Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 529: Secret Among Grave Secrets

atching each of his actions.” The person said: “As for Immortal Monarch Yi Ye, no need for me to waste time. Im sure you know the monarchs stance the best.”

“I can make a decision for Yi Ye.” Li Qiye nodded: “So right now, keep a tight eye on Profound Emperor. If he were to show any sign of joining the enemy, focus all of our firepower to annihilate him! Itll be much more problematic, letting him have a chance when the war breaks out.”

“So be it.” The person nodded.

They were planning the most shocking battle in this world, relating to the old origin of this epoch. Victory was a necessity, and not a barely-won one either. They must completely dominate in the future or they would be powerless to start an ultimate expedition in the future!

After numerous discussions, the person finally half-jokingly said: “Though you are quite heaven-defying and borderline being invincible, its easy to dodge the spear in the open, hard to avoid a stab in the dark. You need to create an unsurpassable defensive artifact. If someone in the shadows wants to ambush you, ordinary weapons wont do. But who knows if they have a Paragon Artifact? Even if you could survive, the injuries will still be grievous. At that point, all the emperors might laugh at you – the teacher of Immortal Emperor, for all of his calculating prowess, still got played by someone.”

Despite the playful tone, there was still a hint of truth. They were aware of the enemies capabilities.

“Perhaps its the right time to create a Paragon Artifact then.” Li Qiye chuckled while slightly shifting his gaze.

“If possible, a True Immortal Armament will do too.” The person said seriously.

To which Li Qiye responded: “Now might not be the time, but thats also another possibility. Back then, Min Ren wanted to leave behind his but I refused. Well talk about this later, if all the conditions are right, the monarchs set can work too.”

There were a total of five immortal armaments in the world. Purewood Divine Emperor, World Emperor, and Crimson Emperor all had one. Meanwhile, Immortal Emperor Min Ren took his to the ultimate expedition.

The last one belonged to the Six Dao Monarch but it went missing after his death to the Heavenly Execution. Many emperors have searched for it before. After all, possessing one would be an immense boost in power. Alas, despite their effort, the sets location remained a mystery.

The person nodded: “Six Dao Monarchs set, hmm? We can give that a try. If all options are exhausted later, well make the decision then.”

“Isnt this trip to Remote Wildland an experiment too?” Li Qiye said with a smile: “It doesnt have to be a True Immortal Armament, the wildland has some good stuff that isnt inferior. Well see if fortune is on my side this time around.”

The two continued on for a bit before hitting the next topic.

“It would be great if we can find Jiao Hengs group for this war.” The person said: “Since we need to be decisive and end the war as fast as possible, with the help of Jiao Hengs group and our own forces right now, well have about a ninety percent chance of victory.”

Li Qiye replied: “Its been a long time so thats hard to say but Im more excited about Geezer Purewood. That old man is more wily than a demon. Hell be the one to do what no one else can. Anyway, I still have hopes that a new twelve-will emperor will come out in this generation.”

“Someone you brought here?” The persons eyes became serious.

“Who knows? Maybe someone from the thirteen continents too.” Li Qiye said.

The person disagreed: “Unlikely. Virtuous and Jin Ge were good candidates but they have given up one chance. But even if a twelve-will emperor were to come out, they would be too inexperienced and unpredictable, unable to resist all the temptations. You know, since that time is coming, the other side is prone to take actions too. It wont be good if this new emperor joins the other side.”

“Thats why we need to be able to control who will become the next twelve-will emperor. If we cant, then we won ’t allow for one to appear!” Li Qiye concluded.

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