It has been six months since I got married and come here. But till now he hasn entered my room once. We always meet on breakfast table or dinner table but in the other time I don even get a single glimpse of him. I have no idea why?

I believe my father do work still when he used to walk around corrider I used to see him even though it is once in a day. But whenever I see him he would came and ask how am I doing my class or how I feel the least but this person didn did anything like this. I don know why am I even having expectation when should be broke already still I m hoping there would be one day he will come through this door and said, ”Madam, sorry I m late. ”

Even though the apology would be for a day only but still I would have taken the apology for the six months which he did.

”Madam, the duke has called for you ”, Yuna came and told me while I was looking outside the window.

”Where? ” I asked.

”To his study ”, she said.

So he spends most of the time in his study when Im not even aware where the study room is.

”Can you lead me the way? ” I asked.

”Yes madam ”, she still talking this way even though any person would have get used to this long ago. I still doubt till date is it really a behavior of a person who born from another person? If it is then why there is no sign of emotions in her eyes. Why she don even hold a little bit sympathy for me when she well aware how I m living in this room and it went past six month making me feel as if I have been living like this for six years.

I walked toward his study which was on the corner of the house.

”I will stay outside ”, she said and stood outside of the room like a guard. Now I m freaking sure these people are manifactured unlike the butler and the other knights.

”You called for me? ” I again skipped anything which will make take his name.

”Yes, seat here ”, he said and got up from his seat and came seat infront of me in the couch.

”So? ”

”Yeah, let me get to straight. ”

Is he finally going to say sorry?

”I would like to start all of your duties as duchess. ” What am I even expecting for him to do? In the end everything is like a buissness to him.

”Sure, I will start everything from starting today. ”

”Anything else? ” I asked.

”No thats all I have to say ”, he is still so formal as well polite even though my heart has been ripping from inside.

”Ok then I would like to return to my place ”, I got up and about to leave when he called me again.

”What is it? ” I asked.

”Is there anything you want me to do? ”

I m not sure what he want me to say but just a single sentence making me feel as if I m dying. I m really dying. I feel suffocation. For a minute I felt someone holding my nose and mouth at once so that I could die but I handled it neatly.

”No, there isn ”, I smiled brightly again while speaking which I don even mean.

I somehow walked out of the place. My feet kept on going in fast pace. I m not even sure how fast I m even walking but Im sure this is not how people expect from a dignified lady which I already broke behaving this way but how could I say what I feel is not what a dignified lady should feel as well.

”Madam, are you feeling unwell? ” the butler saw me when I was heaving problem breathing.

”Ah no Im fine ”, my words are breaking.

”Should I call the doctor? Should I inform the duke? ” he kept on mentioning about them when the duke is the one made me feel this way.

”No need. I will be ok in few minutes so no need to tell anyone. ” I spoke.


”And yeah, bring all the documents of the place. I want to check. I want to check every single detail from this moment. ” I stated.

”But your health? ” he asked again.

”I said right? Im alright so forget what you just see and do as you are said to. And one more thing who used to make all the bills and arrangement of the mansion? ” I asked.

”It is me ”, he said.

He looked as if he is in his late 30s but he has been handling everything? So much stress he must have.

”What about before? Who did it before? ”

”Ah before It has been done by the previous duchess which is the mother of the young duke. ” he said.

”Then what happened to her? I have never seen the parents of duke. ” I finally got to ask.

”You are not aware? ” he asked.

”No? ”

”Ok madam I will let you know whatever you need to know. ” he said and followed me to my study which has been assigned me just few minute ago. He too brought all the documents he has been handling for ages.

”So should I start? ” he asked.

”Yes ”, I said.

”So, Im not sure how you have been unaware of such big things but still Im telling you that the parents of young duke were killed. ”

My eyes widened for a moment.

Killed? Who did it? How?

”The culprit still hasn caught but the duke has been trying to catch it in the help of the the imperial highness aka the emperor but still there is no accurate news about the culprit. ” he said.

”Ok I understand the dukes parents were murdered then how could he think the emperor will be able to help the duke when the emperor himself is not moving but he use his pawns like the Marqis of each direction as well the same goes for the dukes? ”

”How did y-

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