the middle of her forehead before muttering under her breathe,

”Oblivions Edge: Star Eclipse ”

The literal Sun on the horizon suddenly halted and stopped in its tracks, finally it began to compress into a spherical glowing orb and then drew closer to the women from the empty void outside at speeds surpassing even light. Moments later the orb landed in her palm and amazingly everything within her radius and even the planet remained intact. Darkness ensued the scenery with the orb in her palm being the only source of light on the planet but even in such conditions people like them could see perfectly normal.

Siouxs Book of E.N.D was already in motion and seeing this woman bring forth an energy that rivalled his own. A self-decrepit smile was the only response

”You are quite amazing yourself Viola, even comprehending Oblivions Edge. That is something to be proud, I guess that was why you betrayed me. The Final Chess piece is E.N.D indeed, that would be the only reason you could betray me. To achieve Transcendence, you would go so far, how ambitious. And you Ne-Ion, quite surprising to see you here and the rest of the Nexus Elites. ”

He remarked in a deep voice yet without a hint of anger, only understanding.

Viola, the women called out by Sioux frowned ever so slightly but no response came from her indicating the truth relayed by Sioux. The man in golden garments Ne-Ion gazed at Sioux with caution, his eyebrows knitting so tightly which conveyed the number of thoughts that brushed passed his mind.

”Sioux, stop this…., you can defeat us. Give up E.N.D and Beginning and perhaps we might leave your corpse intact ”, said Ne-Ion moments after his train of thoughts came to a close. Ne-Ions body was doused by extreme coldness reaching absolute zero temperatures which Sioux felt from afar. The many figures behind Ne-Ion and Viola spoke in different volumes to contribute to Ne-Ions comment,

”Give Up Lord Sioux, Your Time has come to an end ”, one stated in an aged voice.

”Lord Sioux, E.N.D and Beginning will serve a greater purpose in our Nexuss hand ”, another voiced out in a ridicule tongue.

”Sovereign Axiom, let it go. E.N.D and Beginning have no meaning when it comes to your life ”, a scholarly young voice echoed from the crowd which seemingly tried to advice Sioux.

”So that is all you seek. Your jealousy and aspirations of greater power have even led you down this path ,Ne-Ion ”, said Sioux in a very sorrowful tone whilst his head shook from side to side. He then relayed after regaining his composure , ”But Viola and the rest of you Nexus seem to have forgotten why Im regarded as the Observer. ”, Sioux uttered coldly turning a deaf ear to the cries and pleas before outstretching both arms as two book began to float in front of him.

”Book of E.N.D:

1st Chapter: Singularity

Book of Beginning:

5th Chapter: Neuronitis ”

” Shit!!!! ” , Ne-Ion exclaimed loudly.

” SIOUX , YOU…….!!! ” Viola followed up in the same tone as her eyes widened with disbelief.

The Nexus elite began to panic wildly, insults, threats were thrown towards Sioux for his madness.

”LORD SIOUX, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!!! ”, the aged voice shouted louder than Ne-Ion.

”YOU……YOU……DAMNED AXIOMS ”, the one who ridiculed Sioux earlier had now a face spelled fear on it.

”Damn who…. Wo…. uldve known chasing…. the Tethering Emperor would lead to death, his just like what those old fools had said about him, Crazy ”, the scholarly young man stated in a shivering voice.

”You want E.N.D and Beginning, Keep. Dreaming. And now DIEE!!!!! ” , Sioux responded to their reactions and the power he exerted eclipsed the whole planet and even stretching forth towards the void outside the planet. All time , space and laws that govern the universe collapsed in this space , it was like a window being shattered by an incredible force and the orb that inhabited Violas hand dissipated as well. Ne-Ions absolute zero coldness similarly faded into nothingness. Escape was inevitable as Sioux unleashed, his true prowess and an azure glowing object occupied the center between Viola, Ne-Ion, the Nexus Elites and Sioux. The ethereal object became more corporal as it underwent nuclear fusion with its energy that grew infinitely proportional to its mass and gravity which mimicked the nucleus one would observe in an atom yet size was not identical. Moments later it detonated ………..

”Return to Finality ”

That was Siouxs final words, Violas eyes were still glimmering in their brilliance before she closed both her eyes resigning to her fate as the explosion occurred, decimating everything in its path and obliterating the planet they were in even stretching out so far as to turn the solar system into dust. What remained in the solar system seemed like a dark, empty patch in Universe. Its gravitational force soo powerful that time distorted and light bent. The embodiment of what defied physics. The Black Hole.

Nobody knew what happened to the characters that fought on this day but it shook the 5 realms and would be regarded as a legend among tales.

In Another Solar System, Planet Axiom

Amidst the chaos stood a black silhouette dawned in black garments engraved with runic inscriptions exerting an ardor of coldness, his black cascading hair contrasted with the deep blue azure irises which glowed in brilliance. His figure was situated on a lush green hill which was nearly unobservable through the naked eye and his cold gaze oversaw this carnage from Axiom planet and unto Siouxs sacrifice but he did not react and only recorded these events in a large antiquity book, his speed relatively ample with no haste present whatsoever. His deep azure eyes constantly alternated between the book and the battlefield to which he witnessed the final moments of Siouxs sacrifice and birth of the Black hole. When Sioux unleashed Return to Finality which this black silhouette took note of, his actions halted indefinitely and finally a soft sigh escaped his vocals indicating the pity he had on Sioux. No reaction was seen on his face and merely an emotionless expression took its place which brought forth an air of experience, seemingly one of a man who has seen countless death and yonder. With that conclusion his azure eyes suddenly dimmed and turned black reverting to their prime state. A [CINTH] he was.

” Siouxs Records of Axiom, how powerful. I wonder in whos hands this scripture will land in and how this mysterious person will be able to harness its power. A destiny and fate will change, will they become a saint to rid all evil or become the embodiment of carnage to wreak havoc in the 5 realms? Or perhaps use this power to surpass that Boundary. How exciting, so many variables can come into play. The future indeed will be interesting ”

A calm wind swept the vicinity and the runic inscriptions on his garments lit up in silence and finally he disappeared into the grapevine. No one knew him, no one knew he existed, he was a legend amongst tales, a keeper of the secrets and one who seeks nothing but to remain an ”Observer ”, a reader with no aspirations of intervening in the world.

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