Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 724: White Cloud Master

Serenity filled the ancient world but this wasnt the calm of the storm, rather a peaceful slumber in the middle of the night with sweet dreams for all the inhabitants.

However, the execution continued to pour down on that cliff to light up the dao runes.

Normally, this was a phenomenon that could scare everyone, including emperors. But now, people were still sleeping just fine despite its presence at the academy, treating it as another waterfall.

The horde of beasts and birds were the real masters of this domain but none could be found; all hid deep in their lair.

It was no longer about attacking the academy. They were thanking their fortune for not being hunted down.

The academy was no longer worried about treacherous thoughts and unfriendly schemes. It had firmly established itself as the orthodox power of the hundred races.

The ancient world also suffered heavy damage with many mountains and rivers in disarray. However, it had a mysterious power; these broken landscapes would slowly turn back to their original appearance.

Li Qiye, Tyrant Tiger, and Golden Dragon were traveling deeper into this world with great speed.

One step from them could cross through a massive area but they werent in a rush. They took their time appreciating the lofty sceneries.

There were numerous fierce beasts around. One Diamond Ape was as tall as a mountain but it quickly fled back to its cave after seeing through.

They also saw a python the size of a river, taking up a huge area while breathing in and out smokes and clouds. The fish and birds didnt dare to get close. Of course, this python slithered away into the ocean after catching sight of the group.

Another eagle with wings blotting out the sky and beak wide enough to take down hills quickly flew away when the group got near.

These monsters were certainly strong and intimidating. However, the real monster was Li Qiye. Wherever he went, these monsters would run back to their lair or drop to the ground in fear. They didnt dare to get up even after the group had gotten far away.

He was the ruler of this ancient world, the supreme paragon, the untouchable master.

The monsters had a keener instinct than any cultivator so they were aware of his status.

“Fiercest is the right title for you. These monsters and devils are not worth mentioning in your presence.” Tyrant Tiger commented while laughing.

It was reality veiled as a joke. The Dark Crow was indeed the top existence right now.

“The beasts consider me as their king because I was the Dark Crow. The myriad races consider me as their leader because I was the Sacred Teacher.” He joked back, stating something quite impressive that only he was qualified to say.

The dragon became sentimental, thinking that no one in this epoch could stop him right now – not even the dark overlords.

“What a magical world.” The dragon said: “Able to recover from such massive damage.”

“This is the core of an epoch, similar to Remote Wildland.” Li Qiye replied, seemingly in a good mood: “It was even larger back in their era, much larger than the thirteen continents and nine worlds combined. What were walking on right now is only a tiny piece left. Nevertheless, it is still a treasure land, so its not strange that it could do this. Otherwise, Immortal Emperor Fei and Deep South Divine Emperor wouldnt have built the academy here.”

The two beasts nodded, agreeing that those two emperors were visionaries.

“This place is outside of Exploration Grounds yet it is still full of life? Why is that?” The tiger wondered. The ancient world didnt belong to their epoch yet it didnt become a land of death like Remote Wildland.

“An unsolved mystery of an unreachable height, touching the question about the existence of immortals.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“They do exist?” The two beasts glanced at each other. These two have seen plenty of masters before but not a real immortal. Even twelve-will emperors werent immortals.

Li Qiye stared at the horizon and said: “Our world might not have immortals, but other worlds might.”

“What kind of existence would they be?” The two were stirred.

This was a long-running topic that others have searched for, same with the top emperors.

“Just like us, of course, with seven emotions and six desires. No one can escape this.” Li Qiye smilingly said.

“To what level is their power?” The tiger was careful when speaking about immortals.

Perhaps dark overlords and top emperors were still weak compared to immortals.

“Perhaps one day you will be able to see it. However, in order to reach this step, the very first prerequisite is having twelve wills.”

“So youre saying they are real?!” The two deduced from his comment.

“As Ive said earlier, our world doesn ’t have them, but it does have other unfathomable things.”

“There are existences above twelve-will emperors? Like those dark overlords?” The dragon said.

They have seen the power of these overlords with their own eyes, hence the question.

“Remember this – Immortal Emperor, Immortal Monarch, and Grand Emperor, they are still the strongest existences.” Li Qiye said.

“But it is still only the beginning.” Tyrant Tiger thought about it. For example, an Immortal Emperor was the ultimate existence in the nine worlds.

However, there were many of them in the tenth. This didnt mean that they werent the top dogs.

Ultimately, gaining the throne was a qualification. If one wasnt an emperor, they werent qualified to reach the apex. Even an Ancient God was still missing something here.

“Yes, consider it an entry ticket to a new world. An Ancient God cant have it but twelve-will emperors do!” Li Qiye said.

“So there are realms above having twelve wills? But I havent heard of cultivation methods above it.” The tiger said.

“You have also never seen thirteen palaces before me.” Li Qiye calmly said.

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