Fear became the one thing everyone had in common. The rending of this Heavenly Godking was visually shocking.

One could hear the wind blow as a coldness came from their hearts.

Li Qiye turned towards Terra who was being burned by the sunfire and flatly said: “My patience is limited.”

Despite being scorched by this fire, Terra still emitted a majestic life force from his body as he retorted: “Do your worst! You cant burn me to death!”

The torturous pain didnt stop him from running his mouth.

Everyone could see that Terra was only an ordinary paragon. In the present, such a character was nothing. The strange part was his ability to withstand this blazing sunfire. Logically, he should have been turned to ashes by now, yet he was still fine despite the burning this whole time.

Thus, people became curious. What item did he have, or rather, what was in his body? Relying on an external power was the only way he could have survived for this long.

Li Qiye revealed a faint smile: “It looks like I have no choice but to force you.”

“Buzz!” At this time, all ten suns on the Yang Gods palms disappeared as it pushed down on Terra instead.

“Whoosh!” An incredible thing happened. Flames began to channel into Terras body; a sun suddenly drilled into the Terra King. In the blink of an eye, the Yang God disappeared since it entered Terra.

“No!” Terra screamed miserably. His body shattered with lava rushing out from the cracks. One could see the sunfire manifesting into physical form in a blinding manner. Even though it didnt look as fierce as the ten burning suns, it was even scarier. This was absolutely burning Terras core itself.

Everyone trembled while watching this scene. A sun god entering ones body and incinerating them from the inside — just how terrifying and painful was this?

“Zzz—” At this time, the majestic lifeforce inside Terra withered like a seed being moved to a desert. Terras body dried up and broke apart. Even though it didnt look as horrifying as being burnt to ashes, this kind of destruction from the inside was countless times worse.

“Ah!” Terra gave a shrill scream while suffering this unbearable pain. He actually wanted to tear his body to pieces due to the terrorizing temperature of the sunfire. His eyes opened wide, giving everyone a glimpse of his life passing away. He wouldnt last for much longer.

People felt sweat dripping from their skin while watching his agony. For some people, death was not the scariest thing, a fate worse than death was!

Right when Terra couldnt hold on any longer, a small vortex appeared on his forehead. With its emergence, a boundless vitality appeared. It formed a portal that seemed to be connected to another powerful existence.

“Buzz!” His dried body began to gain vitality again as long and narrow branches appeared. A majestic vigor rose, granting him rebirth.

“What kind of creature is that?!” Everyone was astounded. Many could see that this power didnt belong to him.

However, this power that came out of nowhere, once again, saved him from the clutches of death. Only those who knew his identity turned quiet for they were aware of where this power was coming from and why they should fear it.

“This is what I was waiting for!” Li Qiye smiled and immediately opened his fate palace after seeing the vortex.

“Boom!” A thunderous explosion resounded. Li Qiye released an old vine that looked to be made from gold. It had a gourd on it with thunder coming from inside. Anyone would know that this was a great artifact since it was full of immortal energy. It gave the illusion of being an immortal vine lost in the mortal world.

This was the Prime Yang Vine, an immortal treasure that he obtained from the Heavenhoof Ravine. It drilled into the vortex by Terras forehead and exuded an incomparably bright crimson light.

The gourd on the branch continued to grow as it devoured virtually all the life force from the vortex. After doing so, the oldest leaf on the vine suddenly spread with a return to youth. The gourd became as red as a heart. There seemed to be a lightning pond gestating within as more thunder echoed from it.

“Boom!” During this absorption process, the vortex suddenly shattered. This was not because the vine had sucked up all of its life force, the vortex detonated itself as a form of self-defense. The vine withdrew its branch after the destruction of the vortex, seemingly unsatisfied with how much it absorbed.

“A pity, this old geezer is too careful.” Li Qiye lamented after seeing the vortex crumble. He initially wanted to suck Terra dry, but the opponent was too cautious and cut off all connections once things went south.

“No!” Terras scream now contained despair in addition to the pain. He knew what would happen the moment the vortex shattered.

“Poof!” His body was burned to ashes in an instant. As his remains fluttered in the sky, the Yang God appeared before everyone.

People were completely silent with nothing to say. They felt that Li Qiye was quite frightening, but at the same time, they were curious about Terras circumstances.

At this very second, in a distant location by the Ancestral Terra back in the Jade Sea, a divine tree blotting out the sky suddenly shook with rustling noises.

An ancestor guarding the tree asked with astonishment: “Forefather, what happened?”

An old voice answered: “Someone schemed against me and stole a portion of my life force.”

The ancestor was shocked upon hearing this. Such a thing had never happened before since no one dared to scheme against their sect. Of course, no one knew of this back in the Bonesea.

“Die!” The fight by the shore was reaching its climax as well. Guojian roared and used his longevity blood as an offering for his sword. His sword then soared to the nine heavens and knocked Furious flying.

This had been an even bout, but Guojian grew nervous after seeing the deaths of Resplendent and Terra. He wanted to end this battle as fast as possible and immediately flee from here.

“Rumble!” Furious was angered by the last exchange. Its evil flame engulfed the world as it grew larger; it was now the size of a mountain.

“Boom!” Finally, the wrathful flames became several times more powerful and empowered Furious to be nearly one thousand times stronger. At this moment, the crowd finally felt Furious madness. This was the most insane devil with a might that could destroy the world.

Furious naturally was created from the Furious Immortal Physique. Once it entered this wild state, its power would soar without end.

“Clank!” Its winged sabers slashed down, plunging the world into darkness. Guojian retaliated by empowering his sword with longevity blood. His slash was powerful enough to uphold myriad realms as it tried to take down these evil sabers.

“Pluff!” His sword failed to stop the evil sabers and was chopped in half while he himself was blown away. If it wasnt for his divine armor, he would have suffered the same fate as his weapons.

“Bang!” Alas, the armor was smashed to pieces from the impact, covering him in blood.

“Ugh…” His eyes turned white. Resistance was futile for Furious had him gripped by the neck and suspended in the air.

This scene engraved itself into everyones pupils. A Grand Godking was completely helpless. The spectators marveled Furious horrifying madness. Its destructive violence made their minds tremble.

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