Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 286: Old Daois

The true dragon ahead was the first body of the Black Dragon King. It can be considered the only true dragon left in the nine world with a complete body. It retained the divinity of its ancient race!

Back then, the king was only a serpent-dragon. After receiving guidance from the Dark Crow on cultivation, he finally reached atavism and jumped through the dragon gate to grasp a real dragon bloodline.

His blood had reached an extremely pure level. Even the dragons above the nine heavens wouldnt necessarily be better than his bloodline.

At that time, the Dark Crow had a completely new idea about reincarnation. Of course, this was impossible for cultivators. However, the Black Dragon King was an exception. His blood was blessed with advantages by the high heaven. He was a great candidate for this new revolutionary idea.

Because of this, the king had also cultivated the Dark Crows reincarnation art at the start. This was the reason why he was able to live for three generations.

In the first one, he trained until his blood reached atavism to become a true dragon. This allowed him to have a unique condition. At his peak, he severed his true dragon body and only left behind a weak soul. He then moved to a new body and lived for a second generation.

For the second, he used his dragon soul to train an Immortal Physique. Under great effort from both him and the Dark Crow, the Black Dragon King cultivated the one and only Dragon Soul Immortal Physique.

At the apex of the second generation, he once again severed this Immortal Physique and left a remnant soul behind again with the help of the Dark Crow. This time around, he severed it even more thoroughly. He slashed all of his bloodline and seals. In the end, the new creation was with a mortal physique, mortal fate, and mortal wheel.

For the third gen, he started his cultivation again with these mortal aptitudes, the most primordial of all constitution. At the end of his life, he was able to have two Immortal Physiques at grand completion!

Meanwhile, the two bodies with the weaker souls were sealed by the Dark Crow. He used the power of the world to nourish them and see if this would allow them to come out again.

If all three bodies could come out, then he could make them represent the past, present, and future. If they could reach this level, they would be one step closer to eternal life.

There was one weakness to all of this. The three generations of the Black Dragon King couldnt meet each other. This was the reason why the other two bodies were sealed.

The world knew that the Black Dragon King ruled for three generations but very few were aware that the king in each one was different. Of course, Gu Zun as his brother-in-law was privy to this knowledge.

“It doesnt matter how much you try to bring up the family issue with your brother-in-law, certain things are of the past now.” Li Qiye shook his head and said after seeing Gu Zuns long chatter.

Gu Zun looked at him in response: “This art is created by you, do you think my brother-in-law has a chance?”

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “Gu Zun, I dont know if you want your brother to come out again or to obtain the essences of this art and remove the imperfections. But all in all, I cant tell you its secret.”

“I know, you wont tell it to a betrayer.” Gu Zun smiled and said.

After a while, Li Qiye spoke: “If the Black Dragon King is here, I wont interfere with your family issues. Time to end other things.” Having said that, he took one step and disappeared from the old battlefield.

Only Gu Zun and the true dragon were left. Even if Gu Zun wanted to leave, the dragon wouldnt let him.

“Make your move.” The dragon spoke with a mantra. It raised both claws to seal the world and the myriad dao. Even the gods would be helpless beneath these claws.

“If this is the case, then Ill have to try my best. I hope sister wont blame me if I kill you. Of course, if I die in your hands, Im sure she wont blame you either.” Gu Zun took a deep breath.

“Boom!” The dragon responded by slamming its claw down. The myriad dao turned to ashes; laws were shattered.

Gu Zun didnt dare to underestimate this invincible attack. He roared and unleashed all of his best moves. One attack swayed the realms while another robbed the light from the stars.

With devastating explosions, the two fought an amazing battle on this stage. It was a shame that no one else was able to see it…


“Ahh!” With screams and rain of blood, skulls rolled all over the ground like potatoes. Severed limbs were even more abundant among the piles of corpses.

Hai Lins alliance was being pushed back by the imperial legions. His cavalry was in a terrible state after Gu Zun killed the top members. They found it hard to struggle after being weakened so much.

Although they had the number advantage, they lacked prior training and preparation. Despite having many God-Monarchs and even Godkings joining, it was still not enough against imperial legions that have once swept through the nine worlds.

Under many waves of attacks, the alliances blood ran like the river. More than one million members have died.

The imperial legion from Soaring Immortal became stronger the more they fought. A defeat was inevitable for the alliance. Nevertheless, they kept on struggling due to their willingness to die. There was no retreat path for them.

Worldkeeper shook his head while watching this. He finally gave a threatening order: “Go!”

With that, he was the first one to ride forward with his stallion. The Azure Dragon Legion has finally joined the fray.

“Kill!” The legion roared with an emotionless bloodthirst. Their battle cries resembled sharp blades cutting into the enemys heart.

“Buzz!” Layers of barriers emerged on the platforms in order to halt the legions advance.

“Boom!” However, this defensive perimeter was useless against their march. They were stomped out completely.

“Ah!” The next waves of screams came from the imperial legion of Soaring Immortal.

Azure Dragon resembled a sharp dagger piercing into the enemys heart. In a short time, they created a quick path and suppressed the imperial legion.

This legion was very experienced indeed but there was a big gap between them and Azure Dragon.

Anyone would gasp at how quickly Azure Dragon suppressed the imperial legion. This might be the most powerful legion in this world!

“Formation!” The generals on Soaring Immortals side shouted. They once again reformed their ranks in order to initiate the next wave of offense.

Meanwhile, Hai Lin also blew his battle horn. The alliance retreated and reformed their ranks for the next wave also.

“Wuuuu-” A loud horn sound came inside Soaring Immortal.

“Rumble!” More legions rushed out from the sect into the battle platforms.

The alliance became nervous while looking at the imperial legions because they were too powerful. Despite being fewer in number, the combined effort of these legions could definitely crush them.

There were a total of eight imperial legions marching together with eight mighty commanders. Their aura burned brightly with a flame that would shame the sun.

Worldkeeper stared at the eight legions and said freely: “Not bad, gathering all legions from the five emperors. Alas, the only flaw is the clear deficit in certain legions. Immortal Emperor Fei and Immortal Emperor Can Longs legion are only in-name-only with their banners.”

Though the eight legions ahead had the banners of the five emperors, the truth was that Immortal Emperor Ren Xians legion made up more than half of this force. The other ones were mostly in name only.

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