Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 648: Qing Yu

Six-swords father was also an eleven-totem High God so he had a competitive urge against Nether Lunatic. Most beings on the same level had the itch to do so. Thus, the High God had taken a look at Murder Pagoda before and told his son its mysteries.

“How do we do it without force then?” A curious student asked but the young king simply smiled without responding.

Everyone saw this and didnt bring it up again. Of course, they didnt think he was only bragging because they knew who his father was. It wasnt strange for him to know a thing or two about this pagoda.

“I wonder if more teachers will come to train here soon?” One student said: “Teacher Zhou is not bad among the teachers in Hundred Halls and he was a genius back then too, yet he still couldnt reach the seventh level.”

“Well, I feel that Teacher Qiheng will be the one to do it, if anyone can.” A different student replied.

“I agree.” Someone else nodded: “Teacher Qianxuan might be able too. She hasnt shown her power yet but I think she wont be weaker than Teacher Qiheng.”

The majority agreed with these comments. Young Monarch Gu Qiheng was certainly one of the strongest among the young teachers.

No one doubted Qianxuans power either since she was unreadable; plus, the successor of Archaic Repository couldnt possibly be weak. Furthermore, she was also accepted as a teacher.

“One more teacher is unfathomable.” A student from Hundred Halls said: “Teacher Qiye from Study Room. Not long ago, he just got some twelve-dao leaves, thats too heaven-defying. Who knows, he might be stronger than Teacher Qiheng and Teacher Qianxuan. Dont you see how different she is around him?”

“Violent Teacher, huh?” Everyone referred to him by this nickname, aware of his ferocious tendency.

“Maybe, that tea picking is truly heaven-defying. He could reach the seventh level of this sea then.” Another one from Hundred Hall nodded.

“Hmph, not necessarily.” Six-sword snorted and said: “Picking those Grand Dao Tea has nothing to do with power, only a combination of many factors – talents, comprehension, and even luck. Maybe someone can be lucky enough to grab those leaves. Qiheng is the current supreme genius right now with only Virtuous on the same level. How could other fameless people be on the same level as him?!”

The students here, especially the ones from Hundred Halls, immediately shut up. After all, if they wanted to hang around in this classroom, it was best to not offend him due to his influence there.

Of course, they knew that Freesky Young Lord had a close relationship with Gu Qiheng – both as friends or teacher and student – while the Three Scions were good friends. Thus, Six-sword naturally took Qihengs side.

“Right you are, Young King.” A crafty student from there quickly agreed: “Teacher Qiheng is the most amazing genius in our era, only Virtuous can match him. Way back then, he actually defeated Dao Dragon Heaven Emperor several times. Hes the only one in the world with this battle record.”

Gu Qiheng wasnt only known for being a young High God but also due to his battles with the emperor.

Rumor has it that before the emperors ascension and Qihengs deification, Dao Dragon fought against Qiheng for a total of six times and lost the first five. He finally won on their sixth bout.

No one knew the details of these battles outside of the result. In the end, Qiheng chose the path of the gods instead.

Right now, Dao Dragon Heaven Emperor had shouldered the wills twice and had six. Meanwhile, Qiheng became the youngest High God back then and had six totems now.

The rivalry between the two became the thing that Qiheng was most known for.

“Teacher Qiheng will certainly become an Ancient God, one on the same level as Mortal Reversion. No one can reach his achievements.” Six-sword sneered: “Not this one other teacher either… As for this pagoda ahead, when Teacher Qiheng comes, hell be able to reach the seventh level instantly. Even I myself can beat some of the teachers in there.”

The young king was very confident right now and wasnt just boasting because his father had studied the pagoda and told him some mysteries. It was impossible for him to enter relying on his own power but with this knowledge, he believed that he could use certain methods to reach the last layer. He implied that he could be much better than some teachers here and only stopped short of directly naming Li Qiye.

“Talking about me?” A leisure voice came about and interrupted his haughty act.

Everyone saw Li Qiye strutting closer with Jinsheng next to him.

“Teacher.” Many students became alarmed, especially those who patted the horses bottom earlier. They retreated and didnt dare to look straight at him.

Six-sword was naturally affected too, not expecting Li Qiye to come here. Alas, the words have come out of his mouth and there was no taking them back.

He stood there looking stiff, not knowing what to do. Fortunately, Li Qiye didnt make it difficult for him outside of giving him a side-eye.

His focus turned on Murder Pagoda. He came here for a different reason, unlike all the other students and teachers.

Jinsheng had a strange expression after seeing the pagoda. His eyes had a complicated glint, culminating with him gently sighing.

“If I was the one who left the pagoda here, I would certainly come back to take it.” Li Qiye withdrew his gaze and chuckled.

“Why?” Jinsheng blurted out.

Li Qiye said: “For me, there must be an end for every beginning. Whether it be to end the feud with the academy or to carry out my promise, or some other reasons, I would still come back. What a shame that Nether Lunatic still hasnt done so.”

Jinsheng spoke quietly: “Perhaps he is repenting for his arrogant days. Everyone has different feelings about their various stages in life.”

“Theres nothing embarrassing about repentance. If he is remorseful about it, then all the more reason to come back.” Li Qiye said: “There is a saying – a prodigal son turning back on the right path is worth more than gold. Why did the ancestors of the academy leave the pagoda here? It is more than just a warning – they are waiting for that day.”

Jinsheng had no response.

The students who were listening to their conversation didnt really put any weight on Liu Jinsheng. In their eyes, the students from Study Room were useless and couldnt be strong at all. Plus, the guy was so old when he got into Study Room. One could easily imagine how rotten his talents must be.

“The pagoda got much stronger now.” Jinsheng eventually broke the silence.

“Indeed.” Li Qiye smiled: “The pagoda has an amazing origin. It has been suppressing this grand vein for so long, pretty much had taken roots in it. Not to mention the students, few teachers here could reach the top of the pagoda. As for taking it away? Thats relatively difficult. No wonder why Nether Lunatic made the bold declaration back then. Its definitely not a bad treasure.”

“Just drivel driven by youthful arrogance.” Jinsheng stated.

“Hmph, the academy is full of hidden dragons and crouching tigers.” Six-sword who was standing to the side jumped in: “Just because you cant do it doesnt mean others cant!”

In fact, he wanted to bring up Gu Qiheng because he was unhappy about Li Qiye. He wanted to bring up Teacher Qiheng in order to take Li Qiye down a notch.

“Are you talking about yourself?” Li Qiye looked at him and smiled: “The academy is indeed full of dragons and tigers, but I dont know if you are either?”

Six-swords expression changed. There was a past conflict between the two of them already and Li Qiyes comment just now insulted him.

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