Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 788: The Kingdoms Surrender

Peng Chujun made it to the Chens camp and instantly dropped to the ground due to the grave injuries. This was a bow that had been pulled back all the way with nothing left in reserve.

“Help me!” He shouted.

The Peng was a side branch in Upper Faction with a tradition of marriage alliances with the Chen. Though it wasnt the Chens strongest ally, they were still quite close. Peng Chujun was a good friend with the Chen Clan Master so there was no way they wouldnt help him.

The Chen disciples immediately brought him into a tent for healing. The gong of war also resounded in the camp.

Groups of soldiers instantly took formation in the area with their shield and sword ready. Cavalries also patrolled the camp; the entire place became an impregnable fortress of steel.

There was no doubt they were prepared as if they were ready to face a powerful enemy.

All held their breath at this sight, shifting their sight at Li Qiye then the Chen.

Li Qiye chuckled and slowly walked towards the camp. Each of his steps was very carefree but still struck the heart of everyone present, relatively to their vicinity to the Chen.

It didnt take long before he made it outside.

“Haa!” The clan members roared.

They raised their spear with sharp reflection aiming straight at him. This was a mountain consisting of layers of blades. He needed to get past all of them before making it inside.

A murderous aura permeated the entire place. The crowd glanced at each other after seeing the strong defense. Chen was the pillar of Upper Faction, so this camp was a clear showing of their might, truly worthy of their reputation. This was enough to challenge any other sect in Insane Court.

“Please halt to avoid making a regrettable mistake!” A clan member asserted.

The warning was strong but they were quite tense after seeing Li Qiyes massacre earlier. They werent confident in stopping this monster at all.

Fortunately, their clan was much stronger compared to the Peng with unbelievably strong ancestors. These beings were their pillars.

“Rumble!” A march resounded. Grand Tutor Chen Shuwei rushed over with two cavalries, completely covered in glowing armor, only exposing their eyes.

These armor plates were clearly made from treasure metals that have undergone numerous refinements. They possessed immense defensively capability, impenetrable by regular experts.

The two groups resembled two floods of steel capable of breaking through all obstacles. Such a mighty presence naturally instilled fear into the spectators. The Chen was worthy of their fame, proven by these experienced legions.

Grand Tutor Chen Shuwei and his troops stopped Li Qiye before the entrance, resulting in a tense atmosphere.

“Brother Li, please stop, an army camp is not the place for trespassing.”

Li Qiye glanced at the troops and smiled: “A bunch of fodders wanting to stop me?”

The crowd took a deep breath at the fierce statement but they took it in stride after witnessing his swift and murderous disposal of the Peng earlier.

Shuweis expression became extremely unsightly. The Chen might not be the strongest lineage and their cavalry might not be the strongest group, but both were definitely among the top five in Insane Court. But now, Li Qiye viewed them as nothing, paying no mind to their battle-hardened prowess. How could Shuwei not be angry?

The members of the two cavalries behind Shuwei angrily stared at their foe, feeling the same anger as Shuwei.

“Youre too arrogant.” Shuweis tone turned cold: “There is always a better man and a taller mountain, experts appear in waves in this world, you think you are unbeatable?”

Li Qiye chuckled: “That proverb is indeed true, but it doesnt apply to me. I am invincible, and plus, youre only a bunch of nobodies.”

The second disdainful response made the group tremble with rage. So many experts would bow their head after seeing this legion but not Li Qiye.

“Please return, our Chen Clan is not receiving guests today, excuse us.” A powerful voice came about from an old man coming out of the camp.

He stood there, as tough as a pine tree with a majestic presence. Hair completely gray and eyes flashing like the stars – a stately combination. The energy of a True Saint engulfed the area like a tsunami.

“The Chen Clan Master, a retired High Minister.” Someone recognized his identity and shouted.

People felt respect right away – some even expressed it with a slight bow.

This was Chen Taihe, the current master of his clan. He was also a High Minister once, quite renowned in Insane Court. He eventually retreated from the limelight in order to support his son, Chen Shuwei. The guy was also quite powerful on top of everything else as a grand True Saint.

People were quite surprised to see him here at Ivory Gap. Remember, the late emperor was only a grand True King. He was one realm above the emperor of the system. From this, one could easily tell of his status.

Nevertheless, Li Qiye only gave him a casual glance: “I dont give a damn whether youre seeing guests or not. Hand over Peng Chujun and I can overlook this.”

Chen Shuwei wasnt happy to hear this but his father took it much better: “Find mercy and benevolence when possible. The Peng had lost and paid a great price. They wont dare to oppose you any longer, so it should be fine for you to spare its clan master.”

Taihe was being quite reasonable, so the crowd turned towards Li Qiye for his response.

“An ant telling an elephant to do, how amusing.” Li Qiye chuckled: “I do things in a very simple manner, if you dont hand him over, Ill flatten your clan. The choice is yours.”

“How impudent!” The excitable Shuwei was the first to shout.

All the Chen disciples followed suit. A public declaration of demise? It was such disrespect for their clan. How could they ignore such blatant provocation?

Li Qiye, on the other hand, found his declaration to be quite ordinary, evident by the faint smile on his face.

Even Chen Taihe was affected now. His expression became less friendly: “Dont push it, we wont sit idly by and watch if you continue on this path.”

They needed to protect Peng Chujun at all cost today. The Peng was still their ally and servant. If they couldnt protect their “little brother” right now, then how could other clans in Upper Faction be willing to listen to them?

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