”Young miss ”

”Don run!! ”

”Its not the behavior of a lady like. ”

”No one going marry you if you run like this ”

Nanny kept on calling for me but my feet didn stop. How could I even stop when I know he is coming today to meet father? I was eagerly waiting for this day to come.

Till now I was only hearing about him from maids gossip. I always see his portrait from the local newspaper but this is the first time Im going to see the real thing.

Duke, Alexavier Agnes

The center of ladies gossip is finally at our mansion.

”Lady, stop!!!l

”Marquis is not going to like this type of behavior of yours. ”

”Lady stop!!! ”

She again called for me but while running fast I ended up bumping into someone in the corridor.

”Ouch ”, I rub my forehead.

”Lady, you, ok? ” a gentle voice called for me.

”Ah yeah, Im I-…

I stopped.

”What happened? Lady, did I hurt you badly? ” its his voice.

The young Duke Alexavier is here.

And I ended up hitting none other than him. What should I call this? Is it my luck or bad luck that I showed him a bad side of me.

”Ah Im ok. ”

”Sorry, I couldn see you. ”

”Im truly Ashamed of showing you a lady unlike my side of me ”, I said while bending how a lady with etiquette should behave.

”Oh no it is my fault that you hit me. ”

”A lady shouldn bend down in front of someone ”, he talked with me like a real knight and crossed past me knowing I was ok.

My heart is thumping really loud. I couldn keep my excitement to see the real Duke in front of me. He looks so dazzling with his red eyes which the entire nation thinks of as a monstrous look while his golden hair resembles nothing but a royal person.

”Lady, I finally got you. ”

”You ran in the middle of your etiquette lesson. ”

She was almost out of breath chasing me.

”By the way nanny, if I run the way I did, if I talk loudly like boys, if I wear pants like boys then what will happen? ” I asked.

”No one is going to ask for your marriage ”, she said.

”No gentleman like a lady who acts like a boy so you should learn complete etiquette just the way you behave in front of the duke if you want him to ask you for marriage. ” she strictly said.

”Nanny, how did you-

”I know you lady. ”

”I keep looking at you and taking care of you from the moment you are born so I know what you
e like. ”

”I looked at you how you kept on cutting those portraits of young Duke from the newspaper and sticking them on your memorable diary and looking at them each night before bed ”, ah Im truly ashamed of the way nanny says.

”So, what should I do, nanny? ” I acted spoiled while holding the hem of her skirt.

”Oh lady, you
e already at the age of marriage but you
e still acting spoiled like a little kid ”, she said but she ended up patting my head making me feel spoiled.

”Bernice ”, I heard a stern voice.

I turned to look and found my father looking at me with his angry expression as if he would eat me up right this instant if I acted the way I behaved in front of the nanny.

”Greeting Father ”, I bowed.

”What are you doing here? ”

”What about your etiquette class? ”

”Can you now finally walk without letting the book fall? ”

His voice is too strict, making me feel scared.

”Lord, Lady still learning ”, Nanny came forward and spoke. I was almost about to sigh in relief but then I heard my fathers voice again.

”Did I ask you? ”

”Don you know when the lord of the place is talking then the lower people shouldn utter a word? Or do you want me to take you to the underground dungeon and make you know your place again until you behave the way you need to? ”

My body shivered.

”I apologies, my lord ”, Nanny walked backward.

Now Im only standing in front of my father with my fragile body.

”I apologize for my bad behavior, father. ”

”Im still learning. ”

”I will make sure to learn everything soon and make you feel proud. ” I said somehow even though Im trembling like a rabbit.

”You better or I have no place in the Balliol family. ” he said and walked past me.

As I saw no sign of him my legs gave up. I fall on the ground.

”Lady, are you ok? ” the nanny asked.

”He was scary ”, I started crying.

”Why is he so scary? ”

”Why does he always speak so cold to me? ”

”It is already ok, Lady ”, the nanny tried to console me.

”It isn . He always speaks this way with me. He either glared at me with those green snake-like eyes or just asked about my studies. But why does he never ever ask about how Im living. Why did he never ask what I ate today? But always scold. Should I run away? ”

I looked at Nanny but a bonk ended up hit my head.

”Ouch, nanny, why? ” I asked.

”Because you are thinking something absurd. ” she said and we again ended up going to my study room where I saw my little brother learning swordsmanship from his new teacher.

”Sister ”, he called my name and came running toward me.

”Yes, Excalibur ”, I answered him.

”Will you learn swordsmanship with me? ” he asked. Seeing those swords I too want to be a part of it but I stopped.

No, I have to learn my etiquette properly or I will never ever be able to make Duke Alexavier ask for my hand for marriage.

”I apologize little Marquis but I have to decline. ”

”You know I have my classes as well. ” I ruffled his hair but all of sudden I took my hand back.

”Oh, its ok sister. Maybe next time ”, he said and again ran to his teacher while I kept looking toward him from afar.

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