Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 824: Slaying Paragons

These shocking scenes happened every day in the land of the fire source. Treasure seeking was another popular event here, outside of alchemy and physical augmentation.

This scorching place gave birth to many lives and treasures. It was a peerless precious ground yet Longevity Valley didnt try to monopolize it.

Many admired this decision from Alchemy Immortal and the valley for keeping this up. Other systems might not be able to do this.

Wu Bingning looked at Li Qiye and asked: “Why are we here? Treasures?”

“Just a stroll, is that okay with you?” He smiled in response.

She glared and retorted with a rather cute, nearly flirtatious tone: “Who would believe you? Only an idiot.”

“I just enjoy seeing certain amazing things.” He chuckled.

She inquired again: “Dont tell me youre here for the supreme treasure? Thats poking at a beehive.”

A rumor stated that there was a supreme item in this location, the reason why Alchemy Immortal spent so much effort to drag the entire land into his system.

Specific details remained a mystery. Even people from the valley had no idea what it was. However, some progenitors were certain of its existence, further validating the rumor.

Nevertheless, no one had any idea about it, not even True Emperors. A lack of knowledge was one thing, people didnt want to mess with Longevity Valley.

This supreme item was inside Longevity Valley so this system owned it. Anyone who tried to do anything would be considered an enemy of the system, not a wise decision.

Longevity Valley was weaker than behemoths like Yang Radiance and Vermillion Martial Court, but few would actually dare to antagonize it.

The reason was very simple. Too many people in Three Immortals owed it a favor, ranging from True Gods to progenitors.

Thus, it just needed to say the word and many masters would show their support. Provoking it was the same as poking a beehive.

“If I actually want a treasure, theres no beehive in this world I dont dare to poke.” Li Qiye smiled.

Bingning stared at him and spoke with a serious tone: “Mess with Longevity Valley and Im not exaggerating, there will be no place for you to stay in Myriad Lineage.”

“Youre worrying about me.” He teased.

“In your dream.” She gave him the side-eye: “Its best if someone were to kill a wicked demon like you.”

Her tone certainly didnt carry the same harshness as her words.

Li Qiye only smiled and took out the Myriad Cauldron. He gave it a soft touch and it turned back into its original form, a creature resembling a frog.

He patted its head. The little one seemed to enjoy it and ribbited back at him.

He then looked over at Bingning: “We cant go back empty-handed. What do you want?”

“Thank you for your kind-intent, but I dont need anything.” She spoke with some pride.

She wasnt being shy but due to her background and role as a successor, she had plenty of treasures unavailable to others. Thats why she didnt care much about items.

“You have a World-concealing Grass, right?” He revealed with a smile.

“How did you know?” She stared at him in astonishment.

This was a secret only known by the ancestors in her system but he was able to figure it out upon their first meeting.

She didnt have an amazing stealth technique, only an amazing and rare blade of grass capable of hiding everything.

She rarely used it normally but chose to do so during the invasion. Thats how she was able to deliver a sneak-attack when the alliance was in trouble.

He chuckled in response: “Just calculated with my fingers, not hard at all. Its just a World-concealing Grass, not a Longevity Grass.”

“Stop trying to act cool.” She didnt believe him at all and became curious: “What was that tree of yours, how did it break my grass?”

She wasnt being overconfident. It was easier said than done to defeat that concealment method since it wasnt a merit law or technique.

However, Li Qiyes primordial tree could instantly sweep through the concealment, something that her ancestors couldnt do.

“Its just an insignificant tree.” He casually responded.

“Fine, dont tell me then.” She scowled, seemingly annoyed.

“You can follow my Myriad Cauldron, perhaps youll be pleasantly surprised by what you can get. It can be beneficial for your grass too.” Li Qiye commented.

“I dont want any treasure of yours.” She pouted.

He smiled and patted his cauldron before releasing it: “Go now, this is a good location with many fire seeds. They can be good appetizers.”

“Ribbit.” The frog jumped out of his palm and hopped a short distance before stopping, seemingly waiting for Bingning.

“Okay, stop pouting, go now.” He gently patted her hair and smiled.

“Youre not using this chance to ditch me, right?” She looked at him inquisitively.

“Dont worry, even if I want to ditch you, I wouldnt abandon my cauldron. It is one and only in history and will lead the way for you.” He said.

Bingning was unhappy to hear that a frog was more valuable than her. She stomped on his foot in response. Nevertheless, she still obediently followed the cauldron.

He watched the two of them disappear before going to do his own thing. This cauldron was a supreme item that had eaten so many fire seeds and immortal grass in this world. This was a good chance for it to feast in the land of the fire source.

He wasnt in a hurry and took his time traversing the mountains and valleys.

There was a faint flame on his body, seemingly catching on fire. Others would certainly mistake him as being a member of the fire tribe.

Of course, this flame wasnt because of the high temperature here. He was devouring the flame here while leaving his seal each step of the way.

He came with a plan because the mysterious old man had dug a pit for him, one that he had no choice but to jump down. The land of the fire source had something he needed.

Others were not aware of this items existence, but it was indeed located in this place. Outside of being recorded in many ancient scrolls, the memories of the old man from Immortal Demon Grotto also contained information about it.

Because of this, Li Qiye knew this place quite well despite it being his first visit. He also had a treasure that could aid him in searching for this elusive item – Heaven Reckon. [1]

1. A ruler, chapter 1902

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