I kept roaming from this corner to that corner but no one came. It has already been two hours since I took a bath and the maids left saying he will come but no one came.

I don know how long it has been since the sun is going to rise above my head but the disappointment running down my spine is something else.

”Where is he? ”

”How long will he take? ”

I thought and tried to sneak out of the room but it was all dark. The entire corridor was empty as if there was no one in this mansion but me. Im getting scared but Im not as well. As if Im not scared but feeling too empty. At least I never had this feeling in my place.

I continued walking in the corridor but I saw no noises. I don even know which one is the dukes room. I ended up returning to my room when I realized my tears were already pouring, touching my cheeks. As I felt my cheek wet, I realized which made me cry even more. I have no idea when it will start. I have no idea when my heart started aching a lot more, making me so Freaking regretful.

Why is he not coming?

Was it just a business marrying me?

Does he really think that I got married to him for this reason?

If not, why is he doing this to me? Is he not aware how people think when the husband doesn enter the bridal chamber for the first night? Or is he really doing this knowing everything? Why? Why?

I screamed loudly but my cry didn stop. I started throwing every single ornament I was wearing. I don care where they ended up falling but I don care. I feel like tearing myself apart. These feelings kept on going to each of my body making me feel even more shittier than I was.

I have been crying for an hour now but I see no one coming to my room. It feels so worthless bawling my eyes like this but still Im behaving like a kid who is heartbroken because of luck. Why? Why? Come to your **ing sense of your asshole Bernice Balliol. You are a Balliol. How could you cry like this? Didn you see how your father behaved? Didn you see how there was no sign of sadness when your family was about to become commoners? Then why the hell are you crying like a fool because of a guy who is nothing but your… Husband.

Ah, I cried again.

I have no idea when I stopped crying but before I could know when I opened my eyes, I saw the sun already falling on my face making me feel even more awake than last night. With that I even heard a knock on the door.

”Madam, may I come in? ” It is the girls voice called Yuna.

”No ” I rejected.

”Madam, the duke already arrived for breakfast. That is what I came here to ask ”, she said, making my blood boil to an extent I wanted to hold her neck and hit her face to a wall until she begs me to leave. I wanted to see the face where her blood kept on dripping on the floor but I stopped my thought before it roamed more.

”Tell them Im coming ”, I said.

I got ready on my own and walked toward the hall in an hour. But as I was walking in the corridor it didn seem like it was last night. Guards were expanded in each corner. Maids were already doing their work unlike how it was looking so lonely and dark as if even the ghost would scare this place. It looked nothing more like an abandoned palace.

”Morning, madam ”, he said.

I wanted to laugh out loud but I didn .

”Morning ”, I said. I didn even call him anything but just in the morning as if we have no relationship which he proved last night.

”Hows your first day here? ” he asked.

”Ah, the first day? It was normal ”, I answered.

”Any discomfort? ” he asked.

Discomfort? Huh! It is coming from someone who made me feel the shittiest way when no one ever treated me like this.

”It was ok ”, I ignored his main question.

I kept on seeing his lips while his eyes were looking at his food. I can feel he wanted to ask another question but then I saw someone came holding letters in his hands.

”I apologize for coming here all of sudden but the letter was said to be delivered instantly so I came here ”, it was the dukes personal assistant.

He was about to give the letters to the duke when I saw the mark from my mansion.

”They are for me. ” I spoke.

”Thanks for bringing it here ”, I said and got up from the table.

”But I think it is-

The assistant tried to say but I cut him off.

”Do you think I won know how my father sends things? Or do I have to give you an explanation for this? ” Im getting really pissed seeing him questioning me but I can even get angry or father will come right here and scold me for this behavior.

”Ok madam. I understand ”, he nodded and left.

I did leave the food in the middle while the duke was still having. I think he doesn even care. After all, he is the one who treated me like a fool last night.

”Madam, you haven touched the food ”, Yuna said. But I wonder why she is being all affectionate tonight when she was clearly acting all modified when I met her yesterday. Or am I just hallucinating again?

”You can have the rest ”, I smiled and walked toward my room.

I felt my feet in pain which again reminded me of what I did last night. Last night I pulled out the anklet I was wearing by force which made me bleed but I clearly forgot.

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