Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 472: Prelude To The Bloody Massacre

“True indeed, Your Excellency. Shouldering the will is only the beginning, not the end.” Star Stomper High God emotionally commented.

Someone of his level knew quite a bit about the mysteries of this realm. He continued: “That brat, Virtuous, had lost one chance but he still has potential. More importantly, he has the Unstoppable bloodline. If you are interested, you can go have a look.”

No wonder why Star Stomper was recommending a human junior. This persons Unstoppable bloodline was one of the two human ancestral bloodlines right below the Human-monarch bloodline. It was on the same level as the Nine Cauldrons. If such a youth could become an Immortal Monarch, his future was indeed promising.

“Leave that up to fate. The opportunity will be there if its meant to be.” Li Qiye chuckled and said.

Star Stomper nodded after hearing this. Virtuous might be incredible but His Excellency had met too many geniuses, some with an immortal bloodline. Just an ancestral bloodline might not necessarily interest him.

“Your Excellency, where are you going this time? To Exploration Grounds and see some emperors?” Star Stomper asked.

Many emperors and gods were hiding in the boundless Exploration Grounds. A being eligible for a meeting of this level would need to go there to see them.

“Yes.” Li Qiye nodded: “But I havent decided whether I want to see the emperors. Im planning on visiting Remote Wildland. That place is connected to me as well.”

“Remote Wildland…” Star Stomper slightly frowned: “Thats not an easy place to be. I heard World Emperor took a trip there and came back empty-handed.”

This was a place even emperors didnt carelessly visit.

“Its fine.” Li Qiye leisurely said: “A few things cant be forced. It is only an attempt, its fine to fail because this is too old to retrace and understand.”

“I know you can do it, Your Excellency. If you cant, others wont have a chance.” Star Stomper smiled.

Li Qiye smiled and agreed with a nod: “Whose idea is it to close off the thirteen continents this time?”

“I didnt participate in the conference but I heard that it had something to do with the heaveners and Celestial Court. World Emperor has nothing to do with this. During the few generations of your absence, there had been visual phenomenons, resulting in all kinds of speculation. This generation has even more than before. Because of this, the emperors discussed the sealing of the thirteen continents and sever the passageways between them, so that they wont be caught entirely off guard when a disaster descends.”

“Its a reasonable take.” Li Qiye chuckled: “Who knows what will happen after the ultimate expedition? They still havent forgotten about the lesson of the Ancient Ming setting a precedence. Its better to be careful and prepared.”

“In my opinion, theyre selling dog meat disguised as deer. The sixth expedition happened so long ago and theyre doing this now? There are some ulterior motives.” The High God smiled: “I believe they are afraid of you coming to the tenth world again so they took the initiative to seal the continents and hide all divination in order to ambush you.”

“Thats inconsequential. Even without the seal and any reinforcement, Ive already talked to the others about it before leaving. World Emperor had opposed me long enough, he is aware of many things but chose against divulging them.” Li Qiye said.

“Im sure they will try to settle the score.” Star Stomper said: “The three races still havent forgotten about Emperor Hunt. They wont let it go so easily.”

Li Qiye gently shook his head: “Who knows the real assailants at that point? The future is impossible to grasp. We might not be the only preys then, even the three races might not be able to escape this fate.”

“Your Excellency, you mean…” Star Stomper was aghast. Li Qiyes comment meant that the situation wasnt optimistic at all.

Li Qiye replied: “Its only a possibility. Enough time had passed, this level of accumulation can be considered a golden age. There are laws and order to everything in this world, such as a decline after the apex. Its not surprising.”

Star Stomper became dejected and said: “Will I have to see that day?”

Li Qiye shook his head: “Hard to say. Well, let us stop talking about this since it will only bring about needless anxiety. Let it go.”

“Very well.” Star Stomper smiled back.

The two havent met for a long time so they decided to catch up instead of focusing on bigger problems.

The Peng Clan was jubilated because of their forefathers return. Many wanted to meet him but he didnt care at all.

Li Qiye stayed at the mansion as a guest for a few days and talked about recent events in the thirteen continents with Star Stomper. He was gone even before the sixth expedition so these conversations gave him a better understanding of the last few generations.

Jilin Princess came as per their agreement. She first came to see the High God and Li Qiye was there as well.

“The bearing of an Immortal Monarchs descendant.” Star Stomper nodded approvingly after seeing the princess: “The Jilin has a successor.”

“Youre too kind, High God.” The princess was very respectful towards the High God due to his power and contribution to the hundred races.

“If you see Immortal Monarch Jilin later, give him my regards.” Star Stomper said.

These words might be improper coming from someone else but it sounded natural and not arrogant in this case.

Immortal Monarch Jilin had ten palaces and eight wills, an above average being among the emperors. In terms of power, Star Stomper was weaker but when it came to status and prestige, they were on the same level. Moreover, he had met the monarch in the past.

“If I could see the progenitor later, Ill certainly pass it on.” The princess replied.

Her talents were good and the clan was bullish about her future. Nevertheless, she wasnt qualified to see Jilin Immortal Monarch in Exploration Grounds right now.

“You will have the chance.” Star Stomper nodded: “Its too bad Nightfall Immortal Monarch isnt here with us at Pure. If she was, she would never allow for those old men from War-Monarch to be so arrogant.” He emotionally added.

Nightfall was immensely influential in Pure as well. Her power was enough to threaten the other emperors. Unfortunately, she and Immortal Emperor Qi Zhen had embarked on the ultimate expedition with the other female emperors.

The princess listened with her head lowered. A junior like her couldnt ask about the business of emperors.

Li Qiye chuckled and told the princess: “Go find a ship, were going to Remote Wildland, the sooner the better.”

“To Remote Wildland?” She was surprised. In the beginning, she thought Li Qiye was only going to take her to other places in Exploration Ground.

She had heard of many terrorizing legends about Remote Wildland. Even emperors steered clear of it.

“Yes.” Li Qiye confirmed.

While the princess was still in a daze, Star Stomper kindly reminded her: “This is a fortune others could only dream about. Treasure it, if you can grasp it, it will grant you a lifetime of benefits.”

“I understand, senior.” The princess bowed towards the High God and told Li Qiye: “I will go prepare.”

After she left, Star Stomper asked LI Qiye: “Your Excellency, will you need my service during this long trip?”

“No.” Li Qiye softly spoke: “You are busy right now. This might be the chance for your clan to rise, no need to waste your precious time on me.”

“Thank you, Your Excellency.” Star Stomper took a deep breath and said sentimentally: “This might be my last time exerting some efforts for the little descendants. The future of the clan will be left to them since Im old now, my end will come soon.”

Even a High God like him couldnt reach the state of foregoing all emotions and attachments. The clan was still made up of his descendants and he couldnt truly forget about them.

“How many can let go in this world?” Li Qiye said: “Just different aspects, thats all. Some cant forget about their descendants, others cant forget about their race. But being able to let go can be salvation. The world is a prison with shackles forcing you to stop.”

“Yes, thats why the emperors who embarked on the expeditions are extraordinarily brave. Despite lingering sentiments and ties, they still decisively walked forward knowing that there was no going back.”

“These soldiers and sages are necessary in order to preserve the brilliance of the three thousand worlds.” Li Qiye concluded.

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