Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 459: An Unbelievable Scene

A break finally happened for the arrow barrages. Li Qiye smiled and said: “My turn.”

“Crack!” The gigantic shield instantly disappeared.

“Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!” The sky turned dark with a torrent of sharp pins raining down.

“Ah!” Screaming was all that could be heard in the clan during this period. Many experts were taken down, especially the ones on the walls. They were the first to die after having many holes added to their body.

This scene was too horrifying. The artifact turned into numerous needles and rained down. In fact, calling it a rain wasnt enough. This was an ocean breaking through a dam with billions of needles shooting for the Donggong Clan. The buildings werent spared either. Pavilions and temples were completely pierced.

“Woosh!” The needles crazily returned from the clan like a river flowing backward due to a reverse of time. They flew back into Li Qiyes palm and became a tiny, three-colored sphere again.

“Go.” Li Qiye once again threw the sphere out.

“Crank! Crack!” The sphere transformed with an amazing speed beyond the naked eyes perception.

“Boom!” It turned into a rolling ball that was one hundred feet tall.

“Rumble!” As it continued, it rolled even faster and became bigger.

“Boom!” The walls blessed by many generations couldnt withstand this force. The main gate got annihilated as well.

The ball continued its unstoppable trajectory through the clan. At this moment, it was already the size of a mountain and nearly blotted out the sky. People looked up and watched in awe.

It wasnt only increasing in speed and size; its weight was also being amplified. Everything was flattened completely under its roll.

In just a short time, the buildings in the clan became nothingness, resulting in a magnificent scene of destruction.

“Shit, run!” The Donggong disciples turned pale from horror and lost the will to fight. They forgot about holding their position and kept on running before being made into meat pastes.

They scattered like wild animals. Some escaped the clan completely while others ran for their ancestral ground.

“Rumble!” This huge ball wasnt in a rush to chase the fleeing disciples. It rolled back to the beginning and made circular runs in order to crush everything in the vicinity.

The only left after this disaster was broken debris. The large clan with majestic walls had half of it destroyed in a short time to the astonishment of the crowd.

Such a method was too ferocious and dominating. The buildings built with sweat and blood and have housed numerous people were destroyed completely. The effort of the clan members for generations was now gone with the wind.

“Is this the strongest offensive artifact in the world?” One cultivator said in astonishment.

“I want a weapon like it too.” A top Dao Celestial swallowed his saliva after seeing the Ancestral Eighteen Transformations. It was more magical than normal imperial weapons.

This artifact had the power of three ancestral trees on top of eighteen explosive variations. Each was different from each other but still incredible all the same.

It could be used for offense and defense or even items with unique purposes. There seemed to be no end to its versatility.

Of course, it wasnt easy for Li Qiye to create it. It wasnt the most powerful or magical artifact in his arsenal. However, it was absolutely the easiest yet most destructive one to use. Li Qiye didnt need to use any power, vitality, or grand dao to control it.

He just needed to use his mind and it would obey all orders, morphing to the right transformation for the task at hand.

The escaped disciples could only watch the destruction of their clan and home. They cried and cried until tears couldnt come out any longer.

Some spectators were quietly celebrating. If this was the end of the Donggong, then their other businesses in Outer Realm were up for grab.

After finishing its last round, the ball has successfully flattened the entire clan into ruins.

Only the central area with their ancestral ground was left. There were mountains and peaks surrounding it with palaces on top. The lack of buildings was made up for the exuberant chaos energies spewing from this place.

It was the most heavily guarded area in the clan. Only their ancestors were allowed to stay.

For this clan, as long as this central area remained, their clan would still remain strong. The other buildings could be rebuilt since they had resources and treasures still. But in case of destruction, then it would really be over for their clan. There was no way to rise up again in the future.

“Rumble.” The ball was rolling towards the border of the clan, far from the central area. It began to vibrate.

“It wants to attack the central area.” Someone murmured after noticing the balls intent.

Everyone became excited and wanted to know if this strange ball could actually take down the Donggongs ancestral ground or not. It wasnt that easy destroying an imperial-level defensive barrier.

The disciples from Donggong were praying before this scene: “Ancestors, please protect our clan.”

Losing the central area would be akin to losing all resources to the enemy. The clan would be truly finished. Even if its disciples were to survive, they would only be dogs without a master.

“Start the defensive barrier.” Donggong Zheng was lucky enough to return to the ancestral ground and shouted.

“Buzz.” Defensive layers of scintillating light were erected from the ancestral ground.

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