Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 292: Le Yi

In a short time, the world was petrified. Many people couldnt regain their wits. An Emperor Assailant and one near that level attacked together with the invincible Soaring Immortal Break but not only did they failed, they paid with their lives after just one move from Li Qiye.

The frightening part was how no one saw the killing move. Even an Emperor Assailant like Matriarch Yu and an eonic genius like Gu Zun became serious.

Li Qiye simply smiled. The four images of the fate palace were beyond the comprehension of many cultivators. Only after becoming emperor would one be able to understand them but it was too late at that point.

“Boom!” A loud blast suddenly made the world tremble. Everyone returned from their contemplation.

“Ah!” Miserable screams came, followed by tearing noises. The azure dragon actually tore the ten winged creature into two pieces.

Remember that this creature was created by the Omnidirectional Immortal Annihilation formation. This meant that it was formed by the eight legions with their vitality and flesh.

When the creature was tore in half, not only was the formation broken. Even the soldiers were torn into two pieces or crushed by an invincible force.

“Boom!” After taking care of the formation, the dragon thrust its spear down and pierced the battle platforms. Cracks spanning for thousands of miles appeared everywhere.

Finally, the enraged dragon slammed down and made all the platforms crumble. The power within disappeared instantly.

“Retreat!” The surviving soldiers from Soaring Immortal shouted and ran back to the sect.

The battle was finally over. The eight legions from Soaring Immortal still lost against Azure Dragon. They suffered heavy losses with casualty around eighty percent.

This might be their biggest loss since the formation of their sect. A five emperors lineage lasting for millions of years had suffered this humiliating defeat.

The crowd wondered about the identity of the Azure Dragon Legion. They were amazed at this legions ability to take down eight imperial legions.

An old man who knew about them commented with a tinge of emotion: “Thats Azure Dragon for you. Back when the Ancient Ming ruled the nine worlds, they have trapped the legion so many times. In the end, the Ancient Ming failed to kill them and was destroyed instead. ”

Those who knew about the legion didnt find this surprising at all. The legion dared to fight against the Ancient Ming. Soaring Immortal wasnt an issue.

The disciples inside Soaring Immortal turned pale. In their mind, their sect was invincible. Not only did they have the most resources in the world, they also had the most powerful legions.

However, these legions were bullied by others today and almost got wiped out completely. They couldnt imagine this result at all.

“Boom!” The dragon shattered the entrance to Soaring Immortal, causing the entire place to tremble.

The stunned disciples were truly horrified since they have never experienced such a thing before. This also shattered their confidence.

“Get ready.” The ancestors calmed down and ordered the disciples to prepare for combat.

For these ancestors, this will be the darkest day for them. Few dared to oppose their sect in the past but now, someone was actually breaking down their door. This was a perilous moment.

Majestic laws poured down like the waterfalls from the sceneries in the sect. Layers of defensive barriers were erected. The entire place became dazzling with protection halos.

The place has seemingly turned into the most perfect ancestral ground in the world with so many different defensive means and imperial protection. This made the entire sect look quite divine. No enemy would dare to take a step forward.

However, the dragon didnt enter the sect after destroying the entrance. It simply soared upward and presided in the sky.

The gigantic dragon with its spear coldly glanced around. Nothing could hide from its gaze.

People were surprised when Azure Dragon didnt attack Soaring Immortal. They didnt know why it broke the entrance but didnt initiate an attack. Instead, it was only guarding the sky.

“Will the old foes really come out?” Only people like Gu Zun understood the dragons intention. He continued: “I really hope so, thats when the fun really starts.”

Li Qiye stepped inside the entrance and hovered above the sect. All the members in Soaring Immortal werent happy to see Li Qiye looking as if he was about to fight all of them alone. Today, the enemy came knocking on their door. This was simply unacceptable.

“After so many years, Soaring Immortal grew stronger but its bones became softer. For power, it has abandoned its ancestors.” Li Qiye shook his head and said.

“Li, dont be so haughty!” A cold voice resounded. It wasnt loud but it echoed across the world and threatened everyone.

Four people came out from the sect and filled the world with their divinity and immortal lights. They were quite holy and looked as if they had just come from an immortal world.

There was also an imperial aura to them. Their style and bearing had a noble feel. This imperial temperament wasnt learned like other experts. After learning imperial techniques, certain experts could use them to replicate the aura of an emperor.

However, these four didnt need that at all. They had a natural imperial aura to them, not the forceful and stiff ones from techniques.

Thus, their temperament and appearance were innate. They were born to be nobles, born to be imperial princes.

Three were male and one was female. The men were handsome and gallant while the woman was supremely beautiful.

So many people were astonished to see such wondrous people. They felt inferior in comparison.

These were real imperial children!

“Your Highness.” The disciples from Soaring Immortal prostrated on the ground, completely stirred with emotions.

It was the glory of a lifetime to be able to see the imperial princes and princess. Moreover, this gave them hope that the four would be able to repel the enemy.

The four didnt need to waste words and superfluous actions. Just their presence alone was enough to establish their authority. All of Soaring Immortal was under their control.

This was their extraordinary advantage due to their identity.

“Are those imperial children?” Even those who didnt recognize them could faintly guess their identity due to their aura.

“Immortal Emperor Ren Xians children.” An undying existence recognized them and said sentimentally: “Back during the emperors generation, his children were famous in the nine worlds too.”

The juniors were shocked to hear about the real imperial children. This was such a prestigious status, worthy of admiration. Many people didnt expect to see Immortal Emperor Ren Xians children again. This was indeed a shocking development.

1. Not my fault, there was no indication of a girl being part of this four. Di Zi can mean child/son, usually son; the author has always referred to them as Di Zi. Di Nu would be a girl, and the author does use that word a bit later in this chapter. Just an issue with translating Chinese to English without context. I could have played it safe and use Imperial children, I supposePrevious ChapterNext Chapte

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