Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 323: Jingweis Azure Sun

The entire nine worlds were excited with a sensational development while Li Qiye was inside the grotto.

“Rumble!” The Heavens Will that had appeared suddenly turned into a maelstrom that could be seen anywhere in the nine worlds.

In the past, it had taken the shape of dragon, phoenix, deity and other various images… Now, it finally took a unified form in the shape of this maelstrom.

Its final form finally appeared with this maelstrom hanging in the sky. Everyone was shocked and wanted to see the finale of the process with their own eyes.

“You can never get bored of this scene. Its a life worth living just to watch this formation in each generation.” An old man stared at the maelstrom in the sky and sentimentally commented.

This was the first time for many young cultivators so they became quite excited.

“The final form is finished, this is when they need to gain its acceptance and be qualified for the competition to become Immortal Emperor.” A member from the last generation murmured.

At this stage, the young geniuses needed to be recognized by this entity. Of course, not all of them could do so. For example, the path of the grand era disqualified certain powerful geniuses. The moment they chose the other path, they were no longer connected by fate to the Heavens Will.

As for the path of the heaven users, not all were recognized either without the right conditions. The two disqualifying factors were weak cultivation and imperfect grand dao.

The first was understandable. After all, what was the point of competing if one wasnt strong enough? Same for the second, creating an imperfect grand dao was a sign of incompetence. They wouldnt be able to shoulder the power of the Heavens Will. Thus, how could such a grand dao be recognized?

The Heavens Will encompassed the power of the myriad dao in the nine worlds. It was tyrannical and not just anyone could shoulder it. A perfect self-created grand dao was necessary.

Otherwise, even if someone used the most heaven-defying mean to seize the will, their own imperfect dao would collapse along with their body and true fate.

Thus, after the final form, one needed to be recognized by the Heavens Will after reaching an acceptable power level and creating a perfect dao.

This didnt mean that they could become an emperor. They still needed to work and defeat the other geniuses before winning ascension.

“Boom!” The maelstrom continued to rotate in the sky without making any sound. It was a soft rotation, nearly imperceptible to spectators.

Inside the maelstrom were flowing dao laws with a unified rhythm. People couldnt tell whether the Heavens Will itself was moving or just the laws inside moving. Each strand of law was newly formed, engulfed by a primordial aura and brimming with power. These laws came from the absolute beginning and carried the strength of this phenomenon.

These were the laws of the Heavens Will, the laws of the beginning of the world, the most tempting part about the Heavens Will.

After reaching a certain level, anyone could grasp laws. Emperors could create imperial laws. This type of law was infinitely close to being at the Heavens Will level. They were extremely powerful. However, it was only close at best and wasnt at the same level.

The most precious thing about a new Heavens Will was that these laws have never been used before. This meant that its strength has never been weakened.

Many descendants could exert the awesome power of an emperor after cultivating imperial merit laws. The ones cultivating Heavens Will Secret Laws could even show off a power similar to the Heavens Will.

However, it ended at being similar and couldnt truly compare to the new laws inside the maelstrom. These laws were at the apex of their strength from having never been used before. This was the reason why Immortal Emperors were so untouchable. They had a force unavailable to the rest of the world, one that was pristine.

People were salivating and felt their heart beating faster while looking at the Heavens Will. It symbolized invincibility within the nine worlds.

“Buzz!” Within this night, certain geniuses were recognized by the entity.

One youth was sleeping on a tiny bed. Suddenly, a tiny maelstrom emerged on his forehead. This was the mark of recognition.

“Damn! I got recognized!” The sleeping youth woke up and looked at the tiny maelstrom above his forehead. He was ecstatic and immediately rushed out to tell his seniors.

Meanwhile, a goddess and her seniors were staring at the Heavens Will. With the same buzzing noise, the mark appeared on her forehead as well.

“The Heavens Will has recognized you.” The seniors next to her were jubilated and nearly jumped up and down in celebration.

In a short time, good news traveled all around the nine worlds with qualified youths being granted recognition.

The monk from Vajra, Western Bulls Sacred Supreme, and other geniuses were recognized by the Heavens Will. The nine worlds quickly drowned in a furor of excitement.

Long Jingxian, Ming Yexue, Mei Suyao were recognized as well for the female crowd. For someone like Long Jingxian to not get recognized, all logic would need to be thrown out of the window.

The girls were calm after receiving the recognition since they knew that no one could defeat Li Qiye.

Only Long Jingxian was readying her fists and sharpening her snow-white teeth. She aggressively said: “Hmph, I wonder if that ugly Qiye got accepted yet. I shall take down his arrogant face!” She burst out in laughter while imagining the scene.

Meanwhile, the geniuses from the great powers were ecstatic. This was a happy event for them regardless of whether they could become Immortal Emperor or not. It meant that they didnt waste up to a hundred years of cultivation. Their effort has finally paid off.

Thus, many parties began. Sects gathered together and tried to win some allies for their own candidates as preparation for the competition.

After all, the competition wasnt only about the candidates but also their backing. Having more allies would boost their strength.

Of course, others were sad too. Some of their prodigies worked hard and were quite powerful yet the Heavens Will didnt recognize them. This group became dejected by the result. Their years of effort were completely wasted. It was too much of a blow to take.

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