our generosity ”, Louis spoke to Neil as she stood up from her seat.

”The mission will begin early afternoon lead by Ernest and the five of you. All you need to prioritize is the death of Outlet and retrieval of the item. ”, Ernest followed in suit, the pair and guards began to leave the building leaving the young Neil sipping once more on his ice-cold beverage.

When the pair left the building and began to head to the Evergreen mansion, she looked at Ernest and smiled mischievously, ” That Neil is quite interesting, I could only discover his identity as a [CINTH] but I wasn able to find what type of concept he possessed which intrigued me even more. It wouldn be far fetched to think he has a pseudo-[Composite] concept or a complete one. Ernest remember, don underestimate him or that woman because your only outcome would be death and if things succeed but not in the direction we wanted we can always retreat and try again. Don bury yourself to early. ”

”I understand Louis, but fear not I will not do anything that could lead me into damnation ”, Ernest assured Louis with a bright smile.

”I hope so ”, Louis muttered softly and thus the pair silently made their journey back to their residence.

Neil remained in the establishment relishing in his beverage while he chuckled to himself, ” What a pity, things won go as they planned. This Outlet character has me quite interested though. A [Composite] concept is something you don come by every often but its not worth mentioning in front of me. ” The glass was raised just Infront his face and his reflection revealed a carefree smile which spoke the confidence in himself and a ridiculing attitude of how stupid Louis looked down upon him. Neil just remained in the building as his gaze then diverted to the object Ernest gave him, ” The [TheroCortex], quite expensive I must say. Capable of storing almost anything, from memories, knowledge, organic to non-organic materials. Unfortunately these noble people are all stingy, this one is low grade and possess a reasonably small space.

Neil proceeded to stand up then directly went to the clerk and said, ” Talk about the Nobility in this City, specifically the house of Evergreen ”

The clerk looked Neil and didn respond, he simply ignored Neil and continued to serve drinks at the counter. Neil was confused for a moment and then understood the situation so he looked around him and tapped the counter three times with his index finger, spontaneously 5 Nu Matrixes appeared on the counter which the clerk swiped in an instant. The clerk looked at Neil and smiled, ” Very Well Sir, what would you like to know? ”

Neil looked at him with a serious expression, ” Everything. ”

Through all this nobody noticed a snow white looking bird stationed at a nearby windowsill which overlooked the entire conversation with a mysterious glint in its eyes.

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