Chapter 3: To Do What Is Necessary [1]

Neil laid in the carriage asleep, his carefree attitude in this environment would be considered reckless and in fact dangerous but an ordinary man wouldn be able understand that he was amidst training in his Mental Nu. A [CINTHS] energy is known as Nu; its described as what makes up a [CINTH]. What is a [CINTH] though?

A [CINTH] in a sense is someone who has grasped the ability to tap into the laws or concepts of the universe and then draw the power from these laws and concepts to enhance their physique, mind, sense, soul or spirit simultaneously also allowing them to exert power far beyond the mortal mind. Compatibility with laws and concepts is also required because this will not only make the power the user exert more powerful but, on their conquest, to attain greater power it will be far easier because they will be able to sense or feel similar concepts, they are compatible with therefore these laws and concepts will accumulate to synthesize greater and more powerful laws thus only increasing their power further to achieve greater realms. To awaken as a [CINTH] one must first awaken the Sense which is the ability to sense the laws and concepts around them and therefore integrate them into their Ethereal Aspect. The Ethereal Aspect is located in the subconscious and is connected to the Mind and Soul. It acts as bridge between the Sense, Mind and Soul, generated after the user awakens Sense. Its a special space where a [CINTH] stores law fragments after successfully integrating them from the world and then absorbing them to enable synthetization. Through synthetization the [CINTH] is able to accumulate similar laws and fuse them together to achieve higher complexity and proportionally greater power. Then after a [CINTH] needs to expand the Ethereal Aspect which is a physique capable of handling and harboring more laws or concepts known as the Corporal Aspect. Corporal Aspect is the awakened physique one must obtain to harbor more complex laws and concepts because a weaker container can only do so much before it explodes or is overpowered by the laws which he/she wishes to attain. The Corporal Aspect is connected to the Body and Heart similarly like a bridge as aforementioned by its counterpart. The Ethereal Aspect and Corporal Aspect are the first stages of being a [CINTH] and these Aspects are extremely mystifying which only leads to a 1 in 100000 people awakening as a [CINTH].

Currently in the carriage Neil was attempting to awaken the Corporal Aspect since he was already attuned with the laws of Spacetime and Death. His eyes closed symbolized the interaction of the Ethereal Aspect deep within his subconscious. It was a dark space and many law fragments floated in the null ,their appearance mimicked that of shattered glass with diameters ranging from 1-2mm whilst a hue of blackness beleaguered them indicating how much Death fragments Neil has .In some locations of the Ethereal Aspect laid some fragments hued in some transparent ether indicating Space-time but what caught Neils attention the most was a single law fragment that stood in the center of the space ,it was precisely concentric and peering into it left the young Neil baffled. It seemed like eternal nothingness, no reaction from it remedied hes attitude towards it.

”Just what is it? I can seem to interact with it. This law fragment seems like it exists in its own independent space yet it also exists in this space, its time axis fluctuates to its own accord and gravity is similarly the same. The other law fragments seem rather afraid, no? ”

Neil began an analysis on this mystifying law fragment to try to understand its workings as it felt like he was hindered by something to achieve Corporal Aspect.

”If I don achieve Corporal Aspect then I won be able to attain more laws and fragments, which Is detrimental to any [CINTH] and my path will end here. I need to obtain that scripture. ”

Neil said to himself and as the minutes went through contemplation of the situation, he was brought awake by the heavy atmosphere of gore, death and destruction. His azure glimmering eyes once more laid witness to carnage but that didn bother him as he finally arrived at [Shea City]. He diverted his gaze to find a white bird-like creature resting on his lap snoring in satisfaction. Neil flicked his index finger generating a wind pressure which blew the Pigeon off his lap. He looked at the creature which shot wide awake, its googly eyes gazed at Neil in anger and made terrible screeching noises but Neil looked at it calmly and uttered, ”Weve arrived. ”

The pigeon seemed to have understood Neil displaying a rare moment of intellect leading it to calm down and look outside the carriage window to see the high walls of [Shea City]. Neil looked out as and seeing the walls of [Shea City] made him sigh in amazement.

”The Sovereigness of Rein, I wonder what character could impose such an organized dictatorship in such a chaotic country. Interesting ”, Neil stated as the carriage approached the gates of [Shea City].

[Rein Country – Shea City]

Approaching the gates, one would first see the Guards of Rein attired in greyish garments, with images of a swirling cloud imprinted on their clothing. Black armor, helmets and a spear were their standard mechanisms for combat and significance of being the Guards of Rein. The gates were at least 50m tall and 5 guards of Rein occupied the sides of the gate to scour for anything that was prohibited by the city which through this are able to control the amount of people entering the city therefore enabling a rare moment of order in a land where chaos is the norm. At this time order was priority due to the momentous occasion now donning onto the city. A guard named Crome witnessed a rather adequate looking carriage approach the gates which surprised him momentarily. It was seldom to see such a carriage unless you were renowned, wealthy or nobility and Crome knew from a single glance that the man occupying the motor was none hence his surprise. The carriage finally came to halt when near the entry of the gates, Crome approached the side left door of the carriage to see who this person was, his curiosity unsatiated whatsoever.

”Sir, Welcome to Shea City. May you identify yourself? ”, Crome was brief and straightforward.

”Hm ”, A voice resounded from the carriage accompanied by the squeak of hinges as the door opened revealing the young Neil step out of the carriage and take a moment to look at Crome.

”My name Is Neil. ”, Neil stated his name without mentioning his surname indicating the amount of significance the surname Axiom was considered taboo in this world.

Crome took a moment to look at Neil and was once more surprised or rather stunned. The young man in front of him looked 20 years old, with black cascading hair and black garments that strode past his body attuned with another black robe that had a circular collar long enough to screen his nose hence making his azure gaze extremely striking. His feet were slightly visible but were bare. Neil exuded an aura of coldness yet was subtle and calm which Crome also took note of.

”Sir Neil, I assume you have come for the CloudEye auction? ”, Crome remained unchanged which left Neil lifting an eyebrow.

”Indeed, how could I miss such an event. I hope that my prescence hasn affected any proceedings or caused trouble ” Neil stated sincerely looking at Crome then averting his gaze from him to look at the remaining guards who in fact were quite surprised by Neils appearance.

”Neither Sir Neil. I will proceed to allow you into the city but because you are not a denizen of Shea City you will be charged with 3 Nu Matrixes. ” Crome relayed to Neil.

”Very Well. ”, Neil responded but was inwardly laughing loudly. The feeling that the prices were quite lax were quite refreshing bringing even a slight smirk on his face. This already showed the immaturity Neil had and was deemed to be so, afterall he was only 19 years old. Neil extended his left hand and suddenly the 3 Nu Matrixes required for entry spawned onto that palm. Appearance wise they had many geometric sides and angles making them look like heavily complex shapes, moreover they were the size of an ordinary round coin but were all identical. This type of currency was universal and spanned across all the continents for better trade and better exchange rates. Neil proceeded to hand the coins to Crome.

Crome saw nothing of Neils current state and took the Matrixes then allowed him back into his carriage and onwards into Shea City.

”Do enjoy your visit, Sir Neil ”,

Crome stated as Neils carriage slowly entered the city and what he saw broadened his perspective of the world once more. It was extremely busy with many vendors, merchants, nobility and just ordinary folk flocking the streets which seemingly spanned forever. It could be described as a CBD in a third world country. Neil was peeking through his window observing everything around while the carriage made its way through the CBD on a roughly constructed pathway. Nell continued to look around before arriving at the city hall. He exited his carriage and approached the doors of the town hall which were made of some alloy he couldn recognize. They were greyly shaded with many inscriptions on them but were ordinary in size and length. Neil approached the door and knocked once.

The door opened revealing a teenager just like Neil, it was woman with striking red hair, her visage ordinary yet delicate indeed. She wore a grey dress with the same swirling clouds engraved on it like Crome. Her red eyes were glued on Neil and she asked in a smooth yet cooling tone.

”May I help you? ”

Neil looked at her for a moment and responded casually.

”Ive heard of the CloudEye auction and I wish to attend it but I am not aware of the directions to the site. ”

”Hmm… I see, well the Auction is available to everyone regardless of geographical location. ”, she stated.

”That Is what Ive heard, so I would like to ask for directions there. ”, Neil responded

The teenage female chuckled then began laughing loudly and uncontrollably

”You, a weak little miscreant wanting to go up against giants. How brave ”, she commented then laughed again

Neil frowned and grew irritated almost immediately, he looked at her as his tone grew heavy and cold

”Will you tell me or not? ”

The teenage female calmed down but a face of ridicule and disdain remained on her face.

”Alright little man, The CloudEye Auction is at the famous CloudEye Monarchy. The greatest and richest enterprise in the whole of Shea city located in the center of Shea City and also…. ”, She gave Neil a brief summary of where to find it but she came to a sudden halt. Her words trailing into nothingness

Neil looked at her and listened attentively but when her words began to trail off, he then looked at her and asked.

”Also, what? ”

She looked at him and she revealed a very mischievous smile.

”Its within the area where our Sovereigness of Rein dwells. Which means that this Auction was by her will, which means a weak little chicken like you will enter a path towards death ”, she commented.

Neil remained stupefied and he sighed heavily

”Well, seems Ive run out of luck ”

He could feel the amount of pressure being applied on his psyche and yet he remained unwavered.

I will need to plan carefully on how to approach this situation, because running blindly into the site could potentially get me killed. Ill assume the worst, perhaps I will meet someone who has reached Corporal aspect, no, maybe even on that level. The Sovereigness maybe is on that level and there will definitely be characters similar to her. Someone on the Ethereal Aspect is simply asking for the Grim Reaper to appear. To enter this event will be difficult.

Neil was contemplating for a few seconds and the female uninterestingly watched him. He looked up at her and asked

”Could I request a Map of Shea city? ”

”Alright ”, she walked back into the building and a few seconds later she returned with a Map which she handed to Neil.

”Careful out their little man, I can see your inexperience towards people. You might just get punished for that ”, she left him with a small piece of advice as she headed back into the building with the door closing before Neil.

Neil accepted the Map and also heeded her words. He opened the Map to skim through its contents then after looked in the direction he was meant to go in.

”Seems Ill need to be thorough this time ”, He reminded himself as he headed back to his carriage to begin the journey towards CloudEye Monarchy.

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