Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 825: Corpse God

Our relaxed fella headed deeper into this land. More and more flames jumped on his body so he looked exactly like a member of the fire tribe, also known as a firekin.

He met others along the way, alchemists, firekins, and treasure seekers.

While crossing a valley, he saw a grassy field spanning for some length. The grasses here were also on fire and completely red in color. They swayed with the wind, resembling a forest on fire.

A crowd was forming here. One youth occupied a large area with his fellow disciples.

With an imposing aura and an expensive robe, he commanded the disciples while yelling at the others in the valley: “Stand outside this boundary right now, all of these Firehawk Grass belong to the Everlasting Kingdom!”

The cultivators were naturally unhappy. Some glared and one even retorted: “Thats too greedy. We even have disciples from Longevity Valley in the crowd, how can you be so unreasonable!?”

“Because we are the Everlasting Kingdom!” The youth remained arrogant and aggressive, not giving a damn about the furious crowd: “Were the strongest sect in this system, isnt that enough? Plus, its not like Im not leaving areas for you all. Look over there.”

Having said that, he pointed at a corner with a very, very tiny grassy plain with a pitiful number of Firehawk Grass.

“Thats way too sparse for the Winterfire Insects to nest.” One person complained.

“Thats your problem, not mine.” The youth waved his hand and said: “Go, go now, dont bother us.”

The crowd was infuriated yet helpless. Everlasting was indeed the strongest sect in the system. In fact, they were even overshadowing Longevity Valley.

Furthermore, this youth came from the Wu, a clan very close to the royal family. No one wanted to mess with a noble from there.

“Those who do not obey, kill.” Wu Lians eyes turned fierce as he threatened those who didnt want to leave.

“Did you hear our Young Lord? Back off!” His fellow disciples began chasing the crowd away.

The other cultivators had no choice but to acquiesce. They were here for the Winterfire Insect, not to die. There was no need to antagonize Everlasting or lose their lives over these insects.

“Are you deaf! Did you not hear our Young Lords command?! Scram now!” One disciple began pushing a youth who was just standing there.

His gray robe indicated his shabby background. His face turned red from being pushed back.

“Young, Young Lord Wu, Im from the Song, also a clan in Everlasting, so Im, Im your fellow disciple.” The embarrassed youth struggled to speak, showing his inexperience.

“You? That Song Yuhao from the falling clan?” Wu Lian glanced at the youth and said.

“Yes, yes, Im Song Yuhao. My ancestors once contributed greatly to the kingdom.” The youth named Song Yuhao hurriedly nodded, thinking that Wu Lian was accepting a fellow countryman.

“Thats a very long time ago.” Wu Lian said with contempt: “Not just any random dog or cat can represent Everlasting. Your Song Clan only has a few people left, not qualified to call yourselves members of Everlasting. Scram to the side.”

Yuhao was insulted to the point of being frozen.

“Get going already!” The disciple who pushed him earlier became more aggressive.

Yuhao woke up from his daze and hastily shouted: “Young Lord Wu, my, my mother is very ill and bedridden, requiring the insects to save her. Just, just let me stay, give me a chance since I only need a few, the rest is yours.”

“Not my problem. Leave or leave your head behind.” Wu Lian uttered coldly.

Yuhao was on the verge of tears, completely lost on what to do.

“Scram!” The disciple continued pushing him out of the boundary.

“I, I only need a few to save my mother!” Tears formed in his eyes.

Men didnt cry for no reasons but he was nearly doing so because of his mothers grave situation.

Many cultivators sympathized but they didnt wish to offend the Wu Clan and Everlasting.

“Dont worry, finding Winterfire Insects arent hard.” A calm voice came behind him.

He turned around and saw a very ordinary-looking guy.

“Right, right, but only this place has Firehawk Grass, the insects will only show up where they are.” Yuhao appreciated the consolation but his mind was on fire, wishing to save his mother.

Li Qiye pointed at the other side and said: “There are some over there.”

“But there are so few of them, those insects wont come.” Yuhao said weakly.

“Who told you that?” Li Qiye chuckled: “There is an exception to everything, the world is known to surprise people. Just wait and see.”

Having said that, he dragged the youth over and slightly kicked the sparse grasses with his foot.

“Thats impossible.” One spectator shook his head: “Those insects love Firehawk Grass because they get to eat the flame essence and make nests below. There arent enough over there to attract them.”

Everyone felt that Li Qiye was only trying to make the boy feel better.

“Ill, Ill just buy a few from Young Lord Wu in a bit.” Yuhao was pessimistic. He was willing to go bankrupt over just a few blades of grass if Wu Lian were willing to sell. He would pay any price to save his mother instead of just watching her die.

Li Qiye smirked: “If I say they are here, they will be. Just wait a sec. As for that group over there? They wont find a single one.”

Wu Qian immediately heard and snorted: “Bold prediction, huh? If your few blades of grass over there can attract the insects, then the sky would fall.”

Li Qiye ignored him and took out an old tree, the one beneath Ivory Gap. It looked unwilling to follow his orders but he stroke it with his finger.

It had no choice but to take roots in this particular field.

“Dont worry, when the grasses begin to burn, all the insects here will be yours, as many as you want.” Li Qiye told Song Yuhao.

“In your dream.” Wu Qian said with disdain: “If you can dig insects out of that place, Ill swallow all the soil here.”

Li Qiye grinned after hearing this and said: “Are you sure?”

“Of course.” Wu Lian haughtily responded: “A few blades like that cant attract any insect, in fact, just one is enough for me to eat the soil here. But on the other hand, you two would need to start eating if there isnt any.”

“Good, no problem.” Li Qiye smirked.

The crowd exchanged glances. Everyone felt that Li Qiye was being too confident because they agreed with Wu Lians opinion.

Yuhao was speechless. He got dragged into this bet by Li Qiye before he knew it.

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