Chapter 2: Arrival Into Shea

Axioms Records

The eyes cannot see the truth that lurks in the hearts of man, only with a Heart to Sense the Mind of man is truly the gateway to Truth ”

~First Generation Leader of Axiom Monastery: Sioux Axiom

Forks of pale lightning split the grey saddened clouds that hung above the desolate earth with an accompanied sound of thunder that reverberated unceasingly within [Io Country] yet no rain dawned to harmonize the melodies in question. The whisperer of winds was noticeably audible in the valley of shadows and therein a small cottage located in a corner of an open cave just at the side of a broken mountain was visible. It was made of very common materials through which any mortal could purchase but what was astonishing was the azure luminescence that congregated around the building. Its subtle aura was clearly observable through the naked eye and one could determine its profundity through the runic inscriptions that hovered across the plane. Within the cottage sat a man clothed in black garments, his black cascading hair ran down his shoulders to his upper back and his rather fare facial features would go unnoticed amongst a crowd, and there he remained motionless. This silhouettes calm azure gaze swept past an antiquity scripture held within his hand. His eyes were the reflection of knowledge and wisdom. He was the embodiment of Knowing but Reserved. His calm and cold expression was apparent which gave him a sense of indifference and neutrality towards any societal dealings.

The Antiquity scripture currently in his hands was [Axioms Records], it was split into Four sections:

[Book of Beginnings]

[Book of Rite]

[Book of Knowledge]

[Book of End]

The book itself is a source of power for the silhouette who was currently reading it and contemplating on its profundities. It was his source of power and perhaps the answer to all mysteries he would discover on Axiom.

Currently the silhouette was reading Section one: Book of Beginnings

Chapter 1:

”A single one-dimensional point to which all time, space, mass, density, are condensed infinitely. All things stem from a single source, a single point in existence to which nothing can escape, and where the Universe was born. The source that births a [CINTH] and what is, what was, and where it will go. ”

He read through the scripture slowly, contemplating and trying to deduce the meaning behind it. It was the first chapter of the book and yet had such a great profundity that it made his brain go into hyperdrive. He was confident in his cognitive abilities but the scripture up for deduction was complex for the current him and he understood that his current abilities were lacking thus leading him give up and sigh in a tiresome voice. The Runic inscriptions dissipated upon closure of the records.

”It truly is profound for the current me. The amount of complexity in a single paragraph shows just how the author of this book was remarkably powerful and just how of a genius he was.

First Generation leader, how outstanding. ”

He uttered in a very thoughtful manner, imposing the respect he has for the First-Generation leader. Neil was the young male in scene, he raised himself from the chair and looked at a pigeon that snored peacefully on the windowsill. His eyes glowed menacingly and a destructive aura escaped his figure enacting Sense which penetrated the pigeons mind instantly waking it up.

”Lets get going, we have much to do within Burial Leaf Continent ”, Neil uttered indifferently whilst a black robe spontaneously clothed his figure. He stood up slowly and exited the cottage before making his way to a carriage situated just a few meters away and near the entrance of the cave without looking back, meanwhile the pigeon had just woken up in fright, its googly bright eyes were wide open and seemingly had just suffered a heart attack. It extended its wingspan before flying towards Neil with a now calm expression but deep inside curses were wantonly being expressed with no end. It approached the carriage and flew to the tact of the carriage before finally settling itself comfortably thereafter closing eyes to nap in peace.

Neil didn mind and entered the carriage at a moderate pace, he then sat in a gold luxurious sofa which was inside with a nonchalant expression.

”Hmm, ” Neil mused as he raised his left arm and planted his palm on the roof of the carriage which then displayed azure runic inscriptions which hovered in front him and moments after his actions, the carriage began to emit a bright light before vanishing instantaneously. Burial Leaf Continent was his destination, it was desolate with no organizational agricultural activities, laws were dictated by the powerful, only the strong could obtain what they wished and the weak would only cower in the corners or eventually killed because being weak in this Continent meant sin and sin was meant to be punished. Burial Leaf Continent was a relatively small continent compared to its other five counterparts which also made it the continent where criminals would escape to due to its lawless activities.IT s recognized as the poorest continent and only the powerful could live here. In most cases the nobility, rich and privileged see this continent as a training ground to nurture their most promising children. Neil sought after the [Rein Country] which was among the 4 Countries of the Continent, [Rein], [Cloud], [Skies] and [Dawn]. He chose this continent because of the Annual Auction, moreover an item which he needed was being auctioned off at this auction site. Neil was an observer meant to only perceive the world and never intervene with its matters but then again who can say that everything in this world goes as planned. A shift in destiny was in our midst.

Burial Leaf Continent

Rein Country

A hill piled up with bloody bones laid scene, and the skies above this continent were gloomy, dark with a fresh breath of death in constant perpetuality. Blood painted the greyish terrain in glyphs of crimson, the toxic odor which occupied the continent remained unceasing and screams of horror, despair and pain echoed in different tunes. A welcome truly befit of its name.

Moments later an azure blue luminance occupied a vacant area in the death zone and spontaneously a carriage appeared in that space.

”Mmmmm, The sweet smell of death. Truly invigorating. ”

An indifferent monotone voice filled the proximity and eventually the carriage door swung open to reveal the young Neil Axiom resting peaceful on the luxurious sofa and taking a good look at [Rein Countrys] environment.

According to the reports I should be at least several kilometers from [Shea City], the city is also the one to hold the auction. I should make it with 15 minutes to spare. Neil thought. In those moments of thought the pigeon that rested on the tact of the carriage felt the wretched atmosphere and shocked awake it was. Chills ran down in its little wings, its googly eyes went out of its sockets dawning about a comical expression. Fear, anger and resentment subjugated its countenance and screeched towards Neil angrily.

Neils train of thoughts halted amidst the screech and gazed at the tact with his azure eyes seemingly piercing through this structure and laying witness to the pigeon. He squinted his eyes expressing his distaste in this annoying creature yet no words were conveyed to reveal this thought.

”Lets move, we
e close ”, Neil stated and the carriage door finally closed thereafter proceeded on to Shea.

Onwards, forwards. Let us be away

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