Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 207 : True Invincibility 1

ought for a long time for the Heavens Will before his eventual defeat. After she became emperor, Zhengfeng wanted a final fight before she left. He still lost in this battle, resulting in his bad choice in the future despite creating a supreme grand dao for himself.”

Li Qiye became dejected after saying this. The guy gave up his own dao and maintained Immortal Emperor Mu Zhuos World-weary Dao instead. He could have escaped from it instead of hiding in the pub. Alas, he had no intention of doing so.

The monarch quietly listened to this old tale. Despite not hearing the exact details, she could faintly guess that they were tragedies of sorts.

Li Qiye eventually smiled wryly: “The emperor prepared for the battle because Zhengfeng was her greatest rival. She used the Heavens Will right away in that world-destroying bout. He lost after more than two thousand moves.”

“More than two thousand moves!” The monarch shouted after being indescribably shocked.

Matriarch Yu lasting more than one thousand moves against Immortal Emperor Yin Tian was impressive enough but Zhengfeng lasted two thousand moves against the Heavens Will. Only one word could describe his power – invincibility!

“Its to be expected.” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “He has been on this dark path for a long time. Didnt you see his current appearance? Completely cursed and loathed, even the high heaven doesnt want to look at him. Thats why he can only wait for death.”

“There is a price for everything. Waiting is even more agonizing than death itself.” He finished.

“Waiting for death?” She glanced back at the pub again.

“You may not understand the meaning behind this. Let me give you an analogy. For example, even the most delicious meal tastes like wax. Your heart is a dead tree, no love nor hatred towards anyone. Youre basically living like a piece of rock. Thats the meaning behind waiting for death.”

The monarch was slightly stunned after hearing this. Living in life without any emotions, thats just a walking corpse.

“Thats why waiting for death is very painful.” Li Qiye lightly said: “He hoped that the emperor could kill him, that would be a meaningful death so he asked her to go all out with a true Imperial Massacre. He used his most brilliant strike to fight against it. That move was his pride so he could die with dignity, going out in a blaze of glory. The massacre rendered his body to ashes instantly. However, being loathed by everything like him allowed him to live under the attack. Afterward, the emperor couldnt bear to attack again, not that she couldnt kill him.”

Li Qiye sighed again. The World-weary Dao was a path towards despair.

In Zhengfengs mind, to be killed by his crushs true massacre was a good death. That would be the perfect ending for him. Alas, he still survived the ultimate attack and the emperor found it tasteless to continue aiding someone in suicide.

“Since he has grown tired of the world, he doesnt want to do anything anymore. Otherwise, even if it is a sea god with the Trident, he could still take them on.” Li Qiye softly said.

She finally understood why Li Qiye entrusted her and Heaven Suppression to Zhengfeng. Someone of his level was indeed qualified to be the backing of Heaven Suppression.

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