Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 748: Battle

Some time later, Li Qiye opened his eyes and saw the face of a young girl.

This was a disciple from Grand Sword who has been taking care of Li Qiye. These last few months have not been easy for her. In the beginning, she thought that he was a corpse so it was very creepy watching one all day.

What worried her the most was the corpse coming back to life and suck her blood. Fortunately, she found out that he was still alive, an ancestor from Insane Court coming back.

Alas, she didnt get to breathe for long since the responsibility of taking of him fell on her. This was a big deal to a nobody like her. The consequence of mistakes would be too much to bear. Because of this, her days of living in anxiety remained even after Li Qiye woke up.

Nevertheless, Li Qiye had been meditating for the last few days without eating just like a statue.

The girl was tired so she leaned on the wall to rest. This didnt last long since he woke up.

She stood up and respectfully served by his side.

“An–cestor, do you need anything?” The girl stammered due to her inexperience with true big shots. The biggest character she had met with Zhu Qi, the sect master.

So now, serving an ancestor of Insane Court was too much responsibility on her shoulder. Keep in mind that Insane Court was an unreachable existence for even Zhu Qi, let alone someone like her.

Furthermore, Zhu Qi would need to bow to a regular disciple from Insane Court, but this guy was an archaic ancestor.

Li Qiye stretched leisurely before looking at the disciple.

She was relatively pretty with clear skin and spirited, rippling eyes; tall and slender as well, definitely beautiful enough to have a taste.

Of course, she wasnt comparable to girls like Mei Suyao at all. Nevertheless, she was definitely top-notch in this remote region; her pure face looked like an untouched gem, just waiting to be carved.

Li Qiye didnt focus on her facial features but rather her white-as-snow, soft neck – to be more exact, the slightly glowing lines running down her neck. It truly resembled a necklace, but the shape by the chest area was hidden by her shirt.

She also felt his gaze on her neck so she pulled up her shirt in order to hide the symbol.

“Whats your name?” He asked.

“Ancestor, my name is Zhu Sijing.” The disciple spoke with her head lowered. Despite maintaining her composure and speaking quite clearly, she was still as prudent as ever.

“Mutebane Race. Quite rare.” Li Qiye stated while looking at her.

A majority of his memories has returned so he became even more knowledgeable than before. He had other sources beyond Insane Ancestor as well.

Sijing lowered her head even more, not daring to meet his eyes. She didnt know what to do aside being a nervous wreck.

“I didnt expect to see one here.” He smiled, aware of the races many secrets.

The girls heart skipped a beat, not knowing the outcome of this revelation. She quietly said: “I will spend the rest of my life to repay Grand Sword for taking me in…”

Not too many dao lineages would take a Mutebane in as a disciple, but Grand Sword didnt do it out of benevolence either.

After being banished to this region, they had a serious lack of recruits. Even mortals knew that joining this fallen sect meant a grim future ahead.

Sijings talents werent bad at all; the only thing unfortunate was her origin so no sect wanted to take her in. Grand Sword, on the other hand, wasnt in a position to be picky.

“I have no prejudice against your race.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve and said: “There are countless races in the world and they all exist for a reason.”

She heaved a sigh of relief because if he were to hate her race, just one word from him would mean banishment from the sect.

“Your true energy is pure, but still weak.” Li Qiye judged: “Hmm, your meditation law is only a minor branch of Insane Scripture.”

“Its because Im incapable, can only learn on the surface.” She said with embarrassment.

The truth was that her cultivation was quite good at Grand Sword – sixth-level True Apprentice. The sect master was only at the ninth level and she was much younger.

At Grand Sword, she could even be considered a little genius. If it wasnt for her race, powerful sects under Insane Court would have tried to recruit her with haste.

“Let me take a look at your training.” He ordered without passing judgment.

She was surprised but didnt dare to refuse and got down on the ground with her legs crossed and hands on chest. She focused up to channel anima through her meditation law.

A resplendent glow exuded from her body with a faint shadow three feet above her head. This was her anima – faint because of her weak cultivation. Her true fate came out and fused with the animal. It took a while but was relatively smooth.

Her anima was also meditating and absorbing primal energy. This energy washed her body as a tiny maelstrom formed by her stomach. It absorbed the primal energy released by the anima and turned it into streams coming to one place.

Using the anima to absorb primal energy – this was the cultivation method of Three Immortals. Next, turning this primal energy into true energy, something not restricted by the world.

This was the biggest difference between the cultivation method of Three Immortals versus the nine worlds and thirteen continents.

The worldly energy from the nine and chaos energy in the tenth all came from the heaven and earth. It meant that the cultivators there would be restrained by this entity, unable to jump out.

This wasnt the case for Three Immortals. The cultivators here had their energy coming from the anima, not the world.

Back in the other two worlds, only High Gods with a set of three totems of emperors with three wills could truly cultivate the anima. In essence, the cultivation basic there was much slower.

In the early realms, cultivators from these worlds were virtually the same. However, at the imperial level or something similar, Three Immortals cultivators had the advantage.

It meant that on the path towards the origin, twelve-will emperors were slower than True Emperors in terms of cultivation. From this, the gap would continue to widen.

Li Qiye continued to observe her meditation. He could be considered a master regarding the cultivation method of Three Immortals right now.

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