Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 19: Always Arrogant No Matter The Occasion 1

Daoist Lin and the Extreme Yang Monarch kneeled side by side on the ground. This was the most humiliating day of their lives. They had yet to even touch Li Qiyes sleeve before being forced to submit like this.

“Open!” They screamed indignantly and raged on by spewing blood onto their weapons. At this point, the monarchs imperial weapon and Lins physique weapon emitted invincible laws. Both the imperial and physique laws emerged and began to push up their bodies!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The two of them started to stand up under the effects of the suppression. Each inch they rose resulted in loud explosions. It was as if they had an entire galaxy pushing down on them. Nevertheless, the newfound power allowed them to press on.

Everyone held their breaths while watching these two slowly stand up and wondered if it was actually possible.

Li Qiye laughed in response after seeing these two weapons: “An Immortal Emperor Life Treasure and a grand completion users weapon are indeed good items.”

“Buzz!” He opened another domain. A majestic light erupted like the ray of dawn. It was magnificently beautiful.

However, everything became very scary with its emergence.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!” Everything began to crumble. The dao laws and refined sunfire along with the holy light disintegrated and returned to their original state. These initially thick dao laws decomposed into silk strands. The weapons also dissolved. For example, a sword would break down into a myriad of metallic particles as if it was returning to the earth.

The holy light coming from the daoist was instantly torn to little bits as if the strongest force in the world was ripping it apart into powder. Such a force left everyone shivering in fear.

The Demise Domain was the other Immortal Physique domain created by the opposing Void Imperfection Physique and Sky Destroyer Physique. Everything within this domain would disintegrate and return to the origin. Even dao laws would turn back into dao runes! Its fundamental essence was destruction.

With the Stagnation and Demise Domains acting together, something unbelievable was happening since their powers amplified each other. Even space and time werent spared from being sent back to the origin.

“Rumble!” Both of the weapons were greatly affected and dimmed. Even though they could kill enemies several levels above their users, their users must have sufficient strength.

Without enough vitality fueling them, these weapons wouldnt be able to exert their might! Alas, within these domains, the two couldnt spare the vitality to empower their weapons.

“Whoosh!” The weapons actually abandoned their masters and recalled the laws to protect themselves.

In dire straits, these were items that would protect themselves first with their own power. After all, they would break in the face of the crushing might of the domains.

“Ah!” Without their protection, Daoist Lin and the monarch couldnt withstand the suppression.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!” Both of their Immortal Physiques shattered. Although their flesh was much more powerful than that of other cultivators due to their Immortal Physiques, the gap between the physiques themselves and Li Qiyes domains was immense.

“Fellow Daoist, show mercy!” Meng Zhentian shouted right when their physiques broke. At the same time, a law emerged in the sky in the form of a gigantic palm and swooped down in order to save them.

“Boom!” Zhentian was too late, both of them turned into bloody mists. Their end came so fast that they didnt even have the chance to scream.

“Bang!” The palm in the sky was still coming, this time for Li Qiye.

Li Qiye chuckled at the incoming attack and recalled both of his domains. His body lit up with the Sky Destroyer Physique erupting its might.

“Boom!” He jumped, leaving deep footprints on the ground as if the earth had been trampled by a beast.

“Bang!” In a split second, he actually grabbed the hand made out of laws in the sky.

“Rumble!” The muscles in his arms suddenly enlarged and became as mighty as the legendary tyrannical dragon of an ancient age!

The Furious Immortal Tyrannical Fist in combination with the Sky Destroyer Physique! This strike had an unimaginable power.

The physique itself was already strong enough to tear through everything in this world. When it erupted, the user would start hating the earth for not having a handle for him to show his real might.

Meanwhile, the dao fist was based on the Furious Immortal Tyrannical Physique. Its crazy outbreak could increase ones power by several hundred or even several thousand times!

With both of these techniques activating at the same time, the power of his hands could even tear apart the high heavens!

“Buzz!” The palm created by Zhentian was torn asunder. It was as feeble as a piece of paper — not worth mentioning!

This scene was very shocking. Some even fell to the ground in astonishment!

Zhentian was invincible and supreme in the minds of the charming spirits. He could destroy the world with one hand and massacre all the regions!

In their minds, even if Zhentian didnt go all out, his laws could still crush the heavens or murder Godkings. Alas, his palm strike was instantly destroyed by Li Qiye with ease.

“Impossible!” Some didnt want to accept this fact despite personally witnessing it. Others were stunned speechless with their mouths wide open and couldnt close them for a long time. This was something simply unthinkable until it actually happened.

“You want to fight? So be it!” Li Qiye smiled and attacked from above with a direct punch.

“How presumptuous!” Seeing him go straight for the carriage, the driver, the Crimsonflame Godking, sealed the sky in order to stop him.

Li Qiye didnt bother looking at Crimsonflame. His punch that encompassed the soaring, hell suppressing, and furious immortal fists continued. Their combination carried an unimaginable power.

“Scram!” Crimsonflame was blown flying by just one punch while vomiting blood. Even a Grand Godking couldnt stop one all-out punch from Li Qiye.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Zhentians carriage created defensive barriers. However, they kept on dissipating before the might of incoming fist. Finally, with a loud blast, his carriage was completely shattered as the debris fell from the sky.

“Bang!” Zhentian finally took action, causing the sun and moon to float up and down. He isolated the Yin and Yang while deriving the six dao. His palm dispelled Li Qiyes overbearing punch.

After the successful defense, he smiled and praised: “Fellow Daoist, your fist is quite strong!”

Many began to applaud the exchange. The charming spirit experts became spirited again. At this moment, people finally saw Zhentians true appearance.

He stood there in a calm and natural manner. No one could open their eyes and look at him directly. He emitted a boundless immortal light that engulfed his body completely. Inside this brilliance, he was the supreme existence with an ethereal sensation.

Prior to this, many had tried to imagine his appearance. They thought that he would be an old man around the age of fifty. Others thought that he would be a burly general that could suppress the nine worlds.

Alas, his true appearance took them by surprise. He only looked around eighteen or nineteen years old while exuding a horrifying aura that could suppress the heavens. While greatly resembling a true god, the opening and closing of his eyes were akin to the changing of day to night. People were awestruck and some even felt the urge to worship him!

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