Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 658: Forcing An Abdication

It was quite shocking for Immortal Emperor Yin Tian to come in person in order to protect South Emperor. Even imperial successors wouldnt enjoy this treatment. Otherwise, Jin Ge wouldnt have come to Exploration Grounds for his ascension. The emperors from the War-Monarch didnt wish to leave that place back then.

From this, one could see how highly viewed he was to both the Immortal Emperor and the sect.

Emperors had numerous descendants and juniors. If they needed to protect each one, they would die from fatigue just from this task alone, no need for the Heavenly Execution. Because of this, just the dao avatars alone were already amazing enough for these talented disciples and juniors.

The palm in the sky hesitated with the appearance of Immortal Emperor Yin Tian. After all, no one would dare taking an Immortal Emperor from the nine worlds lightly.

“Rumble!” In the interim, more powers from emperors exploded all over the academy.

Clouds and winds came about as the world turned dark due to these oppressive auras. Even the devils would retreat before this impressive display of power. Resistance was futile unless ones goal was to die.

“More than just one emperor and monarch are there.” The emperors and High Gods spying on South Emperor shuddered.

Someone counted – there were at least five imperial auras. It meant that with Immortal Emperor Yin Tian, there were five more emperors here to protect South Emperor.

“They came with their real body too!” A student felt fear deep within while nervously gulping.

This was guaranteeing that nothing would interfere with South Emperors ascension. Even Virtuous and Jin Ge didnt have this treatment.

The spectators realized just how important these emperors viewed this ascension. Perhaps they had absolute confidence in South Emperor or they wouldnt risk the execution to help him.

The other two were considered the most likely to grab twelve wills. However, this was only a claim by others. The emperors still didnt directly protected them the first time around. To be frank, the emperors were skeptical about their abilities to gather twelve wills.

It wasnt until later that the two managed to invite these protectors after spending great efforts. Jin Ge had to go to Exploration Grounds while Virtuous had his emperors guarantee a lack of ambush through negotiation.

This wasnt the case for South Emperor. The significance of this event showed that he was certainly going to become a twelve-will monarch so the emperors took a great risk and came out to protect him.

Anyone would be apprehensive and in awe of the birth of a new twelve-will emperor.

“Fellow Daoist, leave or you will die here.” Immortal Emperor Yin Tian declared as his might oppressed the area.

The palm dispersed and the chaos energy returned to the world after hearing this. Clearly, the ambushers chose to heed his warning. Unless they came with a greater number, a slaughter would have happened going against Immortal Emperor Yin Tians group.

Everyone understood that the ascension was assured. No one would dare to go against this group of bodyguards. After all, they didnt truly have grievances against him so risking their lives to stop him was not worth it.

The other emperors didnt show their face but it was clear that they were from Mysterious Bamboo. This was a sect only inferior to Archaic Repository in Arrogance. This was their time to show their true power to the world.

The students here were so envious of South Emperor. If one day, they could have an emperor willing to protect them during their ascension, they could die of happiness, let alone five or six.

“Boom!” South Emperor finally shouldered the wills and stored them in his fate palace. Suddenly, chaos energy erupted along with the aura of a monarch.

He exuded strands of sword-like rays that rushed into the sky. Each ray could split the earth open and cut away the chaos.

“Rumble!” His grand dao appeared while his flame burned for eternity. This flame carried an ancient and enduring aura as if he was born from an older era, wowing everyone in the crowd.

He has finally become an Immortal Monarch with four wills. Each of his gestures right now could move the great momentums.

“Immortal Monarch!” Even the proudest student at the academy still bowed before the lofty monarch.

He recalled his aura and power but he was still as majestic as before just like a mountain lying across the sky. His ancient temperament looked like the river of time itself.

He cupped his fist towards the other emperors. Immortal Emperor Yin Tian nodded and instantly disappeared with his peers. The imperial auras quickly went away. They couldnt stay out here for too long because the execution could come down at any moment.

“Four Primary Wills, if nothing unexpected happens, he might be the last monarch of this generation. Two more processes and hell be a twelve-will emperor.” The spectating emperors from the distant believed.

Everyone was shaken by this achievement, even the unbeatable members of the crowd.

Back then, the first three emperors of this generation never got a Primary Will. Dao Dragon Heaven Emperors talent might not be as great but Jin Ge and Virtuous were famous for their gift. Nevertheless, they still couldnt get these Primary Wills. Now, this South Emperor came out of nowhere, taking four Primary Wills right away!

Jin Ge and Virtuous could only grab eight wills at best in the future but this wasnt the case for South Emperor. He definitely had the chance to become a twelve-will emperor later on. Moreover, he would have a much easier time due to having the purer and more accommodating wills.

“Will he be a second Flame Emperor?” Another emperor wondered.

If he were to accomplish all of this, he would virtually be a copy of Flame Emperor since this person was the only one known to have gotten four Primary Wills. Thus, he had fulfilled the first requirement.

Later on, his advantages could even exceed World Emperor since World only had three Primary Wills.

“If that day actually comes, hell only be missing experience and a True Immortal Armament. But with both of these things, he could even surpass World Emperor.” Another was speculating his shocking future potential.

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