Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 530: Five Immortal Phoenix Ginseng

knows if this brat was actually trying to help Wu Fengying or was only here to watch the fun show and cause even more trouble?

In short, his sloppy appearance gave off an undependable feeling.

The princess covered her mouth after hearing the brother-sister duo, not daring to audibly laugh.

After hearing the man, Fengying became less angry but was still annoyed: “Li Qiye, it was my mistake last time. Our feud is over, the water in the well wont touch the water in the river from now on.”

“Sis, wrong again, what is this about water in the well and river? Doesnt that mean the two of you will never meet again?” The youth immediately corrected her: “You should be saying, Young Noble Li, a gentleman like you should be more forgiven towards a lady like me…”

“What are you two doing?” Li Qiye was a bit helpless watching these two. He smiled and asked: “Is this a play?”

“A play my ass!” Fengying was flushed red with both anger and embarrassment.

“Okay, okay, sis. Calm down, youre a lady, a lady, you know?” Her little brother quickly tugged her arm and consoled.

“Its just your stupid plan! I dont want to be a lady!” She angrily pulled on her pink outfit.

Li Qiye shook his head and interjected: “If you want to undress, I think it is best to go home then do it. This isnt the place to strip down.”

She suddenly froze. When she regained her wits, an overwhelming bashfulness struck her. She wanted nothing more than to dig a hole and jump down.

“Li, Ill strip if I want to, none of your concern!” In the end, her embarrassment turned to anger: “You think youre so cool because you are strong? Fine, well fight again. Ill forfeit my life to you if I lose again!”

She ultimately reverted back to her violent self but didnt lunge at him. Her arrogance was much weaker this time since she was only posturing.

It wasnt because Li Qiye was stronger or that she had lost before. There was another reason.

Li Qiye chuckled and said: “What am I going to do with your life? Im not the emissary of death.”

“Hmph! You just might be!” Fengying naturally wouldnt attack Li Qiye so she snorted, not knowing how to elegantly resolve this situation while still winning some face back.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Fine, let bygones be bygones, Im not a petty person. Just dont cause trouble later.”

If he wanted to deal with her, she wouldnt be alive right now. He didnt care for such a trivial matter.

At this moment, her brother gave her the thumbs-up and gestured for her to try harder.

“Good, so Im forgiven.” She became braver with her brothers support. Nevertheless, she still didnt dare to look at Li Qiye in the eye.

Li Qiye was quite amused at her demeanor: “Is this how someone apologizes? Try harder.”

“This is still not enough of an apology?! What more do you want!” She shouted in order to hide her nervous state.

“An apology should be gentler, how can your aggressive tone be considered an apology?” Li Qiye teased her again.

“You!” She glared back with blushed cheeks.

At this moment, the other two thought that Fengying would still be furious. However, she hesitated for a moment but still walked forward and let go of her pride.

“Yes, I was wrong.” She finally mustered enough force to say this. It certainly wasnt easy for someone as stubborn as her since she would rather die than to bow her head and yield before someone.

Li Qiye sighed in his mind after seeing her lowering her head and said: “I already forgot about it and was only messing with you earlier. No need to bend down to achieve something. Be who you are.”

1. Mind our own business, but needed to be literal for this next line

2. Raw text is Heibai Wuchang, or Hak Bak Mo Seong, literally ”Black and White Impermanence ”, are two deities in Chinese folk religion in charge of escorting the spirits of the dead to the Underworld. Leaving this in the raw form doesnt flow as well. Grim reaper or reaper was my first choice but it evokes a western image. Emissary of death works but maybe just leaving it as the Black and White Impermanence works too. This character does show up in a lot of Chinese literature. Previous ChapterNext Chapte

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