Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 151 : Underworld Boat Coming into Being 1

Divine Mount Meru! The fourth annihilation came down in the form of a towering mountain as if wanting to shatter everything between the heaven and earth!

“Clank!” A saber hymn echoed in the sky. In the blink of an eye, the fifth annihilation descended with the World Seal turning into a one-of-a-kind saber!

Benevolence Prayer! This was the Heavenly Annihilation of the Benevolent Saber that had been imprinted to the World Seal.

One could imagine the power of five annihilations at once. It was as if five emperors had joined the fray.

“Is he insane!?” All of Heaven Spirit fell into this apocalyptic scene. The creatures here were scared out of their mind.

No one would ever forget such a frightening scene for the rest of their lives.

Even a Legendary Godking would be rendered to ashes before five annihilations. This incoming doom was about to end Heaven Spirit. Godkings were mere ants before this attack.

“Rumble!” Compared to others, the disciples at the terra got a much better view of this world-destroying power. Even with the protection of the ancestral trees, chasms formed in their home. The terra itself was being ravaged and on the verge of a total collapse.

More explosions detonated. As the annihilations raged on, the closed portal opened again with the Maelstrom showing its face outside of the terra and beginning its swallowing process.

“Ah!” If the trees were to fortify this spatial coordinates on top of stopping the annihilations, they couldnt protect the entire terra.

In a short time, many buildings were sucked in by the Maelstrom. This scene was too magnificent. Tens of thousands of buildings and temples were gone in an instant, uprooted into the sky and twisted into nothingness.

Who wouldnt be dazed and frightened by this scene?

The terra itself was helpless in this situation. If this continued on, even if the annihilations didnt do the job, the terra would be sucked into the Maelstrom completely.

“Is this the end for the terra?” The astonished crowd wondered as the land shook even more violently.

“Boom!” A new world expanded with loud explosions before countless runes shot to the sky. The runes then turned into a magical ocean.

The runes then gathered together into three ancestral marks. Thunders and bolts of lightning flashed in the sky right after as if an emperor was undergoing a tribulation.

“Thats the ancestral mark! Only ancestral trees would have them!” A spectator shouted after seeing the three marks.

An ancestral mark was the foundation to become a treefather. One must form the mark then refine it into the foundation before creating an ancestral weapon. Thats the prerequisites to become a treefather.

However, when a treefather returned to the origin, the ancestral weapon would disperse, unavailable to the future generations.

During this juncture of life and death for the terra, the ancestral trees actually formed their ancestral marks. Anyone would find this unbelievable.

“Om-” A burst of immortal noise resounded. Amazing lights came down and this power engulfed the entire terra. It was as if a true immortal was now protecting this location.

“Boom!” Under this new power boost, the trees withstood the five annihilations while closing the dao portal. The Maelstrom finally disappeared again.

The disaster had passed and the world fell into an eerie silence again. The disciples at the terra still couldnt calm down.

“Rumble!” Under the immortal power, the shattered terra began to come together. The chasms and craters disappeared in a short time. It had taken on its old and perfect form.

“Did the Ancestral Terra win?” One expert regained his wits and asked.

“Looks like it has survived but Im afraid the three trees have paid a great price. They wont recover for a while.” A supreme stared at the terra with a dignified expression.

The trees might have survived the calamity but not without cost. They looked spiritless with many leaves and branches drying up. Only the marks floating above them were fine.

“Even though it was to protect the terra, the trees have shortened their lifespan.” An invincible character noticed the clues and said emotionally.

Remember that after taking roots with the earth, these trees could live for a long time. However, in order to withstand the five annihilations and the Maelstrom, the three trees exchanged their lifespan to protect the terra.

“Id rather commit suicide than oppose Li Qiye!” A different master was quite startled. Chills emanated down his spine as he uttered with a pale complexion.

This was a place praised to be unconquerable even by Immortal Emperors. Though Li Qiye has yet to take it down, forcing the trees to pay a heavy price was already an incredible and frightening feat.

For these masters, opposing Li Qiye didnt stop at their own death. It meant that their sects and future generations would be slaughtered by him as well!

“Hah! Were still alive, our ancestors are invincible!” After a long time, the disciples at the terra cheered: “Our invincible ancestors shall always protect us!”

They began to prostrate to worship the ancestral trees.

Li Qiye wasnt surprised at this outcome at all. He smiled faintly at the trees.

“Li Qiye, you have lost and will never be able to break our Ancestral Terra. Be smart and leave instead of opposing us.” Creek Bamboo Immortal was crazily happy and shouted at Li Qiye.

Surviving this calamity made him completely confident. As long as their ancestral trees were around, their sect would be eternal and indestructible.

“Who says Ive lost?” Li Qiye smiled leisurely.

“With our ancestral trees around, you will never be able to take us down. Its not too late to leave, otherwise…” Creek Bamboo uttered coldly.

“I pity your ancestral trees.” Li Qiye chuckled in response: “Though people say that two treefathers came from your branch, their achievements have absolutely nothing to do with you. You dont even know what your trees want or desire yet you are standing here boasting? If they could come back to life, the first thing theyll do is crush you to death!”

“You!” Creek Bamboo was livid from hearing this and pointed at Li Qiye without knowing what to say.

“Brother Bamboo, no need to argue with this junior. If he wants to speak nonsense, let him.” Stygian consoled.

The other masters heaved a sigh of relief. They thought that there was a chance now with the trees around.

“Li Qiye, I wont waste words with you. Scram.” Creek Bamboo took a deep breath and uttered: “It is all in the past, we wont pursue this any further and end this here.”

Li Qiye laughed and said: “End it? Thats not up to you. Open your dog eyes, watch how I shall destroy your terra. Even the three great ancestral trees will only act as nourishment.”

Having said that, he turned around and disappeared.

“What?” Many people exchanged glance after seeing him gone.

Just now, he uttered ferociously about destroying the terra yet he just got up and leave? That seemed contradictory.

“Its over like that?” The mass was completely lost about his intention.

This was the same for Creek Bamboo. However, Li Qiyes fierce words earlier made him feel uneasy.

“Is he concocting some new plans?” He paused for a moment before murmuring.

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