I got down from the carriage as soon as we reached his estate. I actually have never been here. Its not like I have never been here but I have never been anywhere other than the Marquis mansion as I was always filled with classes. It was always my etiquette classes and history classes so that I won have any issue after my marriage to manage my husbands place.

”Madam ”, I was still thinking he opened the door and again extended his hand to escort me down the carriage.

I smiled and gave him my hand. I don know anyone here but I can see the person who is standing in front of me in black and white suit is the butler of the mansion. It is a dress code so no way I will not know him.

”Welcome duchess. ”

”We had less time to arrange things so I think there will still be something which I have forgotten but I wish you will still like this place just as much as you liked the marquis place. ” he bowed down to me politely which I never experienced before.

I somehow felt embarrassed but still I nodded.

”Please take good care of me ”, my voice kept on breaking as my throat kept on trembling when Im trying to speak. I don know why.

I don know if it is because Im not good at interacting with people or with him being beside me making me more embarrassed than I thought, but still Im not feeling good. This feeling is no good which Im having from this place.

I walked inside while holding the dukes palm.

I can hear people already start muttering seeing me but I can hear.

I looked at the duke. He still looks so freaking handsome just like before. But his cold expression still hasn changed. Why? He doesn like me? Maybe but still, we have to get along well.

”What is it? ” he caught me off guard.

”Ah nothing ”, I looked away.

”If you are dissatisfied with something you can say ”, he said.

It hurt me even more.

He thinks Im looking at this because Im not satisfied with what is going on around me? How? Can he see how I keep glowing just looking at him? Or am I not showing enough?

”There isn anything which is bad. Thanks for asking me, my lord ”, I can believe I didn raise my voice.

Am I being too skeptical? Im not sure but his asking hurt me.

”Shall we go inside? ” he asked me.

”Yeah ”, I replied while we went inside and I found the entire hall is even wider than my place. It is so freaking high that if there are 10 of me still, they won fit the height of the ceiling.

”Madam, you can go and rest in your room. We already arranged everything ”, the butler said while a young lady came and led me toward my room. But I continued looking back to him as he was talking with the butler.

”Hey, what is your name? ” I break the ice.

”Oh, sorry madam. I forgot to introduce myself. ”

”My name is Yuna. ” she said in a polite tone.

”So Yuna, what are they talking about? Do you have any idea? ” I sure sound like those mistresses who come to a new home and act like they need to get a hold of the household from the very first day but… I can stop thinking about their conversation as If Im interested in whatever conversation they are having.

”Im not sure, madam ”, to my disappointment I already realized.

”Oh, it is ok. Im all nervous so I just wanted to know to make myself feel relieved. ” I smiled awkwardly.

”As you wish, madam ”, she is acting like a complete doll.

She is replying to me whatever I ask. She is doing whatever I want her to do. It is as if she is completely manufactured, not born.

I kept looking at her until I reach in front of my room. As I reached, I told her to go. I entered the room. It was completely designed in blue color. The rugs are in blue as well the bed sheet with blanket. Even curtains are blue but all of this reminds me of the Dukes Subtle blue colored eyes which are not blue but when something shining falls on his eyes it shines like dark blue diamond.

I was still looking everywhere when I heard a knock on the door.

I quickly turned to see when I found the head maid whom I saw at the entrance was standing there with a few more people with her.

”Welcome duchess to the duke estate ”, she bowed but she was looking at me like … no, she wasn even looking toward me but her eyes were closed but she still can look the way.

”Nice to meet you ”, I sound like a teenager.

”I came here to introduce everyone. ”

She came forward and let me know the Chef and some caretaker of the estate. It took me a while to remember their name but I had to. That is one of the lessons I got in my home.

”We hope we will get along well from now on ”, she sounded too well taught.

”Yeah, I do hope the same ”, I smiled while they left.

Some even stayed to help me bathe.

”Madam, please let us know if you need anything else ”, one of them said while pouring Luke warm water on me while a gentle sweet smell coming from the soap which reminded me of lemon but lemon is not sweet but it is more like a mixture of something else still, I liked it.

”Madam ”

”Madam ”

I almost fell asleep.

”Yeah ”, I answered.

”We prepared you for the first night with the duke so we are now excusing our self ”, just hearing about the first night made my face turned red.

”Ah ok ”, I answered somehow while they left.

So, he and I will be together finally after so many hours, right?

Yeah, it has to be.

Finally, I can tell him how long I have been admiring him.

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